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    Baltimore Riots

      We live in world where wars take place far too commonly, and it’s not illegal. In America we have the “right to bear arms”…So we can legally have guns. But yet when people riot there seems to be the negative social connotation associated with this type of behavior. I’m not dealing with the cause of the riot specifically aside from it “appearing” to be that someone died due to injuries sustained while in the custody of law enforcement. But the “right wing” media outlets seem to be portraying a social narrative that the blacks rioting are merely “thugs” behaving in an anti-America fashion… However there were local reports of…

  • DNA vs. Chess #BattleRap
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    DNA vs Chess BeatKnoxxx Review

      DNA Vs Chess   BeatKnoxxx Review Context: This is the 2nd battle dropping from the SMACK/URL event “Rookies Vs Vets”. The card is suppose to feature the best of the best of the old vs the best of the best of new. The first battle dropped was Shotgun Suge Vs The Sage       Click for my review of that battle. And this one featured NY up’n comer, and crowd favorite, Chess Vs the very popular and well established DNA. Given that both MC’s are from New York, neither has “home field advantage”. Given the general format in which Smack releases the battles I was a lil surprised to see…

  • Shotgun Suge vs. The Saga
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    Battle Rap Review Shotgun Suge Vs The Saga URL/SMACK

      ShotGun Suge Vs The Sage   BeatKnoxxx Review SMACK/URL are back at it. There is no question that there are the # 1 battle rap league. Kind of like UFC is the number mixed martial arts league and both organizations have a front man who’s last name is White. Just a random fact that has no real relevance to this article… But this battle comes from the “Rookies Vs Vet” event that took place Marcth 28th I believe, In New York. The Event featured Vets like Aye Verb, Charlie Clips and Jon jon the don…as well as Rookies such as Prep, T top and Brizz Rawsteen. Not to mention…