• The Ultimate Guide to Supporting Your Daughter’s First Softball Season
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    The Ultimate Guide to Supporting Your Daughter’s First Softball Season

    Playing softball is a fantastic way to introduce your daughter to the world of sports. It will teach her valuable life skills such as teamwork and discipline. In this article, we’ll cover some things you need to know before your daughter’s first softball season. Let’s get started! 1. Safety Precautions on The Field Safety precautions are important for softball players. We have to take care of our safety and the safety of those around us. The first thing you should do is to make sure your daughter is wearing the right gear on the field. It’s important that she wears a batting helmet, protective wear, and shin guards in order…

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    Softball 101: 4 Ways Setting Up A Team

    If you’ve always fancied yourself as a coach and you can see yourself leading a new young team of softball players into the local league, look at this advice to help get you started. You may have the finest young players, a great clique of coaches and adequate funding but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be winning game after game. You need to get parents on board, you need adequate facilities and equipment (softball bats, gloves, balls) and you need a commitment from everyone involved to train, practice and improve constantly. Resting on your laurels should never be an option. It’s time to turn your softball coaching dreams…