Scarface Dropped the My Homies Double Album 25 Years Ago Today
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Scarface Dropped the My Homies Double Album 25 Years Ago Today

Scarface is known as one of the greatest rappers to ever touch the mic. On the controversial Billboard 50 greatest rappers list, Scarface finished 16th. I have never been upset about someone else’s list because its theirs. Scarface is my 3rd favorite rapper of all-time and the greatest MC to come from the south. Scarface first hit the rap scene with the legendary Geto Boys in 1988. The group released seven albums together and Bushwick Bill has passed away. Scarface embarked on a solo career in the fall of 1991. Mr. Scarface is Back was the name of the album and it’s considered a classic. Scarface have dropped 11 albums throughout his legendary career. Scarface Dropped the My Homies double album 25 years ago today. My Homies was his 5th album and it followed his dope The Untouchable joint.

My Homies was like a compilation of his friends in the rap game. 2Pac, Master P, Ice Cube, UGK, Do or Die, Willie D, Bushwick Bill, Too Short and Tela are just a few of the rappers that made appearances. The double album marked his 3rd consecutive project to go platinum. Homies & Thuggs featuring Master P and 2Pac and it was an instant classic. 2Pac vocals was added to this version from a freestyle session. The version without Pac appeared on the 2nd disc. Sex Faces was the second single and it featured Too Short, Devin the Dude and newly signed Tela. Tela came over to Rap-A-Lot Records from Suave House after releasing his classic Piece of Mind joint. My Homies is an amazing album, but it’s not one of my top 5 Scarface albums though.

Homies & Thuggs, Fuck Faces, The Geto, 2 Real and Use These Ho’s are my top 5 tracks. Check out the track listing and stream link to the My Homies album below.


Disc 1

  1. Ma Homiez
  2. Hustler ft. Hoodlumz
  3. Do What You Do ft. Bushwick Bill, K.B. & B-Legit
  4. Southside: Houston Texas ft. Devin the Dude & Tela
  5. Don’t Testify ft. Facemob & Hoodlumz
  6. Homies & Thuggs (The Remix) ft. Master P & 2Pac
  7. The Geto ft. Willie D, Ice Cube & K.B.
  8. Fuck Faces ft. Too Short, Tela & Devin the Dude
  9. What’s Goin’ On ft. A-G-2-A-Ke
  10. 2 Real ft. Mr. 3-2 & UGK
  11. Rules 4 the Real Niggas ft. Hoodlumz
  12. Win Lose or Draw ft. Johnny P & DMG
  13. Overnight ft. Do or Die & Snypaz
  14. Small Time ft. Ghetto Twinz
  15. Krunch Time ft. K.B.


Disc 2

  1. City Under Siege ft. Facemob
  2. Do What You Want ft. Devin the Dude
  3. Dog These Ho’s ft. E-Rock & C-Note
  4. Boo Boo’n ft. Devin the Dude
  5. You Owe Me ft. Facemob
  6. In My Blood ft. Big Mike, DMG & Yukmouth
  7. Sleepin’ In My Nikes ft. Seagram
  8. Greed
  9. Who Run This ft. 007
  10. Cocaine ft. A-G-2-A-Ke
  11. All Night Long
  12. Use These Ho’s ft. Devin the Dude & K.B.
  13. Menace Niggas Never Die ft. Menace Clan & Caine
  14. Homies & Thuggs (The Original) ft. Master P
  15. Warriors ft. Rag Tag

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