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    Rod McCoy Delivers New Track featuring BryZone_YBP

    Making an international connection, Atlanta’s Rod McCoy teams up with Australian based producer BryZone_YBP to deliver an elevatious record with “Pushin Dope”. Themed more closely to Curren$y’s audio dope rather than illegal drug dealing, Rod glides over this gleefully dark production with raw inspiration and tactical wordplay. With his latest album “Smoke And Murals” nearly one year old, it was about time that the Alabama native give us another fix. Passing off a vibe mildly altered from his previous batches, Rod stills deliver thoughtful lyrics that we all tend to expect from within his art. With his last project making Luke James’ “Mid-year Top 5 Indie Album” list, we’re expecting…

  • Rod McCOy Conquer the World
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    New Track Called Conquer the World by Rod McCoy

    As I stated last week, I’m going back to posting more music on the site because it seems like I’ve been too busy to acknowledge it. To those who are now becoming more familiar with Daddy’s Hangout, music is where I first started getting recognized before anything else and hip hop is something I’ve been addicted to for damn near thirty years now. For those who’s familiar with my love of music, then you know I’m a huge fan of Rod McCoy, who represents Atlanta, but he’s from Alabama and a huge fan of the Crimson Tide, who just finished winning another championship. I had to mention that because I…

  • Last Day- Rod McCoy
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    Rod McCoy ft. Frank P- Last Day

    I haven’t done a Music Monday in a long time now, but this is a perfect time to bring it back. The homie Rod McCoy is gearing up to release another project, which is the follow-up to his crazy album Selah. Below check out his lead single featuring Frank P. called Last Day from his upcoming album.  

  • Hard Rock Cafe Rod McCoy
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    New Music from Rod McCoy featuring Synik and E-Jay Called Hard Rock Cafe

      With production from the affiliate ManHe, Audible Hustle deploys three of their rhyme slayers to form the world’s best cooking crew. E-Jay, Rod McCoy and Synik break down the scene through the purest of bars. If you’re still a fiend for that authentic AHE flavor – peek in and give your ears a taste. While you’re at it, check out his new album that he and Synik dropped last year.

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    Music Monday: Rod McCoy Parkin Lot Pimpin

    My Music Monday is from my homie Rod McCoy, who’s been featured several times on the site and is really a dope artist originally from Alabama but now resides in Atlanta. This is his performance of Parkin’ Lot Pimpin that’s off his album Selah and this is a live performance at the Apache Cafe.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTviK7JW1eQ#t=43

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    Do You Live in the Atlanta Area? If so, Check Out Rod McCoy Perform in Atlanta!!

    Are you going to be in Atlanta this weekend? Looking for something to do, well head out to the PAG Lounge in Atlanta for a great night with some amazing artists that’s being headlined by Rod McCoy, who’s been featured several times on the site. He just released his album called Selah along with Synik and he should have copies for you to purchase. Admission is only $5 and it’s Cash Only!!!! Save

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    Much-Anticipated Album Selah by Synik and Rod McCoy

    Usually my Music Monday is dedicated to a track, but this is the much anticipated album from the homie Rod McCoy and Synik. They’ve been featured a few times before they released their album on the site and I’ve been a huge fan of their music, sound and vibe. I’ll be honest in that I love the old-school hip hop vibe and when I’m listening to this album it takes me back to that time like the ATlients Outkast or 8Ball & MJG. So if you’re a fan of hip hop and definitely the old-school flavor, make sure you check out this Selah album and joint the Selah movement and…

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    Rolling Stoned from Rod McCoy and Synik for Music Monday

        My Music Monday is another banger from Rod McCoy, yes he’s been featured on here before and also he talked about prepping for his album here. This track is from him alongside with Synik again, this track is for everyone out there doing their thing on 4/20. I’m sure the real smokers know what I’m talking about, but here it is and it’s called Rolling Stoned. Enjoy!!!!!! Might I add that I love the artwork for these releases.                

