• Why Learning How to Play Guitar Could a Great Move
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    Why Learning How to Play Guitar Could a Great Move

    We’ve all seen a band or musician on TV and thought wow! And one of the things that can really strike us is the incredible skills that a guitar player has. Just watching how they are able to create such magic with a simple looking instrument, is captivating. No doubt many of us have thought about picking up a guitar and aiming for the skill level of artists such as Jimi Hendrix. But there are many benefits to learning how to play the guitar, and not only because it is cool to do so. Here are some reasons why picking up a guitar and trying to learn the best you…

  • What Are The Best Basketball Hoops & Backboards For The Yard?
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    What Are The Best Basketball Hoops & Backboards For The Yard?

    Are the basketball courts in your neighborhood usually crowded? Instead of being disappointed every time you take your kid to one of these courts or wish to shoot some hoops with your friends, make sure you purchase your own basketball hoop. Nowadays, one can choose from a myriad of basketball hoops, available in various sizes, types, materials, and prices. It’s paramount for the residential model you purchase to suit your outdoor space, provide height adjustability, and minimize the risk of injuries. These are the most crucial aspects to consider when looking for the best model for your yard. Type The primary factor to consider when shopping for a basketball hoop…

  • 3 Sure Fire Ways To Ensure Barbecue Success
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    3 Sure Fire Ways To Ensure Barbecue Success

    With the Covid-19 restrictions beginning to ease, you might be planning to meet up with friends and family for the first time in months. Rather than risk being indoors, you want to organize a gathering that remains outdoors, safe, and secure for those individuals who might be a little nervous venturing out once again. What better soiree to enjoy than a barbecue? If you are blessed with plenty of outdoor space, you might be keen to host some al fresco dining. Meeting up with your nearest and dearest in person rather than relying on Zoom or Skype meetings is exciting. Take a look at how you can host an incredible…

  • 5 Great Skills and Hobbies You Can Take Up This Summer

    5 Great Skills and Hobbies You Can Take Up This Summer

    You don’t have to go on vacation to have a great summer. You can still have the fun and excitement of summer days without leaving your home. This summer, you might find yourself with more free time than usual, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, do some self-development and work on areas in your life that have always been on your resolutions list. Improving yourself is always a clever idea, and when you grow into new areas of interest and skill, you get to learn new things about yourself and gain confidence as you master something different. You don’t have to leave your home or attend…

  • Bicycle Cards and Games to Play During Quarantine

    Bicycle Cards and Games to Play During Quarantine

    Growing up, my dad always kept a deck of Bicycle cards at all times. My dad would either play solitaire in the kitchen or coffee table all the time. When I became a teenager, card games are what we played on those rainy days. We played Spades, Tunk, Blackjack, Gin Rummy and Poker. Since becoming a parent over 21 years ago, you can count on one hand how many times I’ve played cards. Honestly, I’ve never had the time between spending time with them, my wife and work. With them becoming older, I’ve got a lot of time now but unfortunately my two best friends have passed away. Recently, I’ve…

  • All About Reverb Effect That You Need to Know
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    All About Reverb Effect That You Need to Know

    Reverberation is the natural result of the interaction of sound waves with each surface that comes across its path. Reverberation is basically the effect due to decaying sound signals reflecting off various surfaces. It is generally heard after the initial sound source. The effects of reverberation can be experienced in the real-world and also during music production. The use of this effect can make a massive difference in a professional audio recording. In a recording studio, various tools and techniques are employed for capturing the purest sound possible and minimize the external acoustics. This ensures a better mix. Every space has some reverb or sonic signature. This is the reason…

  • The ABCs Of Maximizing Your Enjoyment Of RCs
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    The ABCs Of Maximizing Your Enjoyment Of RCs

    Playing with radio-controlled vehicles is a hobby enjoyed by millions. It’s the perfect activity to unite fathers with their sons and daughters. It offers family fun that combines being outdoors with modern tech. Casual users will find that the standard setup and approach is just fine. However, if you’re serious about unlocking the full excitement of RC vehicles, the following three steps are for you. Adaptation Just like normal vehicles, RC cars can benefit massively from a little modification. You can upgrade the performance and esthetic of the radio-controlled car. In turn, it will feel far more personalized to your needs while it can be a great way to turn…

  • 6 Ways On Coping with Lots of Time Stuck at Home
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    6 Ways On Coping with Lots of Time Stuck at Home

    Many of us are currently spending an awful lot of time in our homes with our families. Whether you are self-isolating completely, or just practicing effective social distancing and spending as much time as you can away from other people and public places, you might suddenly find that you are spending more time in your house than you are used to. While most of us know that we are doing the right thing, protecting our health services, and more vulnerable members of the community, that doesn’t necessarily make it easy. Cabin fever might soon set in. You might find that you miss your friends and family, or that you get…

  • 7 Adrenaline-Fueled Activities For Your Kids to Enjoy
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    7 Adrenaline-Fueled Activities For Your Kids to Enjoy

    When it comes to fun and exciting adrenaline-fueled activities, there are plenty of excellent choices available. Whether it’s go karting, axe throwing, rock climbing or even bungee jumping, there are lots of different choices to pick from. These can be wonderful group activities to enjoy with your friends, but most of the time, your family likely can’t get involved because these are usually strictly adult-oriented activities. Your kids are often left out of the fun and there doesn’t seem like there are many adrenaline-fueled activities for your kids to enjoy. But we think that it’s all a matter of perspective. Something that your kids might find to be heart-pumping fun…

