• Helpful Ways and Programs for Alcohol Addiction and Treatment
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    Helpful Ways and Programs for Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

    Alcoholism is a progressive disease that often follows a predictable pattern. In the early stages, you may be able to get away with drinking more than most people without any noticeable effects on your health or your life. However, as the addiction progresses, you’ll start to experience more and more negative consequences. These may include job loss, financial problems, relationship difficulties, and health problems. If you reach the point where you can’t control your drinking or you’re experiencing serious medical complications from alcohol abuse, it’s time to seek treatment. What Is Alcohol Addiction? Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is a pattern of drinking that is harmful to the drinker…

  • How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

    How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

    When it comes to alcohol, many of us are uncertain as to how much we should be drinking. Just how many grams of alcohol is safe and healthy? And how do these grams translate into actual drinks? This post helps to explain how much you should be drinking and what you can do to keep within this limit. What’s the weekly recommended limit? In the US, it’s recommended that men drink no more 196 grams of alcohol per week and that women drink no more than 98 grams per week. This equates to about 14 standard drinks for men and 7 standard drinks for women. This limit is recommended to…

  • Want a Healthier Beer? Try the Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold NOW
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    Want a Healthier Beer? Try the Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold NOW

    Who’s excited about finally getting some warmer weather? Unfortunately, some people are still feeling the wrath of Winter weather as our neighbors up north is still getting snow. When it comes to the south, Georgia to be exact, we’re not all the way out of the water. As of now, the weather is nice and around 70+ degrees, but the rainy and cooler weather is coming back. Being that I’m a night-shift worker, those beautiful mornings are spent outside. On the days I don’t go to the gym, you can catch doing yardwork, sitting on the patio or even playing some basketball. During those mornings, you would catch me with…