• Best of Georgia Hip Hop for Mixtape Friday
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    Best of Georgia Hip Hop for Mixtape Friday

    For my first Mixtape Friday of the year, we had to do something special. Last week, we debuted the new track from Horus Gump and an idea came to me. Georgia has a lot of talent and have had their fair share of influential talent. We can go all the way back to Raheem the Dream, Kilo Ali and Freak Nasty. Outkast took the reins and became arguably the greatest duo ever in hip hop. The Dungeon Family and Goodie Mob became stars and Georgia hip hop was at an all-time high. T.I. and Ludacris took over that produced guys like Jeezy, Gucci, 2 Chainz and many more. With that,…

  • Lil Jon & 2 Hip Hop Legends Added to A3C Festival

    Lil Jon & 2 Hip Hop Legends Added to A3C Festival

    A3C Festival & Conference has just announced the first group of artists for their acclaimed annual music festival. Celebrating their 15th year anniversary October 8th-13th in Atlanta, GA, A3C has curated The Hip-Hop Trailblazer series which invites Lil Jon & Friends along with Rakim & Big Daddy Kane, for back-to-back nights of unforgettable shows. These artists have shaped the culture by starting influential movements and popularizing hip-hop genres such as Crunk and Lyricism. “A3C has always honored those that have shifted the culture by creating new sounds that changed the trajectory of hip-hop. This year we are proud to announce three shows that will honor trailblazers that laid the foundation of some of the…

  • Best of 1988 Hip Hop
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    Best of 1988 Hip Hop for Mixtape Friday

    We have finally arrived at Friday once again, so you know what that means? It’s time for another Mixtape Friday and I’m hoping all my old-school hip hop heads will enjoy it. After traveling back to the 90s with Suave House Records last week, we’re going to the 80s. As far as the 80s go, we’re going to the year of 1988. By all accounts, this was the year of the original Golden Age of Hip Hop. Eric B & Rakim, Slick Rick, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, N.W.A. and Boogie Down Productions all dropped classics. This was the era that made me fall in love with hip hop.…

  • Best of 1994 Hip Hop for Mixtape Friday
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    Best of 1994 Hip Hop for Mixtape Friday

    1994 was a special year if you’re a fan of hip hop. We all can agree that 1988 was the original Golden Era of Hip Hop. 1994 saw all-time great albums like Illmatic, Ready to Die, The Diary and Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik drop. While Nas, Biggie, Scarface and Outkast released classics others like GangStarr, O.C., Redman, Warren G and Method Man dropped dope projects. The mid-90s starting with 1993 to around 1997 is considered the second Golden Era of Hip Hop. With my new Mixtape Friday format, this is a compilation that I put together in honor of 1994 Hip Hop. There’s close to one hundred songs and it’s divided into four…

  • Kendrick Lamar Releases New Album Damn
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    Where Are My Hip Hop Fans? Kendrick Lamar Releases His New Album Damn

    Kendrick Lamar said you all got to April 7th to get y’all shit together. He said that when he dropped The Heart Pt. 4 a few weeks ago, which everyone loved. After that he dropped his first single from the upcoming album, which was called Humble. The single received mixed reviews and apparently quite a few ladies took offense to some of the lyrics on the new track. Before the April 7th release date, the album was pushed back to April 14th. A few days ago, he previewed the album cover, track list and information pertaining to the album. To many surprise, he didn’t feature any of the TDE artists…

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    West Coast Hip Hop Throughout the Years

    Since its inception in 1978, West Coast hip-hop remains a force in the record industry and beyond thanks to its hard-hitting realism and expertly crafted lyrics. As a result, people all over the world have come to know and love the West Coast sound and its legion of artists. This infographic shows in detail just how far the genre has come, from relatively meager beginnings to its current place as an important cultural touchstone. Many of today’s biggest performers and producers came from the West Coast scene. Dr. Dre first broke into rap with the group NWA alongside Eazy-E and Ice Cube, who helped bring this gritty urban sound into…