Come and Talk to Me by Jodeci for Throwback Thursday
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Come and Talk to Me by Jodeci for Throwback Thursday

This week was one for memory lane because it was lot of great times in the 90s. My week was filled with a lot of classic R&B music from that era. While listening to the debut joint from KCi & JoJo, it took me back to the Jodeci times. Jodeci is one of the greatest R&B groups of not only the 90s, but of all-time. This month will make 32 years they released their classic, debut joint Forever My Lady. The album went triple platinum and made them major stars during this time. Jodeci marked a new era of R&B and they set the trend for what was to come in the 90s. H-Town, Shai, Silk, and later groups like 112 and Jagged Edge acknowledged Jodeci. Forever My Lady produced a slew of hits, but my favorite is probably Come and Talk to Me.

Come and Talk to Me was their fourth single and it’s my featured Throwback Thursday track. The song went gold, and they released various versions of the track. Jodeci released three albums in a four-year span before breaking up. 20 years later, they reunited to drop another album in 2015 called The Past, The Present, The Future. Check out Come and Talk to Me by Jodeci up above. Below you can peep the track listing and stream link for the Forever My Lady album.

  1. Stay
  2. Come and Talk to Me
  3. Forever My Lady
  4. I’m Still Waiting
  5. U&I
  6. Interlude (553-Nasty)
  7. My Phone
  8. Gotta Love
  9. Play Thang
  10. It’s Alright
  11. Treat U
  12. Xs We Share
  13. Cherish (Bonus Track)

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