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    Don’t DIY: Repairs That Should Be Left To The Experts

    DIY is a useful skill to have; you can save money on simple repairs, teach your kids to be self-sufficient, and you can keep your house in good condition for a low fee. However, there is a reason that plumbers, electricians, and other professionals haven’t gone out of business. There are some repairs that are too dangerous for you to do yourself, and attempting to tackle anything too complicated could result in further damage, and an even bigger bill to have your handiwork redone properly. Worse, you could seriously injure yourself, and the person helping you. It’s good to spend a weekend doing easy home improvements around the house, but…

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    DIY Dad: Jobs You Can Do Without Risking Life And Limb

    Most dads like to think of themselves as capable amateurs when it comes to DIY. If something goes wrong around the house, we often feel like it’s our duty to roll up our sleeves and have a go at fixing it. Many of us also enjoy doing a bit of DIY on the weekends to spruce up the house and get it looking shipshape. Sometimes, it’s wise to leave maintenance and repair jobs to the experts, but there are some jobs you can attempt without risking life and limb. Here are some examples if you fancy honing those DIY skills. Painting and decorating Have you decided on a color change…

  • Toolbox
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    5 Great Reasons Why You Need A Toolbox In Your House

    In this age of Do It Yourself (DIY) it has become more important than ever to own a good set of tools in the house. Why should you spend a lot of money hiring professionals for small repairs or upgrades around the house that you could very well do yourself? Gone are the days when we used to call an electrician to change a fuse in the circuit box, or a handy man to help you install picture frames around the living room. These are small handiwork tasks that you can perform yourself or have a capable person that you live with handle. All you need is to have the…

  • Workshop
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    Converting Your Garage Into A Workshop

    If you’re a DIY dad and you’re looking to set up a workshop/man cave – converting a garage could be your best option. Not all of us are lucky enough to own a garage, but those of us that do usually squander the opportunity by using it as extra storage space. Most garages perfectly suit the conditions of a workshop. You will have to do a bit of renovation – as this post will explain – but its easy access and environment make it far better suited than any other room in the house. Clean out your garage The first step is gutting out your garage. Given most of us…