• 6 Video Games You Play With Your Kids
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    6 Video Games That You Play With Your Kids

    When you have kids, it can sometimes be hard to know how to spend time with them. However, if you enjoy playing video games, then you can find plenty of kid-friendly games that the whole family can enjoy. This can be a great way to enjoy a game and spend time with your kids. With that in mind, here are several video games that you can play with your kids. Rocket League Rocket League is what you get when you combine cars and soccer. The result is a hilarious fun game of trying to ram an over-sized ball into a goal. The game has four player split-screen, so if you…

  • Best Console Games
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    Dad Gaming: The Best Console Games That Are Out Now

    Are you a dad who likes to game? Maybe you’re just a dude who is looking to spend some time gaming at the end of the day, but you have run out of games to play. Either way, you’ll find out everything you need to know, right here. Gaming is one of the best ways for you to de-stress and by trying out some of the latest releases, you can be sure to have a blast reviving your older console or trying out your new one. Rainbow Six Siege When you play Rainbow Six Siege for the first time, the first couple of minutes will probably feel like a slasher…

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    Go Retro This Christmas With Arcade Gaming

    Struggling for present ideas this Christmas? Feeling like there needs to be something different to do during the holiday season with the family? Or maybe friends are clamoring that they want to have an unusual get-together? With the rise of retro gaming and general retro merch over the last year or two, there’s plenty of arcade based games out there to keep everyone happy, like table football, arcade machines or even a game of pool with the guys while you viciously debate over why your football team is doing the best this season. Table Football No longer is table football the staple of bored school kids who would rather be…

  • Handy Hobbies
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    Handy Hobbies To Take Up With Your Own Two Hands

    There are the adverts out right now by Snickers, being run on TV,  print and the radio – they state that ‘you are not you when you’re hungry’ and thus by biting into a Snickers bar, you’ll be back to you. Well, what about something different? What if you aren’t you without your hobbies? Without something to do, without your interests. It’s arguably true. Our interests and activities outside work and education come to define us in a way that not much else does. Cooking, reading and other hobbies form a big part of our spirit and who we are. We aren’t us if we don’t do anything with our…

  • Fidget-Spinning

    How to Become a Fidget-Spinning Pro

    Fidgeting is an effective sensory support for improving your general health and wellbeing, and reducing stress. Sensory play is now included in occupational therapies which help improve brain development and the coordination of neurons in brain pathways. The next time you are told that you are wasting time fidgeting, just tell people about the various benefits of this habit. For your ease, here we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how fidgeting works as a sensory support for improved nervous coordination as well as the techniques for becoming a fidget-spinning pro. Section A – How Fidgeting is a Sensory Play Various researchers have revealed that nervous coordination is evident not…

  • Home Gaming
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    Could Your Home Gaming Experience Be Improved?

    Gaming is a popular pastime – one of the most popular around, in fact. If you are a die-hard gamer, then you are probably always on the lookout for ways to improve your gaming experience. No matter what, chances are you are not doing everything you could to make your gaming experience as great as possible. If you are curious as to how this might be achieved, then read on. Here are some of the best ways to improve your home gaming experience straight away. Get Comfortable You know how it is – you get so engrossed in a game that you forget how long you have been sitting there.…

  • Nintendo
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    My Top 8 Nintendo Games As A Kid

    With the release of the new Nintendo NES Classic Edition consoles, that brought back so many memories as a kid. I’ll admit that I was an original gamer, which I like to tell my kids all the time. Before the Nintendo was released, we had the Atari, which was the first gaming system we enjoyed. Before I get corrected, there were other gaming systems before I was born, and you can check them out there. The Atari was nice, but the Nintendo made those rainy or cold days more bearable. This brought everyone together no matter what hood you were from because everyone loved Nintendo. Growing up there are a…

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    4 Ways to Impress Your Kids With Gaming 101 Tips

    Want to impress your kids and be a cool dad? Well, the best way to do that is to make sure you use these gaming tips. They will help make you better and help you prepare for a fun night gaming with the children. Learn the Ropes First port of call is to make sure you learn the ropes, at least a little. That means having a go on some games, learning about the controllers for consoles, and what they do. Having a basic knowledge of gaming will really help keep you from being embarrassing when it comes time to play. You have to understand that your kids are going…

  • Video Games
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    Video Games: Are Your Kids Acting Responsibly?

