How to Help With Cats Anxiety and CBD Treatment Effects

While expressing a certain level of anxiety at some points of life is normal, if someone is having intense, persistent and uncalled for feelings of fear and panic, then we are talking about an anxiety disorder. If you thought that this affects only and exclusively humans, then I’ve got some news for you. Animals can also suffer from this condition. Read this. Today, we are focusing on cats and their anxious behavior. I will help you recognize the signs of this disorder in felines, as well as try to offer my insight on a recently discovered ... [read more]

5 Tips To Consider When Planning On Having a New Kitten

A warm bundle of purr is always a nice addition to the family. Just like having a baby, a new kitten comes with that special feeling especially for a pet loving family. Whether you are birthing your cat or adopting a kitten, you will be solely responsible for the cat and aid him transit from a kitten to a full grown cat. For you to lead your kitten through childhood it takes a lot of planning and everyone in your family will be actively involved. If your kitten is well raised, you will be happy with the results as he would grow to become a ... [read more]

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