• Thinking About Health
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    Get Your Kids Thinking About Health!

    We should all be encouraging our children to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. This isn’t just about taking control of certain aspects of their diet or sleep schedule. This is about highlighting to them the importance of looking after your health! The earlier that people learn long-term lessons, the more it sticks with them throughout their lives. And making sure they know how important it is to exercise and stay healthy can be essential, especially in a world that’s giving them more and more incentive to do the opposite.   Video games can be great, smartphones can be incredibly useful, and the occasional sugary treat isn’t going to…

  • Kid to Work Out
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    No More Reps! Easier Ways To Get Your Kid To Work Out

    Do you ever think about what kind of a man or woman your baby is going to be? If you worry about the increasing amount of young kids that gorge on fast food and sugar-filled drinks, you are not alone in this world. It is so important to get our kids into the right habits from the get-go. With more opportunities for our kids to sit in front of their screens, playing video games, watching TV, or just swiping back and forth on their phones, we must strike while the child is young to get any sort of health or fitness regime into their lives. And for the clear majority…

  • Romanian Deadlifts

    Making Romanian Deadlifts Work in Your Routine

    Romanian deadlifts are a controversial exercise. Many people love them and do them as part of their regular routine, while others avoid them like the plague. It is true that this exercise can be dangerous but that is only true when it is done incorrectly. Through understanding the right way to do them and learning more about common mistakes when doing them, you can learn how to properly incorporate them into your routine. The reason you want to do this is this exercise offers many, many benefits. Basic Form As mentioned, in order to do Romanian deadlifts, you have to understand proper form and the proper steps to the exercise.…

  • My H20 Love Story
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    Why We All Love Water? My H20 Love Story

    The human body consists of more than 60% of water. That is probably why we, people, feel so good when we are in the water. Maybe it’s the sign that we all have a fish tail at the back of our subconscious! Whatever the reason, water is good for people, not only to drink and wash but also to maintain your fitness level and keep your body healthy. In short, there is no reason why you shouldn’t love water like a close friend. And while you are at it, don’t forget to make the most of it to train your body, build strong and lean muscles, get a clear mind,…

  • Fitness Tips for Fathers
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    Say Goodbye To Your Dad Bod With These Fitness Tips For Fathers!

    When you become a father for the first time, there are many things you may fear. At the top of that list is the dad bod. A dad bod is the body most middle-aged dad’s end up with. You’re out of shape and unfit. This happens because you tend to relax when you have kids. You’ve reached a stage in life where you have everything. But, dad bods aren’t a good look and lead to unhealthiness too. So, here are some fitness tips to avoid achieving that bad look: Sports with the Kids It’s ironic how many of us encourage our kids to play sports. We urge them to join…

  • Pumping Iron
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    Pumping Iron: How To Get The Most Out Of Any Workout

    So you’ve tried all the different workouts and nothing’s worked? No matter what happens the results just never seem to appear, or you find yourself giving up before they do? We’ve all been there. Just about every man wants to be able to work out. We want to build muscle, get fitter and look better. The problem is being able to make the time. If you’re working and have a family, then you’re probably not going to have hours upon hours to spend at the gym. Getting fit requires dedication and commitment, sure. But there are ways you can achieve the body and discipline that you want without having to…

  • Kickboxing Pittsburgh
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    Win Dick’s Gear Courtesy of XShadyside Kickboxing in Pittsburgh

    As I mentioned numerous times, since I’m turning 39-years-old today I’ve started to take my health seriously. Since I started back working out about six weeks ago I feel so much better and dealing with less pain. I’ve traded in the soft drinks for gallons of water, and I’m slowly moving towards eating healthier. One thing I can is that it’s definitely a process, and something that I can’t quit cold turkey. As a challenge, I want all my readers, family and those close to me to make a lifestyle change for the better. I’ve started lifting weights and looking forward to getting into some fitness classes for cardio like…

  • Workout

    5 Ways to Ramp up Your Workout Now Summer is Here

    Summer is finally here, and while you may not be ready to bare your arms or show off those abs, you can get there quickly with a few tricks to ramp up your workouts now that summer have arrived. These tips are easy to follow and can work whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness lover, so lets workout together. Try a new routine Yep, this is pretty basic, but it is true. Trying new routines can help you through a plateau or help you get over the slump you may be feeling toward your workout. If you do cardio regularly, try yoga for a switch, or some…

  • Dad Running
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    Dad’s Guide to Becoming a Great Runner This Summer

    Okay, so you’ve decided you need to shed some of that daddy weight. Perhaps you want to release some stress as well at the same time. Well, if that’s the case you need to take up running this summer. It can be fun and exhilarating when you go for a run. Sure, the first few weeks might be arduous, but you’ll soon get used to it. And it’s one of those things you’ll be glad you did in the end. It will leave you feeling much happier and healthier, and it’s a great pastime for any father to have. Check out this definitive guide to becoming a great runner this…

