Eightball Dropped His Lost Album 25 Years Ago Today
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Eightball Dropped His Lost Album 25 Years Ago Today

If you followed southern hip hop in the 90s, then you are all too familiar with Eightball and MJG. Comin’ Out Hard was their Suave House Records debut album. They dropped that album in the summer of 1993, and it was an instant classic. The following spring, they dropped On Tha Outside Lookin’ In. On Tha Outside Lookin’ In was another instant classic and my personal favorite album of theirs. In the fall of 1995, they reached gold status with their On Top of the World album. On Top of the World was their most successful album and it produced Space Age Pimpin. Eightball and MJG would be a part of the Suave House compilation Album of the Year. Almost four years later, they would drop their final Suave House album called In Our Lifetime. Before that, Eightball and MJG would release solo projects.

Suave House Records was one of my favorite labels during that time because they put out classics. South Circle, Tela and Mr. Mike all put out dope records during this time. MJG released his solo project called No More Glory in November of 1997. Eightball dropped his Lost album 25 years ago today and it was a double CD. If you bought the album when it was released, you know it came with a third CD. Busta Rhymes, Goodie Mob, Bun B, Redman, Master P, Silkk the Shocker, E-40, Spice 1 and of course MJG made appearances. The Lost album almost went double platinum, and it was a solid project. Both CDs had their fair share of hits on them.

Disc 1

Eightball showed he could hold down an entire project by himself on the first disc. Busta Rhymes, Goodie Mob, Psycho Drama and MJG appeared on tracks. If I had to choose, Disc 1 would be my favorite of the two. Eightball was damn near flawless on this one. There may be a couple tracks I’m normally skipping, but overall Disc 1 packs a lot of heat on it. Put tha House on It, Intro, Bounce wit Me, Drama in My Life, My Homeboy’s Girlfriend and Lost are just some of the dope records.

My Top 5 Tracks on Disc 1: The Artist Pays the Price, Lost, Bounce wit Me, Put tha House on It and the Intro

Disc 2

Disc 2 started off with a bang as Eightball had three Bay Area legends on one track. Rappin’ 4-Tay, Spice 1 and E-40 all appeared on the track 360 degrees. Let’s Ride featuring MJG appeared on the I Got the Hook Up Soundtrack. Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Bun B, Mystikal, Redman and MJG all appeared on Disc 2. Like I’ve said, the first disc was my favorite but the second wasn’t bad at all. Eightball put out a video for Pure Uncut, which was a posse cut.

My Top 5 Tracks on Disc 2: Time, Pure Uncut, Time, Let’s Ride and Ball and Bun.

Disc 1 Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Put tha House on It
  3. All 4 Nuthin
  4. Bounce wit Me
  5. Drama in My Life ft. Psycho Drama
  6. My Homeboy’s Girlfriend
  7. Stompin’ and Pimpin’ ft. MJG
  8. Backyard Mississippi ft. Goodie Mob
  9. If I Die
  10. The Artist Pays the Price
  11. Get Money ft. Busta Rhymes
  12. Ghetto Luv
  13. All On Me
  14. Lost

Disc 2 Track Listing

  1. 360 Degrees ft. Rappin’ 4-Tay, Spice 1 & E-40
  2. Let’s Ride ft. MJG
  3. Time
  4. Coffee Shop ft. Redman
  5. Pure Uncut ft. Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal & Psycho Drama
  6. Down and Out
  7. Put Your Hands Up ft. MJG
  8. Ball and Bun ft. Bun B
  9. I Don’t Wanna Die
  10. My First Love
  11. Get Bucked
  12. This Is Dedicated ft. Phoenix Johnson

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