The Unexpected Challenges That Come With Being A New Parent

The Unexpected Challenges That Come With Being A New Parent

Most movies show scenes where a woman learns about her pregnancy and when parents somehow cope with the load. It’s hard to find at least one film that does show how complicating parenthood might be. Every detail (from choosing organic baby formula to teaching a baby to walk) might be stressful. Here, you can read about the top five challenges new parents usually experience and solutions from world experts.

The Unexpected Challenges That Come With Being A New Parent

#1. Lack of Intimacy

The upbringing process takes too much time and energy. Consequently, parents might lack time for intimate relations because of the obvious reasons:

  • a baby refuses to sleep at night because of colics and hunger
  • exhausted mothers don’t want anything besides rest
  • babies don’t want to sleep without their mommies

The only way out might be to adapt a child to the right daily schedule with enough sleep in a separate bed. Moreover, you may ask babysitters or relatives to care for a child while you go out at weekends because emotional burnout and lack of intimacy lead to frequent quarrels and depression.

#2. Sleepless Nights

Babies don’t sleep at night when feeling pain, discomfort, thirst, and hunger. The reasons for discomfort can be full diapers, dry air, stuffy nose, skin sensitivity to poor-quality sheets, and too high or too low room temperature. Consequently, parents should buy natural clothes and humidifiers and learn to change diapers quickly.  If a parent does it too long at night, a baby can become active or moody because of disturbed sleep.

Correct breastfeeding and organic baby formula can be excellent solutions for colics and problematic stools.

Troubled sleep causes severe exhaustion, so parents should manage their time and share responsibilities equally to help each other and a baby adapt to changes.

#3. Habit Changes

Most parents have to sacrifice some things for a child’s comfort. Previously, both partners could enjoy their hobbies, camping, traveling, and hours of in-bed pleasure. When a baby enters their life, they have to adapt to their demands, but it doesn’t mean giving up everything and isolating themselves from the world.

The best option is to share responsibilities. For example, when a mommy takes a bath and reads her favorite book, a father can play with a kid. Mommies can meet in the park or some baby clubs and discuss things while their kids play on the playground. Moreover, grannies and babysitters are the best helpers for those who want to dine out or join a party.

#4. Extra Responsibility

Babies don’t make decisions independently because it’s the parent’s job. The most significant troubles parents usually face are:

  • the choice of vaccination
  • the choice of a pediatrician
  • breast milk vs. baby formula
  • a child’s safety at home/in a car/in the street, etc.
  • the first lure and safety hazards connected with it (feeding chairs, sizes of food, food choice, etc.)
  • selection of body and healthcare products

The best option is to consult a pediatrician and experienced parents concerning difficult choices like medicines and home safety. Other things can be done intuitively because you’re not the first and the last new parent in the world 😉

#5. After-labor depression

Both men and women can experience depression when a baby enters their life. Women get changes in their looks because the pre-pregnancy body is slimmer and the skin is without stretch marks. So, they need to buy new clothes and go in for sports to become fit. Besides, most women stay home on maternity leave and have to perform all house chores while their husbands work. These duties are too exhausting, especially for women who got used to an active social lifestyle.

Men, on the contrary, have to go on working even after sleepless nights caused by a baby crying. Most of them regret the chance to see their baby’s first crawling, steps, words, and other details, that will never be first-time again. Moreover, their wives are unwilling to be passionate or cook something extraordinary because they lack time.

What’s the solution? Both parents should have rest and share responsibilities. For example, mothers can pump to rest properly at night on weekends, and men can bottle feed babies. Women can order something delicious to please their husbands when they return tired from work. Solutions can be different. The main thing is to be a good team with your soulmate.


Too many changes occur when a baby appears in a couple’s life. Both partners should gradually adapt their life habits in advance to avoid stress provided by sudden changes. It’s better to consult experts and secure the house, including its sharp angles and slippery floorboards. Pediatricians can help to choose a baby formula or consult about proper breastfeeding.

Finally, both parents should care for each other and help when needed. A baby feels negative emotions intuitively, so the happier parents are, the calmer and healthier a baby grows.

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