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    4 Tips to Helping Your Child Start to Play Hockey with Confidence

    As a parent, it is very rewarding to see our children’s efforts and sacrifices finally pay off by winning and performing great in their favorite sport. Watching them enjoy and excel at the same time is probably one of the most memorable things that we will treasure of their childhood.   But playing a sport is not always about winning. It also involves losing, learning from past mistakes, and moving forward. Sometimes we see our children fail to deliver in actual games even after putting countless hours into practice. Getting into complicated sports such as hockey can also be physically and mentally demanding to your kids. The most common cause…

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    How to Choose the Best Athletic Summer Camp

      Summer is one of the best times for student athletes to train and get noticed. Many are invited to athletic camps, but how do parents know which camp is the right one for their child? Depending on a parent’s expectations as well as the goals of the student athlete, careful consideration should be paid when determining which camp is the right choice. Talk to a Coach Some students receive numerous letters inviting them to camps at campuses across the nation. In order for parents to get an idea of which one is the best for their child, it pays to speak with a high school coach. These coaches have…