  • Horus Gump Returns with IDGAF for Music Monday
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    Horus Gump Returns with IDGAF for Music Monday

    You may be thinking, Horus Who? In the past, you remember him as Rod McCoy, but he’s switched things up on the spiritual tip. In the past, he’s blessed us with plenty of bangers and have been doing his thing in the Atlanta underground scene. With summer around the corner, he’s bringing some heat with IDGAF for Music Monday. Check out a little more about Horus Gump below. Illustrating the intricacies of life, Horus Gump is a rap artist who evokes emotion & provokes thought through lyrical rhythms. Native to the historical township of Blackbelt, Alabama, life within the landscape of this poverty-stricken community introduced Horus to spirituality and the…

  • Billy Vietlanta
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    Billy Vietlanta Releases Viva Soul for Music Monday

    It’s been a while since I got the chance to feature something for Music Monday. It’s been a little over two months to be exact, but with the help of the homie, Rod McCoy here’s something new. My homie is the CEO of Audible Hustle and has a ear for good music and talent. He introduces Billy Vietlanta and below is a little more about his Viva Soul project.   “Viva Soul” from Billy Vietlanta instantly captures listeners as spews rhymes over jazzy, mid-tempo production. Making declaration of his obvious commitment to the journey of hip-hop emergence, the purple tape is packed with subtle lyricism and wavy production similar to…

  • Bryzone
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    Check Out the Bryzone_YBP Beat Tape for Music Monday

    Bryzone_YBP of Melbourne, Australia delivers an extensively good groove with his mix of records on “Caipiroska”, his latest beat-tape. Over the previous six months, between showcasing content at BeatLAB Melbourne events and winning the recent Today’s Future Sound Beat Battle, the versatile craftsman has managed to bless us with a variety pack of vibes on his newest package. We may hear a few of these beats accompanied by lyrics from both American and Australian artists in the near future. Purchase the 26-track beat tape for a nominal fee directly from his Bandcamp page or stream it until your heart is content. From Travis: Thanks Rod McCoy for the feature and…

  • J-Coop Welcome to Atlanta
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    New Music: J-Coop Welcome to Atlanta

    Atlanta has undoubtedly bloomed into the premiere southern city and arguably that of the whole east coast. Over the past few decades, the city coined as the “Hollywood of the South” has retained notoriety thanks to the Braves popularity in the mid-90s, the Dungeon Family’s far reaching and broad levels of success, the 96 Olympics, Michael Vick and the most ratchet gathering in American history – Freaknik. Because of the city’s constant emergence over the past 20 years, dreamers and go-getters have rapidly migrated to the area in hopes of striking gold just as many did during California’s gold rush. Above all the clutter and brevity of illumination arises the…

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    Music Monday 7/27/2015

    One of my favorite independent artists out has to be the homie Rod McCoy. because he always come correct with his music with the lyrics, nice old-school beats and vibe. He’s actually the CEO of his own label and it’s called Audible Hustle and this time I’m featuring one of his artist named Blunder. He drops off his new track for Music Monday called Gotham and below is a little info about him and the track.   After making a recent trip to Atlanta and capturing the crowd at Audible Hustle’s “Sweat Shop” event, Blunder returns back to the lab to pen yet another outstanding piece to satisfy fans. The…

  • The Sweat Shop in Atlanta
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    Audible Hustle Presents The Sweat Shop

    Despite being considered by some to be the “turn-up” capital – ATL is also home to a vast amount of talented, lyrically gifted and thought provoking emcees. The nostalgia of retro southern hip hop will forever live on through artists such as Outkast, UGK and others but the new wave of artistry within the city isn’t slouch by any means. #TheSweatShop will bring together both these extremely dope Atlanta based talents as well as gifted artists from throughout the east coast. Featuring acts such as Synik & Rod McCoy, Mikey Aristotle, Big Lo, Jazzmine Janis, Div. W and more! The goal of assembling this event is to deliver a night…

  • Rod McCoy
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    New Music: @AHEceo- Colossal

      Here with another banger from the homie, Rod McCoy aka the Audible Hustle CEO himself with a new track that’s though provoking and just a great track called Colossal. Here is his perspective about how this track came about and oh yeah, check it out below and let me know what your think about it in the comments section.   During times where influence is battled over by politicians and models turned news reporters, it’s fairly easy to become confused as to where the truth actually ‘lies’. Nations across the world have been molded to fit and remain within a paradigm and taught to accept man’s statement as fact…

  • Horus Gump Returns with Don After Dusk
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    Horus Gump Returns with Don After Dusk

    Horus Gump returns with his much anticipated track, Don After Dusk. Ever since his Selah release, I’ve been a fan of his work. With that release, it brought me back to the Outkast and 8Ball & MJG era. A true artist is able to show growth over the years and that’s something he’s showed with this new release. During this day and age, lyrics seemed to be out the window but not when it comes to Horus Gump. Don After Dusk shows that Mr. Gump gets better with every release. Make sure you be ready for these grown man bars. A Don After Dusk by Horus Gump Horus Gump kept…