• 4 Ways on How To Reduce Your Car's Carbon Footprint
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    4 Ways on How To Reduce Your Car’s Carbon Footprint

    Many people spend so much time in their cars, from commuting to work, shopping for groceries, and going on a family road trip. While these are necessary life activities, they can be taxing on the environment. Cars contribute greatly to climate change globally, and recent US research suggests that a typical passenger vehicle emits around 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. If you want to join the climate change crusade and make the environment healthier, consider the tips below to reduce your car’s carbon footprint. 1. Drive mindfully A bit of mindful driving can significantly reduce your pollution. It requires being a smarter driver and being more mindful. For…

  • Improve Your Health With Improved Air Quality In The Home
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    Improve Your Health With Improved Air Quality In The Home

    We often think of the air outside the home as packed with pollution, smog, dirt, and more – unless you live in the countryside, of course! But for most people who live in the city, the air outside can feel like it’s not good for your health. Therefore, it can come as a surprise to hear that the air inside your home can be worse for you and your family. There are many causes of low-quality indoor air, and often they have a simple fix that can help you to take care of your respiratory functions. Since many people spend up to 90% of their day indoors, the air quality…

  • 3 Risks of Poor Indoor Air Quality
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    3 Risks of Poor Indoor Air Quality

    According to the EPA, many Americans experience the effects of poor indoor air quality because they spend 90% of their free time inside. The report stated that this automatically raises health and home safety concerns because pollutants are two to five times more concentrated indoors. This is why so much planning goes into ensuring that homes are built with proper HVAC systems to boost air quality. Unfortunately, not every home has these systems, therefore they are exposed to the following air quality risks. 1. Condensation issues on porous surfaces When warm air settles on a cold surface, condensation happens. Humidity plays a huge role, but the main culprit is poor…

  • 6 Reasons Your Next Ride Should Be an Electric Vehicle
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    6 Reasons Your Next Ride Should Be an Electric Vehicle

    There comes a time when it’s time to upgrade to another vehicle. There are many reasons as to why you need to make that change. You may want something with better gas mileage. Some people saved money during the Covid-19 and have money for another vehicle. On Labor Day weekend of last year, we traded in our family vehicle for a newer ride. We didn’t see the gas prices spiking like they have over the last several months. We should have gone with our gut and purchase an electric vehicle. They are becoming more popular as auto executives have stated half of car sales will be electric vehicle by 2030.…

  • Challenges and Opportunities of Plastics Recycling
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    Challenges and Opportunities of Plastics Recycling

    Climate change remains a hot button of controversy all over the world. In the U.S., climate change issues often play a huge role in the political landscape. According to recently conducted research by Pew Research Center, about two-thirds (65%) of adult Americans think that the government is not doing enough to fight the negative effects of climate change. Whether or not you believe climate change is the most important issue the world is facing today, it would still seem that we all have a responsibility to participate in treating our environment with the respect it deserves. As U.S. citizens, we can’t control what the rest of the world does. What…

  • 6 Amazing Facts No One Tells You About Biodegradable Plastic Bags

    6 Amazing Facts No One Tells You About Biodegradable Plastic Bags

    Petroleum-based plastic materials, often known as common plastics, are a global plague, contaminating our seas and streams, harming aquatic life, and filling our landfills. The demand for biodegradable plastic that degrades organically in the environment has never been stronger. But there are several myths regarding biodegradable garbage bags, as well as plastic materials in total. Here are a few fascinating facts regarding biodegradable plastic to help eliminate some of the misconceptions. Both biodegradable and ordinary plastic decompose in the environment, however at different rates. Plastic will ultimately decompose in the environment. However, there is a difference to be noted between plastic products extracted from biological sources and those made from…