5 Safe Games for the Physically Active Family
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5 Safe Games for the Physically Active Family

If you and your family are more active than some others, getting out and about together can be great fun. But there are also some safe games that encourage physical activity rather than straightforward exercises, which can be boring for kids. So, here are a few examples.

Mock Combat Games

If your children are a little older and getting into physical fitness, team-based games are excellent for keeping them engaged. Combat simulations such as airsoft (what is airsoft?), paintballing, and even Live Action Role Playing can give something to look forward to. Additionally, some combat simulations can help you learn some of the required basic skills (such as handling guns) for careers such as private security, the military, and law enforcement.

Virtual Reality Games

Of course, getting out into the field with mock weapons and gear isn’t for everyone. But video games are becoming more popular as a fitness medium. VR, in particular, has come a long way in the past few years. Today, you can play VR games such as Creed: Rise to Glory to get into shape in a fun way. And combat simulators like Firewall Zero Hour can be just as intense as mock combat, such as airsoft and paintball. And all from the safety of your very own living room.

Safe Games Include Consoles

VR is a great new medium for having fun. But it isn’t for everyone. The better-end systems are expensive. And some people can also have VR nausea which makes them feel sick when they use it. However, you can still have tons of fun with traditional consoles. Nintendo Switch has fitness games like Switch Sports and Ring Fit. While the PlayStation has Just Dance and OhShape. All these can be played solo, or you can get the family in on all the fitness fun.

Controlled Indoor Activities

Running, cycling, and even walking in a park with your family can be great fun. But the kids might want something a little more exciting. And with a record-cold winter this year, it may not be safe or possible to go outside. However, you can take a family visit to fun and entertaining activity centers. These include challenging activities such as Ninja Warrior. These offer unique challenges you can face together that make intense exercise with your kid’s tons of fun.

Water-Based Games

There’s hardly a family alive that doesn’t have great memories made by playing in water. Public pools, water parks, and even the beach are great places to play water games. Popular water games include Duck Push, FISH, and Follow the Leader. While your water fun is as safe as you make it, there is some risk. In the United States alone, around 3,000 people per year die from drowning. So, exercise all caution when playing water games, and never swim out in open water.


If you want to try something a little different than gym exercises and parks with your family, you can branch out into other things. Fun yet physically active safe games include combat simulations like paintballing, VR and video gaming, and indoor activity centers like Ninja Warrior.

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