Top 3 Worst Things About Being A Sports Fan
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Top 3 Worst Things About Being A Sports Fan

For the most part, being a sports fan is great. You experience lots of highs and thrills, regardless of what sport you’re into. It gives you a chance to meet like-minded people, form friendships, and live a more active social life. As a sports fan, you’re never bored on the weekends!

Having said that, there are some downsides to being a fan of sports. Will these things stop you from tuning in every week? Absolutely not! There are things we simply have to deal with as fans of certain teams or sports. Here’s my pick of the top three worst things about being a sports fanatic:

Dealing with rival fans

We all have a favorite team or franchise, and there’s nothing worse than dealing with fans of your biggest rivals. When the big derby game happens, you know you’ll be hearing about it for weeks if your team loses. When the rival team wins the league, you may want to book some time off work to avoid any coworkers that are fans! There’s nothing wrong with friendly rivalry, but it’s so hard to not get annoyed when rival fans are taunting you and your team.

Seeing good potential fizzle out

This is relevant to all sports fans, but it’s particularly relevant to any NFL enjoyers. Each year, we have the draft that sets the squads for the upcoming season. You’re always filled with hope, especially when your team signs some amazing players. I believe it was avid NFL fan Stephen Troese Jr who once said that we’ve all seen picks that were incredibly good on paper but ended up fizzling out. There’s nothing more annoying than this! Your team should be the best, it should easily win. But, for whatever reason, your star-studded squad of millionaires does awful. It’s so frustrating watching all this potential just go down the pan. It’s the same in basically any team sport you can think of. Your team signs the best players and doesn’t get anywhere near winning the league.

The off-season

Yes, as a sports fan, there’s nothing worse than the off-season. You spend months of your year dedicating your life to watching your team, and then there’s nothing. You must wait hundreds of days before the next season begins, with barely anything to sink your teeth into. It’s one of the most frustrating things ever! What are you supposed to do during this time? Do you go out and partake in some sports yourself?! The weeks and months slip by at a snail’s pace while you wait for the upcoming season to start. To make matters worse, the seasons themselves fly by in the blink of an eye. It only seems like yesterday that the season started, and now it’s time for the off-season again – boo!

Overall, being a sports fan is amazing. Sure, there are some annoyances, and your blood pressure definitely rises during the games, but it’s totally worth it. Feel free to share this with your fellow sports fans and let me know if there is anything else to add to the list.

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