  • 3 Adrenaline-Fueled Hobbies You Should Try This Year
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    3 Adrenaline-Fueled Hobbies You Should Try This Year

    The January Blues is a real thing! Every year starts off in the same way, you feel a little bit down and depressed after all the excitement of the festive season. It seems like as soon as the Christmas tree goes down, then all your spirits drop. As a result, you need a bit of a pick-me-up. Why don’t you inject some more excitement and adrenaline into your year by taking up a new hobby or two? I’m not thinking along the lines of your typical boring hobbies. Instead, here are some action-packed ideas that will get your heart rate thumping and the adrenaline soaring: Go Karting Go Karting gets…

  • 5 Tips to Throwing a Company Holiday Party

    5 Tips to Throwing a Company Holiday Party

    Most companies like to throw holiday parties for their employees towards the end of the year. The parties usually coincide with other festivities such as Christmas and New Year’s. The companies normally use these occasions to show their employees that they appreciate the efforts that they contribute towards the success of their enterprises. In fact, most employers don’t know where to start when they want to have such a party, especially if they have never done it before. While a company party helps in strengthening the bond between employees and their bosses, there are so many things that could go wrong during such an event. Here is a list of…

  • Build-A-Bear Workshop Teams Up With iHeartMedia
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    Build-A-Bear Workshop Teams Up With iHeartMedia

    Build-A-Bear Workshop®, Inc. (NYSE: BBW) and iHeartMedia, the leading audio company in America, today announced that Build-A-Bear Radio™ will now be available on the free iHeartRadio app. Beginning today, the station will be heard on a variety of devices spanning mobile, in-car, in-home, on wearables and more, making Build-A-Bear Radio available on more devices than ever before and reaching millions of new listeners on the devices they use most. Additionally, Build-A-Bear Radio will be available on iHeartRadio Family, a stand-alone app custom-designed just for kids featuring music and radio stations perfect for families. Build-A-Bear Radio is a streaming radio station featuring the songs and stories behind today’s established and emerging,…

  • Musical Education & Self-Confidence: How Your Child Benefits
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    Musical Education & Self-Confidence: How Your Child Benefits

    The one thing that all parents want for their children is for them to have confidence. A confident child is one who can take the world in their stride and make everything exciting. Confidence can make them feel like mini superheroes who can take on the world and make it their everything. One of the best ways to build up their confidence is to challenge them, and we do that mostly through their education. Children need to know there are boundaries to thrive within, and in an educational environment, they can show their skills and embrace their creativity. One of the many educational disciplines that lends itself to confidence-building is…

  • How To Surprise Your Kids With A Disneyland Vacation!
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    How To Surprise Your Kids With A Disneyland Vacation!

    We all know that it’s pretty much every kid’s dream to go to Disneyland. Many parents want the whole thing to be a surprise to make it that little bit more special! While it won’t be too hard to keep the secret, the question is- what’s the best way to reveal the surprise to your kids? If you’re thinking about booking the trip (and doing the whole surprise thing), you might like a look at these great surprise reveal ideas. Do a scavenger hunt Scavenger hunts can be a really fun game plus an excellent way to gradually reveal a massive surprise. You can set up different objects and clues…

  • Like Father Like Son: A Game Room For Both Of You
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    Like Father Like Son: A Game Room For Both Of You

    When parents get a little older, they want to have something that reminds them of their childhood. For men, it’s almost always a game and entertainment room. Somewhere, your friends and you can relax and do a little classic gaming. But most men will also want to know what’s going on in the modern era of video games. Who better to ask than their own children? So, making a game room for both you and your son is something you may wish to do. Your son can have his own games and space in the room, while you can buy your own games and have your own space. It’s a…

  • WonderWorks Debuts Wonder of Magic Halloween Spooktacular Show
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    WonderWorks Debuts Wonder of Magic Halloween Spooktacular Show

    WonderWorks are known for entertaining the whole family all year long, but they are setting out to give people a spooky treat this fall. Their ongoing family friendly magic show will be transformed for the season, becoming the “Wonders of Magic Halloween Spooktacular.” The show will run from September 30, 2019 through November 2, 2019, with tickets being $18.99, plus tax, for all ages. The show is unique to the Pigeon Forge area, making it a special experience for all. “We are really excited that Terry and the cast will be presenting a Halloween themed show for the first time. The show will be a little spooky but, as always,…

  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Home Gaming Experience
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    3 Ways to Improve Your Home Gaming Experience

    As a father, it can feel quite indulgent to play video games, or to focus on sports games too much. This is because we often have many duties in terms of our career, social needs and most of all, the needs of our family. Sitting down to play video games all day is often counter to that, and while the appeal might be there before encountering a long and rainy commute, you know it’s not going to be a great use of your time. So, perhaps instead of purchasing a massive TV, huge speakers, all of the games consoles you could purchase and a gaming PC to boot, how can…

  • 8 Cable Alternatives to Save You Money
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    8 Cable Alternatives to Save You Money

    Are you still stuck with those high cable bills? If so, why are you still doing this to you and your family? My mother was telling me about how much she pays for cable and she doesn’t watch much TV. While letting her know there are other options, we realized that there’s plenty to choose from. Seeing that she’s paying over $100 a month is absurd and there’s only a handful of channels she loves. Below are some of the options I’ve told her about. When going through this, hopefully you’ll find something that’s useful for yourself. Check out these 8 cable alternatives we have tried as a family. Hulu…