• 10 Sports You Can Practice At Home
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    10 Sports You Can Practice At Home

    You don’t have to leave your house to engage in sports. In fact, there are many sports you can practice at home with limited space. Practicing sports at home could be a fun way to stay fit, a way of bonding with family or simply a way of challenging yourself. Below are just some of the sports you can practice at home. Soccer Soccer is a great game for playing with kids in your backyard. You can buy a goal net and take it in turns to shoot and defend. You can also practice skills like dribbling using cones. When it comes to games with multiple players, you may want…

  • Who Is Going to Win The Euros?
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    Who Is Going to Win The Euros?

    With the first round of fixtures in the group stages fully underway now, we have been able to look at each team and get a feel for how the tournament is going to pan out over the next month. Although it might be too early to make any assumptions on who is going to win the tournament, the betting markets are already starting to shape up nicely and so we thought we’d investigate the top three favorite and weigh up their chances. Heavy favorites at the beginning of the tournament and this trend continuing after the first round of fixtures is France at 7/2, who had the most difficult opening…

  • 3 Of the Biggest Sports Across The Pond You Should Follow
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    3 Of the Biggest Sports Across The Pond You Should Follow

    Now, we love following all the best stuff that’s happening in sports right now, be it the NFL, NBA, or MLB. For some people, finding that one sport you love and digging as deep into it as you can be all that you need. However, there are plenty of sports aficionados who love finding the new game to dig into and learn about and they have some pretty excellent ones across the pond. So, what are the biggest sports over there and why should you get into them? Soccer The beautiful game is, by no means, entirely foreign to people here. However, the attitude towards it across the pond is…

  • 10 Players with the Most Bookings in the 21st Century
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    10 Players with the Most Bookings in the 21st Century

    Some players own long illustrations and careers for their clubs, which has turned out picking up cards. It’s tough to carry out the whole tournament without committing a foul, although it doesn’t get you booked for the offenses. The slightest touch can end the players been in the referee’s book, and it is the most particular way to earn the booking. A mere fight with the referee’s decision or taking off your shirt to celebrate, you can make a booking with this slightest of all. This clearly shows that no one can be safe from books in this game, but some players still possess a staggering number of yellow cards.…

  • 3 Tips for Parents Wanting to Organize a Kids Soccer Tournament
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    3 Tips for Parents Wanting to Organize a Kids Soccer Tournament

    Research has shown that over 240 million people around the world play soccer on a regular basis and over 25 million children play soccer every year. It’s currently recommended that children and teenagers should participate in at least one hour of physical activity each day. Organizing a soccer tournament for children can be a brilliant way to get children and their parents interested and involved in the sport. However, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to planning a tournament. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when looking to host a soccer tournament for children: 1.      The Location In order…

  • How To Watch Soccer Without Cable with Reddit
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    How To Watch Soccer Without Cable with Reddit

    One big misconception about sports is that you need a cable connection to watch them live and that there are no good and legal streaming platforms for sports. However, this is untrue. With the time changing to online, there are many streaming platforms to stream sports such as soccer online.   Switching to online ways Another misconception says that such streaming services do not provide quality comparable to cable. Again, not true. To list two advantages of streaming online over cable, streaming online is any day cheaper than cable, you could cut your cable bill in half by streaming what you like, online. Another enormous advantage is the huge number…

  • Ten Highest Paid Footballers in the World
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    Ten Highest Paid Footballers in the World

    Football is a good platform for a lucrative business. It no longer remains a game but has turned into business due to which the big clubs try to approach good players with a stronghold on social media reach. These include big names like Real Madrid and Manchester United, who have been known for chasing the superstars to gain public attraction, which helps increase their popularity. It is the clubs who are getting smarter, and the management pays the players a fair amount per month according to their value and importance. In this article, we will be looking for ten highest-paid footballers in the world. Click here to find more details…

  • Russia 2018: Major Talking Points From The Tournament

    Russia 2018: Major Talking Points From The Tournament

    Russia 2018 will go down as one of the most successful FIFA tournaments in history, having raked in revenue, fans, and exposure unlike any competition before it. From the first blast of the whistle till the last one there was non-stop action and drama, with France’s victory over Croatia in the final drawing curtains on the breathless month of football. The hectic nature of events in Russia was such that some major stories might have slipped under the radar or given minimal attention due to other headline-grabbing events. So, what are some of the major talking points at Russia 2018? VAR Whether or not you believe that the use of…

  • English Soccer
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    Everything You Need to Know About English Soccer

    Every now and then it’s good to get into something new. Staying in the same old routine can become dull and repetitive. This can apply to any aspect of your life, but for now, let’s focus on sport as entertainment. So, you’ve probably spent years rooting for a local team from the NBA, or a player in the American Football Association. Turning up to matches, watching games on the TV and maybe even trying the sports out yourself. But where should you turn when you want to experience something new? An alternative spectator sport? Well, why not look over the pond and get to know English soccer. Chances are the…