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    3 Common Situations Where You Need a Family Lawyer

    A parking or traffic ticket is a legal matter. So is a late-night mugging on your way home. The “defendant” in both these cases has very different situations but will still need an attorney to handle their defense. Consequently, there are plenty of legal matters in everyday situations that require you to work with a family lawyer. It is always a clever idea to know about such circumstances and why you should hire a lawyer. As a result, many households in Edmonton have already benefited from working with a family lawyer and further encourage people to hire legal representatives to solve their legally complex everyday matters. In this article, you…

  • Great Reasoning on Why You Need to Make a Will Now
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    Great Reasoning on Why You Need to Make a Will Now

    Most of us will face the loss of a parent or close relative at some point and have to be involved in winding up their estate. It may be tempting to think that you can save money by doing this alone, but this is usually unwise as there are so many potential pitfalls. A simple estate may mean a family home and its contents, a bank account, maybe a car, and may seem relatively easy to sort out. However, suppose the estate includes a commercial or tenanted property or a business. In that case, matters could become much more complicated and will require skilled professional help. Don’t forget the work…

  • Injured at Work? How to Best Handle it to Avoid Getting Out of Your Depth
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    Injured at Work? How to Best Handle it to Avoid Getting Out of Your Depth

    When you’re the main breadwinner, it falls on you to bring home the bacon. Trouble comes into paradise with this situation when there’s an accident at work. If you’ve been injured, you’ve struggled to continue working in the same job, and you’re under increased pressure, what can you do? To help you out, here are some tips on how best to handle it. Don’t Grin and Bear It When it comes to workplace injuries, some companies won’t take it seriously enough. Worse still, they may be trying to blame you for the accident by suggesting that you weren’t paying attention or were rushing because you were late to a meeting.…

  • 5 Crucial Reasons You Need A Will
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    5 Crucial Reasons You Need A Will

        Most people know they should have a will. Despite knowing this, the majority makes no steps to get one drawn up. If you’re one of these people and still need convincing, here are five essential reasons you should finally bite the bullet and get a will draw up. There are no guarantees in life Though you may be taking all the necessary steps to stay healthy and fit, unexpected death can happen to anyone at any time. As difficult as it may be to imagine, you could develop a terminal illness or get into an accident. Many people avoid getting a will written up because they find it…

  • 3 Tips for Dads Facing Child Custody Battles
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    3 Tips for Dads Facing Child Custody Battles

    It’s a sad but well-known fact that the mother usually wins full or majority custody when parents’ divorce. In 2018, there were 10,319,000 mothers with full custody of their children and only 2,598,000 fathers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get full custody if you’re a father. However, you’ll need to prepare for a child custody battle. These three top tips will help you show the court that you are a responsible and loving father who should get full custody. Read on to know more about what you can do to prepare. 1) Make Sure There’s Space for Your Child in Your Home and Life During the custody hearing, the…

  • 6 Things to Know When Dealing With An Unreasonable Landlord
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    6 Things to Know When Dealing With An Unreasonable Landlord

    In 2019, there were 43 million properties being rented in the US (Source: Statista). Landlord is a catch-all term. Your landlord could be someone who is renting out a spare property or has a large rental portfolio. You won’t always be dealing with the property owner directly, but a third party who is managing property on their behalf. Most people have no issues with their landlords and property, but if you get stuck with the landlord from hell, there are ways to deal with it. Know your rights There are many laws in place to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords and poor housing conditions. Many people are unaware of most…

  • 5 Reasons Why It Pays to Hire The Right Kind of Lawyer
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    5 Reasons Why It Pays to Hire The Right Kind of Lawyer

    Nobody really wants to spend money on hiring a lawyer. But, every now and again, things go wrong and you need legal advice and support. Someone who can explain your rights and help you to navigate the system. When you hire the right person, they can greatly improve your chances of securing justice and compensation. But, whether you are looking for a slip and fall lawyer or a vehicle accident attorney, you do need to be careful. It is always a clever idea to take your time and shop around to find the right one – here is why. A higher chance of winning your case Every case a lawyer…

  • 5 Most Common Reasons Why People Hire Attorneys
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    5 Most Common Reasons Why People Hire Attorneys

    Although most people needing legal assistance understand the pitfalls associated with self-representation, an extreme or debilitating life event usually motivates one to seek professional guidance, and cost concerns are increasingly outweighed by the need for a competent professional who will work a problem to its absolute conclusion. Here are some of the most common reasons people hire an attorney. The Benefits Outweigh the Costs Layman’s costs in just about any legal dispute are often unseen or mismanaged during self-representation. People hire lawyers to not only negotiate costs among parties, but to reduce or dismiss fines imposed by the court. Recent studies have shown that at case conclusion, most respondents agree…