Fun Water Sports to Try With the Family This Season
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Fun Water Sports to Try With the Family This Season

Are you looking for more ways to give your family a sense of adventure during the warmer months? You can never go wrong with hopping into a body of water and exploring. But of the numerous water sports, which ones are family-friendly? Keep reading for our list of fun water sports to try with the family this season.


Bodyboarding, or boogie boarding, is excellent for family fun under the sun. Surfing and knee boarding might be too tricky for younger children, so bodyboarding is the perfect family alternative. This water sport involves using a small foam board to ride the waves closest to the shore. Simply paddle out to where the waves are about to break and glide across the water with your stomach on the board.


Kayaking is another great family water sport because it’s generally safer than many other water sports. You’re also less likely to get wet kayaking, so if you have a small kiddo that despises getting into the water, this is a great first option! It can be a relaxing activity for the family. Everyone can ride side by side in their own kayak, or you can share one!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is another water sport that provides a more relaxing, leisurely activity. One of the stand-up paddleboarding boarding myths debunked is that kids aren’t allowed to do this water sport. On the contrary, paddleboarding is a beginner-friendly sport, and as long as your child has adult supervision, they should be fine learning how to paddleboard. This could even provide the perfect opportunity for bonding. You can paddle the board while your child sits and enjoys the ride.


Are you looking to bring your water sport adventures under the sea? Snorkeling is a fun water sport to try with the family this season because you can stay close to shore and don’t have to remain underwater for long durations. Your kids will love looking at the marine life, and it’s an exploration your family can do together rather than on separate kayaks or paddleboards.

Not every water sport is family friendly. Our recommendations will be safe yet intriguing and fun for the little ones! Do you think you’ll start with bodyboarding the waves near your home or snorkeling on your next family vacation? Spend some time in the water and under the sun with your family this season.

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