DJ Quik Born and Raised in Compton for Throwback Thursday
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DJ Quik Born and Raised in Compton for Throwback Thursday

When people talk about west coast hip hop there are quite a few names that come to mind. Ice-T is the OG and then he was followed by NWA. Dr. Dre introduced us to Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records. 2Pac is viewed as one of the best to ever do it and there are a handful of others that’s not mentioned. Speaking of not mentioned, there’s another artist that comes to mind when it comes to classic west coast music. DJ Quik is the name and he’s one of the more underrated rappers and producers. DJ Quik dropped his debut over 30+ years ago and it was called Quik is the Name. Quik is the Name went platinum and many people remember his classic hit Tonite. Tonite is one of the greatest hip hop classics ever. When you think about it, DJ Quik laid the groundwork for G-Funk.

Born and Raised in Compton was the first single off Quik is the Name and it’s my Throwback Thursday track. Born and Raised in Compton is another great song off the platinum selling album. The track was written and produced by DJ Quik himself. It was released as the first single on the same day the album dropped. Quik Is the Name appeared on several critics’ top albums lists. In 1998, the album was listed on The Source’s list of the 100 greatest Rap albums of all-time list. The album was listed at number 28 of “The 50 Greatest Debut Albums in Hip-Hop History” by Complex. In 2022, Rolling Stone included the album in their list of The 200 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of All Time at 156. Check out the video above and the track listing plus stream links for the album.


  1. Sweet Black P@ssy
  2. Tonite
  3. Born and Raised in Compton
  4. Deep ft. 2nd II None & AMG
  5. Tha Bombudd
  6. Dedication
  7. Quik is the Name
  8. Loked Out Hood
  9. 8 Ball
  10. Quik’s Groove
  11. Tear It Off ft. AMG
  12. I Got That Feelin’
  13. Skanless ft. AMG, Hi-C & 2nd II None

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