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    Getting Started With Baseball; How Do You Do It?

    Like any sport, baseball can be a bit of a difficult one to get into. There is a lot of equipment that you’re going to need to get, and you need to know where to go to do it all! Investing in the right gear and knowing the rules of the sport are both important as these can set your expectations and make it easy for you to excel in this sport. How can you play baseball if you don’t know what kind of equipment to use? Do you think you can win games if you don’t have any idea how the sport is played? It can be hard starting…

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    Drills To Help Your Kid With Hitting In Baseball

    Hitting a baseball well is a lot harder than it looks. I used to be pretty formidable as a hitter when I was a teenager. Now, not so much! Like a lot of parents, you might have kids who are only just discovering the nation’s favorite pastime. If you’re looking for a way to encourage and help them, then working on their hitting is a great place to start. Here are a few good drills to try. Before you even start pitching to your kid, it’s a good idea to do some foundation work. Any coach will tell you that being a good hitter has a lot to do with…

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    The Ultimate Dad’s Guide To Starting A Youth Baseball Team

    The one thing most parents will get roped into doing at one point or another is coaching their children’s sports team. This could be football, squash or even dodgeball, but it’s likely to happen at any point during their kid’s lives. It’s a great chance to provide youngsters with a healthy, competitive way to engage with their friends, so don’t hesitate to jump on board. But exactly how do you go about things? Baseball is among the most popular sports in the world, so there’s a good shot your kids will be interested in it. If you decide to start your own youth baseball team or simply run a pre-existing…

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    Early Season MLB All-star Roster Prediction

    On July 14, the best baseball players from the National and American Leagues will face off in the annual MLB All-Star game. The highly anticipated baseball game might still be months away, but these players are performing so well they’re likely to play at the Great American Ball Park.   American League Starters Jose Altuve (Houston Astros) Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) Manny Machado (Baltimore Orioles) Nelson Cruz (Seattle Mariners) Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles) Hanley Ramirez (Boston Red Sox) Josh Donaldson (Toronto Blue Jays) Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins) Elvis Andrus (Texas Rangers)   Why They’ll Play After making a big impression in the 2014 All-Star game and maintaining…

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    Los Angeles Angels Pegged as World Series Favorites in MLB Betting

    With less than a week remaining in the MLB regular season, the Los Angeles Angels have emerged as 5/1 favorites to win the World Series in MLB online betting. The Angels enter the home stretch with the best record in baseball and a commanding double-digit game lead over the Oakland A’s in the AL West division. If you’re a fan of baseball, you should definitely check out the Dodgers vs Giants upcoming game and have a good time. It is unclear who the Angels will face in the first round of the MLB Postseason. But due to rules that prevent the Wild Card winner from playing a team in their…

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    Fit-again Jeter returns to training

    New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter made his long-awaited return to on-field training for the first time since he was forced to cut short a dismal 2013. The 39-year old hit off a tee in a batting cage and fielded over 100 grounders on the grass in front of the infield dirt yesterday at the Yankees’ minor-league complex in Florida, giving the Yankees a huge boost ahead of their spring training. The five-time World Series champion was restricted to just 17 games last year after returning to action following the broken ankle he suffered during the 2012 playoffs. After returning to spring training following his injury last year, Jeter broke…

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    Baseball Great A-Rod Finds Positives in Record Ban

    New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, feels his season-long ban for steroid abuse could actually help prolong his career. Rodriguez was handed a reduced 162-game suspension last weekend. It represents the longest ban in baseball history for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The 38-year-old, who is set to lose at least $25 million for missing the entire 2014 season, is suing Major League Baseball and the player’s union in a bid to overturn his suspension. Regardless of the outcome, Rodriguez admitted he could do with the rest after a grueling career to date. “I think that in the year 2014, the league could have done me a favor because…