• What Are the Different Golf Cart Options?
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    What Are the Different Golf Cart Options?

    Buying a golf cart requires some serious decision-making. Just like you would when buying a car, you need to weigh the pros and cons of every available golf cart option out there. There are many factors to consider and questions to answer. Can I afford a brand new golf cart? Does a preowned golf cart work the same? Which should I buy: gas or electric? The queries just keep coming! If you have these questions lined up in your head, you should. A golf cart is a great investment to make, so it’s imperative to give it a second—and a third and fourth—thought. Don’t worry—this guide will lay down the…

  • The State of Golf: Past, Present, and Future
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    The State of Golf: Past, Present, and Future

    Guest Post by Brian Peña @ Red Birdie Golf When most people think of golfers, they almost immediately think of one name: Tiger Woods.  I mean who can blame them, he burst on the scene in the 1990’s and dominated the game through the early and mid-2000’s. He has without question, led the game to the popularity it has today.  Although he is much older and he’s not the player he used to be, when he’s in contention, TV ratings immediately spike.  Just look at the numbers from his most recent major win at the 2019 Masters. Even though Tiger Woods made golf what it is today, and his popularity…

  • The Top Ten Golf Swing Tips For Beginners
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    Golfer Phil Mickelson The Top Ten Golf Swing Tips For Beginners

    There are ten tips for golfing that you must take to heart, and you could read through any of these tips as you start to take stock of your swing. You must be certain that you have planned out how you will practice your swing, and you could take all these tips to your lessons, the driving range, and the course. Phil Mickelson is one of the best golfers to ever play. Check out his advice and also see if it can help in perfecting your swing. 1. Relax You need to relax as much as possible, and you must remember that everything from a tense grip to tight shoulders…

  • Here's 4 Ways to Up Your Golf Game
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    Want to Improve in Golf? Here’s 4 Ways to Up Your Golf Game

    Are you ready to get better at golf? Whether you play the sport as a hobby or want to get to a professional level, we have the tips you need! Check them out… Practice, practice, practice Finding the time to practice can be tough, but you should do so none the less! Putting in the hours on the green in the summer is fun, but in the winter you might struggle a bit more. It’s not always fun to be out on the green but practicing is essential if you want to get better. Don’t just practice on the aspects of the game you like, the chances are you’re already…

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    Teravista Golf Club is the Perfect Destination for Travelers

    Traveling to the Austin, Texas area can bring many fun adventures for you and your family. A visit to the Texas state capital, the Lyndon B Johnson Presidential Library and Austin City Limits live music shows are all wonderful attractions in the city. But, if you are looking to enjoy any of the golf courses near Austin TX for a morning or afternoon getaway on the golf course, no course is better than the Teravista Golf Club.   To begin, the beauty of the Teravista Golf Club starts on the golf course itself. The wonderfully designed course features 18-holes that span the amazing Hill Country around Austin. At some points…

  • Host Local Golf Tournaments at The Avery Ranch Golf Course!
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    Host Local Golf Tournaments at The Avery Ranch Golf Course!

    Today businesses and professional practices in this part of Central Texas sometimes earn goodwill by sponsoring local tournaments. If you’ve longed to spend an exhilarating day on the golf grounds near Austin, consider scheduling your next corporate challenge at nearby Avery Ranch. The Avery Ranch Golf Club offers outstanding facilities and amenities for a golfing match attended by enthusiastic audiences. A Prime Location One strong reason to select Avery Ranch Golf Club as your venue concerns location. These greens occupy a choice spot conveniently accessed from Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Cedar Park. (Visitors attending the tournament from San Antonio or Waco can reach the course easily via Interstate-35 by…