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    Avery Ranch Golf Course: The Hidden Texas Gem

    Whether you are a Texas local or traveling to the lone star state and looking to tee up on some golf ranges, Texas has plenty of golf courses that can meet the needs of any golf player regardless of their experience. Most of them meet the international standards and can host major golfing championships. As it is the custom in the golfing, you can’t just get into a golf course and start teeing off. Avery Ranch Golf Course is strategically located in the northwest Austin, Texas. It forms part of the vast Avery Ranch residential community, which is just 20 minutes away from downtown Austin. Avery Ranch Golf Course was…

  • Child Learn to Golf
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    4 Tips To Helping Your Child Learn To Golf

    If you want your child to be interested in the sport of golf, you, as a parent, must ensure that the environment is right for him to thrive in. After all, golf may seem like a complicated sport to the uninitiated and beginners as the sport has many rules and regulations. And, it doesn’t help that there are many golf terms such as birdies and bogeys which may seem alien in the beginning too. However, there are ways that you can help your child learn to golf and here are 4 tips!  Please visit the site, golfshoponline.co.uk, for more information on golfing equipment that will help you get started. Tip…

  • Golf Bag
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    5 Tips to Selecting the Best Golf Bag

    If you are a golfer, you know that choosing the right golf bag can be a challenge. There are many things to consider before purchasing a bag and one of the best ways to find the best golf carry bags is to do proper research. We have compiled several tips to selecting the best bag for your needs.   Type of bag. There are many types of golf bags on the market today. You will first need to decide if you want a carry bag, bag with a stand, travel bag, cart or tour bag. Carry bags tend to be the lightest weight and are the easiest to transport around…

  • Improving Your Golf Swing
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    Improving Your Golf Game: The Right Way And The Cheat’s Way

    The uninitiated often look at golf as the sport that stands apart from the others. The peaceful settings and the general silence of the play make it seem serene compared to the likes of football. You’ll rarely see a golf fan with their shirt off and their face painted. Golf hooliganism is, to this point, unheard of. If boxing is heavy metal, then golf is gentle acoustic folk.   That, at least, is what people who have never played golf believe. Those of us who do play will have very different stories. Stories of taking four putts on a flat green and following each with a four-letter word. Of finishing…

  • Perfecting Your Golf Swing
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    5 Tips to Perfecting Your Golf Swing

    Golfing is a favorite hobby of many. In fact, some people prefer to golf all year round and will even move to a warmer climate to be able to practice their favorite sport. If you are new to the sport and are interested in perfecting your game, we have put together some helpful tips to help with your golf swing.   Golf swing analyzer. It could be that you are unsure of what you need to do to improve your golf swing. One way to determine what will work best for you is to invest in the best golf swing analyzer to help you decipher what you need to work…

  • Golfin with Children
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    The Best Tips for Golfing with Children

    Golfing is often seen as a “dad sport”. Something tells me that’s supposed to be slightly disparaging, but hey! Why not embrace it? Golfing is a wonderful activity, and it’s no wonder that many golfing dads would like to see their children play it too. Here are some tips for golfing with children! Do they want to do it? Of course, if your kid doesn’t actually have any interest in golf then I’d probably advise against you pressuring them into it. But these days, of course, kids can easily dismiss a fun physical activity because they would rather stay inside and play video games! So it’s worth taking them out…