• Wu Tang Clan Never Say
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    Wu Tang Clan Never Say Featuring Redman for Music Monday

    This past Friday, the legendary Wu Tang Clan released their new album, The Saga Continues. The first single from the album is called Never Say and it features another legendary artist in Redman, who frequently collaborates with Method Man. This is their 7th studio album together and it comes almost 24 years after they dropped their classic first album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).  This is a dope track and I had to make it my Music Monday as it features Method Man, Raekwon and Inspecktah Deck. I’m in the process of listening to the album and so far I’m liking what I’m hearing. Check out this featured track below…

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    New Music: First Day Out Don Gotti

    After a 5 year hiatus or setback if you will, Don Gotti returns to the booth and delivers a certified banger with “1st day Out” produced By Kadz Beats. His delivery & flow is unmatched and his wordplay is sharp as a ginsu. It’s as if he hasn’t missed a step. Be on the look out for his upcoming mixtape titled “Gotti Home”. Check out the track below as my homie D.C. Da Beast introduced me to Gotti. Listen to my Music Monday feature below. What did you think about First Day Out from Don Gotti? Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about the track.…

  • Outlawz Scarface
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    Outlawz Scarface Born Sinners for Music Monday

    One of my favorite rapper’s teams up with my favorite rappers group. Outlawz have released new music and it features none other than Mr. Scarface. For those that don’t know, the Outlawz is the group that 2Pac formed before his untimely demise. Scarface is one of my favorite rappers of all-time, who I’ve actually got behind Pac & Nas. The track is called Born Sinners and surprisingly, it features the late, great Hussein Fatal who appears in the video with as he drops a verse. What better way to bring back Music Monday for another week with this new track. For me, it’s a dope track with Scarface and all…

  • Kanye West Gradution
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    Kanye West Graduation Released 10 Years Ago Today

    Kanye West is one of the most controversial artists of all-time. Before he became Yeezus, he had put out some of the best albums you’ll ever hear. I’ve always said that, the Kanye West he became when he became Yeezus I never liked. College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation are the albums I absolutely love that Kanye put out. It’s hard to believe that his Graduation album was released 10 years ago today. If you all remember, Kanye West went up against 50 Cent to see who would sell the most as 50 dropped his Curtis album. For this album, Kanye dropped his first single, Can’t Tell Me Nothing about…

  • Billy Vietlanta
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    Billy Vietlanta Releases Viva Soul for Music Monday

    It’s been a while since I got the chance to feature something for Music Monday. It’s been a little over two months to be exact, but with the help of the homie, Rod McCoy here’s something new. My homie is the CEO of Audible Hustle and has a ear for good music and talent. He introduces Billy Vietlanta and below is a little more about his Viva Soul project.   “Viva Soul” from Billy Vietlanta instantly captures listeners as spews rhymes over jazzy, mid-tempo production. Making declaration of his obvious commitment to the journey of hip-hop emergence, the purple tape is packed with subtle lyricism and wavy production similar to…

  • I Am Sasha Renee
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    Music Monday: Sasha Renee I Am Sasha Renee

    Do you remember Sasha Renee? About 3 years ago, I talked about how I loved her style, concepts and lyrics. She reminded me of a mixture of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and a little of India Arie. Those sentiments remain true especially when she dropped an unreleased track called Modern Day Emmitt Tills, which was dope. With female MCs being talked about lately because the Remy Ma/Nikki Minaj beef that’s going on, there’s so many ladies out there that deserve the spotlight. Sasha Renee is one of them and that’s the reason she’s my Music Monday pick and my first one since the middle of October. Her new track is…

  • D.C. Da Beast Duffle Bag
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    New Music: D.C. Da Beast- Duffle Bag

    Once again I’m back with another dope track for Music Monday. This is another banger from D.C. Da Beast, who’s been featured numerous times on the site and now he’s blessed us with a new track called Duffle Bag. He’s one of the dopest spitters not only in Philly, but in the rap game, period. Below is a little more about D.C. Da Beast, his newest track and upcoming project dropping in 2017. If you want to be updated on his new releases; follow him on his various social media accounts below. Philadelphia Emcee D.C Da Beast is back burning the airwaves and melting holes through speakers as he returns…

  • Major Key
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    Nas Album Done Off Major Key Album for Music Monday

    I know I’m really, really late on this one, but I just started my Music Monday again. This week I went to the Major Key album by DJ Khaled and got the joint by Nasir Jones. Just to let you all know again, Nas is my favorite rapper alive. Since Nas released his last album, Life is Good, he’s been on his business stuff and haven’t released any brand-new music. Finally, Nas hooked up with DJ Khaled for this new track called Nas Album Done. I remember hearing the snippet before it was released and was ready for this to drop immediately. When I first heard the entire track, I…

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    Rod McCoy Delivers New Track featuring BryZone_YBP

    Making an international connection, Atlanta’s Rod McCoy teams up with Australian based producer BryZone_YBP to deliver an elevatious record with “Pushin Dope”. Themed more closely to Curren$y’s audio dope rather than illegal drug dealing, Rod glides over this gleefully dark production with raw inspiration and tactical wordplay. With his latest album “Smoke And Murals” nearly one year old, it was about time that the Alabama native give us another fix. Passing off a vibe mildly altered from his previous batches, Rod stills deliver thoughtful lyrics that we all tend to expect from within his art. With his last project making Luke James’ “Mid-year Top 5 Indie Album” list, we’re expecting…

