• Energy Costs
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    The Top Myths That Boost Energy Costs At Home

    The price of energy is becoming more and more of a problem for the average homeowner. Quite simply, the cost is skyrocketing and people like you and I must find ways to survive. But, instead of blaming the supplier and government for not pulling their weight, we can look at ourselves in the mirror. Sure, it isn’t your fault that you must pay more, but self-pity doesn’t help anyone. What does help is being proactive, and homeowners can start by busting myths that increase energy costs. Here, then, are the main ones to put on the back burner. Turn the Thermostat Up When it’s cold outside, it is tempting to…

  • Man Cave
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    Turning Your Garage into a Functional Man Cave

    Your garage need not only be the place in which you park your car. It need not only be the place where you store your tools or old golf clubs are stored. It need not only be the place that you spend a few moments of each day in as you rev your engine. It can be a place in which you actively spend large parts of your day; it can be your perfect little man cave. However, just because you turn it into a man cave, it doesn’t mean it should lose its practical and functional uses. Read on to find out how you can find the perfect balance…

  • Working Magic
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    Working Magic Where The Magic Happens

    A bedroom is a special place. Unlike the other areas in your home, this room is completely private. It’s a place the children fear to tread. And, this is the way you want to keep it. As a parent, your bedroom is often the last slice of privacy you have. This makes it incredibly important to make sure your bedroom’s decorated and style in a way that you love. It’s easy to become completely selfless as a parent. But, with all the work you do for the family, it’s time to do something for yourself. DIY is becoming easier and easier. And, with this post, you should have everything you…

  • Home Maintenance
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    Super Summer Home Maintenance to Survive the Hot Months

    Most homeowners know that getting their home ready for winter is essential. You need to make sure your property is ready to handle more extreme weather. However, not all homeowners are so diligent about getting their home ready for the summer. There are some important maintenance tasks that can help to prepare your property for the warmer months and also ensure it has recovered from winter and spring. Summer can bring a lot of heat, as well as rain in some areas. You need to be prepared to protect your property and to make sure that you’re comfortable throughout the season. Clean Your Gutters It’s a clever idea to check…

  • Repairs
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    Don’t DIY: Repairs That Should Be Left To The Experts

    DIY is a useful skill to have; you can save money on simple repairs, teach your kids to be self-sufficient, and you can keep your house in good condition for a low fee. However, there is a reason that plumbers, electricians, and other professionals haven’t gone out of business. There are some repairs that are too dangerous for you to do yourself, and attempting to tackle anything too complicated could result in further damage, and an even bigger bill to have your handiwork redone properly. Worse, you could seriously injure yourself, and the person helping you. It’s good to spend a weekend doing easy home improvements around the house, but…

  • Is Your Home As Safe
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    Is Your Home As Safe For Your Family As You Think?

    When you’ve got young children at home (or will have little children at home), then the home that you normally didn’t give a second thought to, looks like a complete danger zone. There are so many new things that you see as hazards, the minute you become a parent. And as soon as your baby starts to roll over and crawl, the more real the hazards become. So, it will mean time to baby-proof your home to make sure that it is a healthy and safe place. The thing is, no matter how much you baby proof, the chances are that you will still miss something.   It can also…

  • Easy Home Repairs
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    4 Easy Home Repairs That Will Save You Money

    If you’re handy with a hammer and nails, you can save lot of money by doing your home repairs yourself. However, if you’ve ever done some home improvement, you’ll know that there are some things that are best left to professionals. If you’d like to take a crack at fixing a few things around the house, here are a few suggestions for things that should be safe for you to handle. Remember, if you come across something that might be above your pay grade, call in a plumber/electrician/handyman to do the job properly. Unblock the sink Don’t use a chemical unblocker; they are abrasive and can damage your skin. Instead,…

  • Essential Deep Cleaning Checklist
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    Ready for Spring Cleaning? Essential Deep Cleaning Checklist

    Home maintenance is not just about making sure all the important fixtures are fixed. Keep your home clean and sanitary is the best way to keep your family healthy. We generally don’t think twice about how our household items could affect our well-being, but there are germs and bacteria living right under your nose that could be causing you untold misery. To make sure you don’t miss any spots, here is an essential deep cleaning checklist for your home. Hidden Mold It’s important for your energy bill to have your home sealed for energy efficiency. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, this does make it easier for mold to sneak into…

  • Hidden Home Hells
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    Hidden Home Hells You’ll Wish You’d Never Heard Of

    You might think you know all the problems there are with your home. For instance, we’re sure you know about that broken gate around the side of the house. You’re probably planning on repairing it in your next weekend. How about that leaking faucet in the bathroom? All you need is a new section of U-pipe, and that will be right as rain. But, you may be surprised to learn that the biggest issues with your home are hidden. Unknown to you, there could be a number of issues in your property that will lead to an expensive repair, problems with your home value and even structural damage. So, what…