    We’ve all heard horror stories about kids and their video games. In actuality, there aren’t too many things to worry about as long as you’re keeping an eye on things. Those horror stories you hear in the media are often a result of not understanding what kids are doing. So, we’re going to give you a basic education on the things you need to look out for. Age Ratings You should be keeping an eye on all the games that your kids buy. They all have age ratings on them, just like movies do. They’re on there for a reason, so if you see an ‘18’ sticker on Grand Theft…

  • Gaming Advice for Dads
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    Gaming Advice for Dads

    Dads have been using gaming as a way to unwind since the halcyon days of arcade games and Pong. Gaming has changed a lot since then; today’s games are technological marvels with realistic graphics, immersive gameplay, and Internet connectivity (for massive multiplayer games). Gaming offers everything from real-time casinos to fantasy, sports, or warfare. Games You Play without Your Kids Gaming is a great way to relax. After the kids are off to school or tucked away for bedtime (provided you don’t have to work), you can get your game on (provided your wife doesn’t have other plans). What you play is up to you, unless you’ve been living under…

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    The Restaurant of the Future Infographic

    Ever since the advent of Pac-Man and the arcade boom of the 80s, gaming in the public sphere has gone from niche to widespread consumption and appeal. Gaming has long been integrated into several business templates, from malls to theatres to restaurants. However, until the evolution of social media and the proliferation of cellular and mobile-based games of today, gaming in a social sense seemed to have a definitive revenue limit, as it had a specific, supposedly encapsulated audience. Now, that entire school of thought has been decimated as social gaming in all its forms has seized every facet of daily life, continually defying isolation to a certain demographic. Moms…

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    Bingo – a game for the guys?

      Traditionally, the game of bingo has always been one that has been linked with women. With many enjoying a game or two online now at online brands such as Umbingo. Perhaps the reason for this was that it’s probably the ‘gentlest’ form of gambling game around – and therefore somehow considered more ‘acceptable’ for women to play than they might feel pulling a chair up to a poker table or going to shoot craps. But nowadays the stereotype that women shouldn’t enjoy other more ‘serious’ gambling games seems a little outmoded, and so, too, does the fact that bingo is viewed as a women’s game. Why shouldn’t men enjoy playing…

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    Sporting Web Apps To Keep You In The Loop

      The world of sport is more technological than ever before. From the likes of the tennis court which champions Hawkeye, to the cricket field which uses an abundance of tech to review umpire’s decisions, sport is relying on artificial intelligence more than ever before. So it makes sense that that’s transferring into the spectator side too. We’ve grown to using our mobiles and the web almost exclusively for finding out the latest news and keeping up-to-date on fixtures, replacing the newspaper, replacing the match day programs, and replacing the local news sports reporter. There are some amazing web-apps out there to keep us on top of sport, and in…

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    The Relationship Between Music and Gaming: A Marriage Made in Heaven

    While the music used in console and social gaming was once basic and irrelevant, this trend has changed considerably in recent times. This is thanks primarily to a series of cultural and technological advancements, which have increased the breadth and popularity of gaming while also making it easier to create more complex compositions. With social and mobile gaming platforms now also incorporating high quality sound and music, the relationship between these two independent concepts is stronger than it has ever been. To understand how far gaming music has progressed, it is important to consider its origins. As anyone who played original platform games such as Pacman and Gauntlet can testify,…

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    My Love Of Playing Games to Pass Time

    Working at night has taken a toll on me after all these years, about 16 to be exact and there’s nights that I’m absolutely bored out my mind. When I first began working on night shift I was always going to the car on my break and lunch to listen to music. Finally, I found some people on my shift that I could relate to so I began hanging with them on breaks but there’s times that you just want to be to yourself, which is what I wanted. You may be thinking, just get on your phone and play with it because there’s so much to do on them,…

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    Several New Games You Can’t Afford to Miss

      Being a father to a couple of teenagers they always know what are the coolest games being played by everyone way before I do. Usually I’m good with just watching TV, going outside finding something to do or just catch up on some blog work. Besides that my wife and I love traveling to the Cherokee, NC to visit the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. With that being a 3 hour drive for us we don’t get there quite often as we like because we really love playing those games. Seeing the gas prices being high and working all the time I have turned to playing games either online or…

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    Are You Into Gaming? If So, Peep These Next Gen Consoles

      With the newly released Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 out let’s see who has more of the advantage. For the Sony PlayStation 4 it has been a big success for them. They have reported that they have made a record of how many ps4’s that was sold on day one release. During the pre-order time it was reported that the ps4 has a 4 to 1 pre-orders over the Xbox One. Both consoles are basically identical. The ps4 has a great feature for people who don’t have the money to buy a setup to stream their games. It has an option to stream or share your game on…

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    Getting Your Online Slots Machine Game On!

    How many times have you seen The Hangover, Casino Royale, or Ocean’s 11 and wished you could jump in at parts? If you haven’t been to Las Vegas, you may feel like you’ve been missing out on all the excitement and fun – especially when it comes to the slots machines! Luckily you can play online – click this link today to view some of the best gaming sites for online slot machines. However, with so much choice now available online, these games are not only accessible – it can be difficult to choose which game you wish to play! After all, with the recent growth in mobile slots gaming, you can…