4 Dos and Don’ts When Hunting in Florida

4 Dos and Don’ts When Hunting in Florida

Rather than spending your days at theme and water parks, why not revel in the beauty of nature? Florida offers many hunting opportunities throughout the state. Seek adventures in the panhandle or explore the Everglades. If you plan to hunt in Florida, you must remember a few key things. Here are four dos and don’ts when hunting in Florida.

Do: Get Your Florida Fishing and Hunting License

You must obtain a permit or license before you can hunt or fish in the sunshine state. You can get these hunting and fishing licenses at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) or a hunting outfitters business that partners with them. Doing so will save you from receiving fines or yearly bans from fishing and hunting in Florida.

Don’t Forget Your Emergency Supplies

It’s important that you keep a backpack full of emergency supplies to ensure that you and your partners are safe when you’re hunting. Having an extra phone charger, flashlights, simple wound care, and medication is essential. You should also consider packing extra snacks and water because hunting trips can be lengthy.

Florida is notorious for having unpredictable weather. So, remember to bring weather-resistant clothing and gear to keep your body regulated.

Do: Have Hunting Strategies in Mind

Another tip to remember when you’re hunting in Florida is to have a strategy in mind, especially if you’re hunting deer. Finding the proper way to call your game will impact the success of your hunting trip! Be aware of your surroundings and know when to make noise to attract them. You should also wait until the peak time to go to the best hunting areas.

Don’t: Hesitate to Work With Professionals

If you’re a beginner hunter or plan on hunting with your family, you should consider working with professional tour and hunting guides. Many businesses in Florida work with the FWC to help you get the proper licensing and guidance needed. Getting these licenses and guidance is also a great way to bring the family together for an educational experience.

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