  • Must-Haves For Every Man Cave
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    These Are the Must-Haves For Every Man Cave

    Unless you are a bachelor, whereby you are able to turn your entire apartment-slash-flat-house into the ultimate bloke’s den on a whim, you’ll find it quite tricky to obtain your better half’s permission to create your very own man cave. Don’t worry, this is entirely normal, and more often than not comes down to how you phrase your request. Under no circumstances believe that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. That rule does not apply here. As such, you should always explain how this addition will benefit your partner the most. Explain how it will allow them to enjoy some personal space…

  • Home Maintenance
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    Home Maintenance: How To Take Care of Important Fixtures and Fittings

    Keeping on top of all of the maintenance jobs at home can be a hassle. But it’s one that shouldn’t be avoided. By taking proper care of fitting and fixtures they’ll last a lot longer and will have been a much better investment. Make your money go further by maintaining, rather than replacing, these fixtures and fittings. Windows The frame and glass of a window needs to be kept in good working order. Not only does it instantly change the look of a room, but well-maintained windows will keep you warm and dry too. If you have PVC windows you need clean the frame at least twice a year for…

  • Toolbox
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    5 Great Reasons Why You Need A Toolbox In Your House

    In this age of Do It Yourself (DIY) it has become more important than ever to own a good set of tools in the house. Why should you spend a lot of money hiring professionals for small repairs or upgrades around the house that you could very well do yourself? Gone are the days when we used to call an electrician to change a fuse in the circuit box, or a handy man to help you install picture frames around the living room. These are small handiwork tasks that you can perform yourself or have a capable person that you live with handle. All you need is to have the…

  • Workshop
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    Converting Your Garage Into A Workshop

    If you’re a DIY dad and you’re looking to set up a workshop/man cave – converting a garage could be your best option. Not all of us are lucky enough to own a garage, but those of us that do usually squander the opportunity by using it as extra storage space. Most garages perfectly suit the conditions of a workshop. You will have to do a bit of renovation – as this post will explain – but its easy access and environment make it far better suited than any other room in the house. Clean out your garage The first step is gutting out your garage. Given most of us…

  • DIY Solutions
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    Some Common DIY Solutions to New Home Problems

    If you’ve moved into a bit of a “fixer-upper” then you’ll be prepared for the amount of work that has to go into your new home. However, even if your new home looks perfect at the moment, it might not stay that way. You may change your mind regarding how it looks, or some undiscovered issue may finally emerge. In any case, making home improvements can be a costly process. Taking the DIY approach, however, could save you a lot of money, while also proving hugely rewarding. New homes can throw a lot of problems at you, but most of them will be manageable. Here are a few of the…

  • Home Cinema
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    Detailed Step by Step Complete Home Cinema Guide

    Building a home cinema could be the perfect way to enjoy your property a little more. It could also add lots of value if you ever decide to sell your house. Most dwellings don’t come with a dedicated movie room, and so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding buyers. The issue is that most people don’t have a clue where to start with a project like that. The last thing you want to do is overspend, and so you need to create a plan. The information on this page should help everyone to ensure they leave no stone unturned. If you complete every job mentioned in this article, you should…

  • Thermostat
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    How to Lower Your Winter Heating Costs with a Programmable Thermostat

    A programmable thermostat can take your home’s HVAC system into the 21st century, allowing you to control heating and cooling through a dashboard or internet-enabled device. More than modern gimmicks, these clever gadgets can cut your home’s energy use by as much as 30 percent. Whether you have a new smart model thermostat or an older device, the four tips below will help you make the greatest energy savings this winter. Don’t Run the Thermostat While You’re Away From Home Too many of us regularly forget to switch off our HVAC systems or leave them running during the coldest parts of the year. Programmable thermostats help you break these bad…

  • New HVAC System
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    Buying a New HVAC System? Here Are 4 Things to Consider

    HVAC systems present a challenge to homeowners looking to replace their old models. There are so many moving parts to consider, but homeowners don’t always have enough information or all of the necessary facts to piece them together. HVAC systems can be expensive, adding further pressure to homeowners looking for the right unit. Follow this guide to learn exactly what to look for in the right system without overspending or buying the wrong machine for your needs. Bigger Isn’t Always Better While it might be tempting to choose the largest system possible to cool your home, you could actually compromise your HVAC system’s efficiency and drive up the overall cost.…

  • heater Isn't Working Properly
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    Three Common Reasons Why Your Heater Isn’t Working Properly

    The first cool days mean turning on the heater after leaving it off for the past few months. It’s been sitting idle, doing next to nothing since it wasn’t needed. Now you go to turn it on only to find it doesn’t work. You decide to do some troubleshooting and poke around the unit, but you’re not quite sure what exactly is wrong. What is certain is that your home isn’t getting warm, and you can’t go without heat for the next few months. Following are three reasons why your heater isn’t working right and what the problem might be. Thermocoupler Isn’t Igniting Properly The thermocoupler is an older piece…