  • Fitness
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    4 Ways Dads Can Get Their Kids Interested In Fitness

    If fitness is a goal you’d like to have for your whole family, then getting your kids active is probably on the top of your list of things to do. Good news- kids are naturally energetic and want to be active! Getting your kids to understand the importance of fitness, however, goes beyond just playing with them and having them enrolled in sports. You can teach your kids about fitness in some simple ways in order to instill a love of exercise early on. Be an example Plain and simple- if your kids see you working out, they will understand that working out is something you value. Going to the…

  • Make Keeping Fit Fun for the Entire Family
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    Make Keeping Fit Fun for the Entire Family

    Fitness is an important part of life, and you need to make sure you involve the whole room family in keeping fit and healthy too. The best way to do this is to make them excited about getting fit, and help them find it fun. So, here are a few ideas about how you can go about making fitness fun for the whole family. Think Outside the Box If you want to inject some fun into family fitness, then you should try to think outside the box. Not everything you do has to necessarily be regular. For instance, you might think about using bubble soccer suits or going zorbing. These…

  • Sports Enthusiast

    The Things Every Sports Enthusiast Needs to Have

    If you love sports, then there are some key things that you really should own. Read on to find out more. The Right Footwear It’s your feet that take the brunt of the damage when you are playing sport. They pound the flood time and time again. And if you are not wearing the correct footwear, you could do serious damage to them. You need to match your footwear to the activity that you’re doing. The shoes you wear while running should be different to the ones you wear when playing squash, for example. Different activities impact on your feet in different ways. A Suitable Ring When you’re playing sport,…

  • Man Drinking Water For Diet
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    Diet Plans to Get You Feeling Better Fast

      Feeling a bit sluggish lately? If you are feeling tired, achy, and even depressed, the answer to feeling better may be in your diet. You can change a lot by the way you eat, and changing up your diet doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are ready to boost your energy and start feeling better, check out these diets that could help you. Carb cycling Carb cycling is when you eat low carbs for a few days, medium level of carbs for a day or two and have one or two high day of carbs. By doing this, your metabolism gets revved up and you start to wean…

  • How to Involve the Whole Family in Fitness
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    How to Involve the Whole Family in Fitness

    Everyone is busy getting fit, while your family is eating Little Debbie’s and munching on Doritos. Maybe this is your year to make sure your family stops eating junk food and decides to get excited about fitness. If the family is on board, then check out these tips to involve the whole family in fitness. Get to Steppin’ What am I talking about? Walking, silly. Walking is single-handedly the easiest way to get your whole family involved in fitness. It doesn’t require a lot from your family, it doesn’t take coordination, and you will still burn calories. The coolest thing about walking is that you can do it almost anywhere.…

  • People in the Gym
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    5 Gym Gear Blunders and How to Avoid Them

    The gym might be a place where fitness is the focus, but members who make clothing missteps can be a distraction from the real task at hand. Here are some classic athletic-wear blunders that can have people staring for all the wrong reasons, as well as some suggestions for better clothing choices. Tiny Clothes Whether it’s a teeny tank top or skin-tight biker shorts, it’s not made for the gym. Other people who are working out will notice your muscles only if they can see past your ego. Plus, no one wants to look at shorts that leave nothing to the imagination when they are trying to get their sweat…

  • Small Diet Changes
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    Small Diet Changes That Make a Huge Impact

    Planning a new diet can get discouraging, fast. Getting in shape isn’t easy- if it were, millions of people wouldn’t make it a New Year’s goal every year. To make it easier for yourself, start small. One of the fastest ways to see results in your health and your weight is to change your nutrition plan, but if you love food then dieting can seem daunting. Start small to see results that will make you motivated to do more. The following are small diet changes you can make to get a huge impact. Calorie count and food journal This one is hard, because it takes time, but it is a…

  • Exercising
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    Get Slim for Summer: Best Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

    Everybody wants to look good in a bathing suit when the weather starts to warm up and summer has nearly arrived. Whether you need to lose two pounds or 20 pounds, you still want to look your best, and you’re likely hoping you can do by the time you need to take off your clothes at the beach this year. While losing too much weight too fast isn’t good for your body, there are some healthy ways that you can lose weight. Some can even help you start to take weight off today. Use these tips to help you slim down for summer and keep the weight off. Know Your…

  • SKINS Sportswear
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    Better You’re Sports Performance with Compression Wear

    The best sports performances require determination, physical strength and the right type of sportswear. With the development of technology, new types of sportswear are coming up after thorough research and experiments. SKINS is a high performance compression sportswear which helps the sports persons to deliver the best performance by giving better circulation and better oxygen delivery to the muscles. If you want to increase your stamina, power and speed a well researched compression sportswear is the solution. The compression sportswear also reduces your recovery time of your body after the stamina requiring performance. Scientifically Proven SKINS are a revolutionary product which has been tried and tested on athletes in motion…