  • Bryzone
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    Check Out the Bryzone_YBP Beat Tape for Music Monday

    Bryzone_YBP of Melbourne, Australia delivers an extensively good groove with his mix of records on “Caipiroska”, his latest beat-tape. Over the previous six months, between showcasing content at BeatLAB Melbourne events and winning the recent Today’s Future Sound Beat Battle, the versatile craftsman has managed to bless us with a variety pack of vibes on his newest package. We may hear a few of these beats accompanied by lyrics from both American and Australian artists in the near future. Purchase the 26-track beat tape for a nominal fee directly from his Bandcamp page or stream it until your heart is content. From Travis: Thanks Rod McCoy for the feature and…

  • Rayski Baby
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    New Track from Rayski Baby Let It All Work Out

    Good morning everyone!! I know a couple of months ago I promised that I would start having more music on the site like I used to. To be honest, I’ve had alot on my plate those last few months but that’s no excuse to drop off some tracks for Music Monday, Throwback Thursday or Mixtape Friday. Starting now, I’ll post something throughout the week pertaining to music and I’ve started working on a couple more compilations that I’ll roll out around the summertime. The two projects I’m working on are similar to the UGK Greatest Hits project I done about three years ago, which will be a multi-disc compilation of…

  • Daddy' Hangout Music Monday logo
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    Dtox Dtreeman ft. XVI Barz- I Need A Smoke

    I’m back with another banger for Music Monday, this is something to start your week off right and it’s courtesy of the homie, Dtox Dtreeman representing New Jersey to the fullest and it features XVI Barz. The track is called I Need A Smoke and make sure you check out the video below because, not only it’s a dope track, but they had alot of fun creating this cool video. Check it out below and let me know in the comments section what you think about the track, video and Dtox Dtreeman himself. Make sure you search for Dtox Dtreeman on the site for a cool interview I had with…

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    Rick Ross ft. Future- Take Advantage

    I’ll be honest, when Rick Ross came out with Hustlin’ I wasn’t a big fan of his, but my best friend told me that he’s going to be the truth. After his debut album, Port of Miami my stance kind of changed because I thought the album was really good. Then he dropped the Trilla album and I really wasn’t feeling the album even though it had a couple of hits on it. Then I became a fan for life when he dropped his Deeper Than Rap and Teflon Don albums and I thought that album was great. Fast forward to his new mixtape, Black Dollar and I can’t get…

  • Last Day- Rod McCoy
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    Rod McCoy ft. Frank P- Last Day

    I haven’t done a Music Monday in a long time now, but this is a perfect time to bring it back. The homie Rod McCoy is gearing up to release another project, which is the follow-up to his crazy album Selah. Below check out his lead single featuring Frank P. called Last Day from his upcoming album.  

  • Boosie Album Cover
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    Boosie- Black Heaven ft. Keyshia Cole & J. Cole

    I’ll be honest, I was really late when it came to becoming a fan of Boosie. During the time they were bringing up charges that sent him to prison, I still didn’t pay closely to his music and when he was released I said I’m going to check him out because there were alot of hype surrounding him. After some people at the barbershop kept telling me to check him out because he’s like the modern day 2Pac, that got me and I listened to his old stuff and then his new mixtape, Life After Deathrow dropped and I loved it. If that wasn’t enough for me to become a…

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    Rick Ross- We Gon Make It

    Finally, I had the chance to give a good listen to the new mixtape from Rick Ross called Black Dollar, that I featured a couple of weeks ago as my Mixtape Friday. I checked out Foreclosures when it came out and absolutely loved that track, but with the release of Hood Billionaire, I didn’t have high expectations from the mixtape. After a few listens, this mixtape is one that I can put in and let it ride, meaning I can listen to the whole thing without skipping a track. Honestly, I could feature a track for Music Monday every week for 2 to 3 months without a problem. My Music…

  • @ItsLucky7
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    Lucky7- No Where

    Welcome to another Music Monday and I have a treat for you from one of the coolest dudes I’ve got to know over the last year and a half and that’s Lucky7. He represents Indianapolis and everytime he drops off a new track, video or mixtape, he always brings the heat. This new video called No Where is no different as he dropping some real ass lyrics while bumping Makaveli in a Regal. Check out the video below and let me know what you think about the homie Lucky7 and his new video.     https://youtu.be/jbmmLE1dCCU

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    2Pac- Baby Don’t Cry(Keep Ya Head Up II)

    It’s hard to believe that yesterday marked 19 years that the late, great 2Pac passed away. I don’t know if it’s hard to believe because of me idolizing him or because even though he’s been gone that long, he’s still talked about all the time. Since I visit several hip hop forums, there’s always 2Pac threads or people are quick to bring him into their conversations and alot of it is hatred, which I don’t understand. On September 13, 1996 I’ll never forget that day because I was at a high school football game when it was announced he passed on the PA system and people were crying and going…