Can You Fix Your Volvo’s Failing Transmission Yourself?

Can You Fix Your Volvo’s Failing Transmission Yourself?

A failing transmission can mean a lot of things for your vehicle. None of them are good, so ignoring the problem will only make it worse. Fixing a transmission is the job of jobs, and not for the faint of heart.

The Truth

When talking about a transmission, there is no such thing as an easy repair. This is especially true for the many modern parts in a Volvo transmission repair. If an easy fix was applicable, then it more than likely means the parts required are cheap. Transmission parts that break like Styrofoam is something that any car owner should stay away from! But what about self-repair?

Even in the example where you have cheap parts, fixing a transmission is not a do-it-yourself job. Sure, there are step by step guides on how to repair a transmission for any car. The problem is that there is an assumption that the repairer is at least an amateur level mechanic. For reference, an amateur level mechanic is already a year ahead in experience than the average car owner.

The Good News

A proper diagnosis is required before changing out the transmission. Your problem may not even be transmission related. Could it be the engine? A loose belt? Troubleshooting the transmission due to a bad diagnosis will only risk damaging a fully working transmission. Imagine a situation where you go through the trouble of rebuilding a transmission instead of replacing the clutch. If you can’t go through the trouble of getting a proper diagnosis, then stay away from any transmission do it yourself fixes.

Being Proactive

Regular maintenance will keep your transmission from going bad. Keep on schedule and avoid the small mistakes that lead to long-term damage. This includes riding with low transmission fluid, shifting gears while the car is moving and using the wrong type of transmission fluid. All of these small mistakes add up to create an undesirable environment for a modern transmission. If you are proactive with maintenance, then the transmission will last a lot longer than expected.


Having your friend fix a television is not the same as having a friend fix a Volvo. Specialized tools are required to both diagnose and fix a transmission. A lot of those tools are more expensive than the transmission that is being fixed! Even for a normal mechanic, it can be an overwhelming experience. This is why a Volvo certified mechanic will be the best choice to fix a failing transmission. Finding the right mechanic is a good feeling, and the visit may uncover some other parts that need servicing. This is a good sign, since the last thing you want is a new transmission in a failing vehicle. Prioritize finding a Volvo mechanic and it will change how you view car ownership.

Do Yourself a Favor

Stubbornness is not a good trait when it comes to fixing a car. Volvos are excellent cars that require an equally excellent mechanic. Work on the preventative maintenance but leave the actual fixing to the mechanics.

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