6 Things to Know When Dealing With An Unreasonable Landlord

In 2019, there were 43 million properties being rented in the US (Source: Statista). Landlord is a catch-all term. Your landlord could be someone who is renting out a spare property or has a large rental portfolio. You won’t always be dealing with the property owner directly, but a third party who is managing property on their behalf. Most people have no issues with their landlords and property, but if you get stuck with the landlord from hell, there are ways to deal with it. Know your rights There are many laws in place to protect tenants ... [read more]

7 Things You Need to Know About Self Storage Facilities

Whether you live in a rented apartment or your own house, you may feel the need to stow away extra things that you don’t need daily. Storage facilities provide a space-saving solution. There are many storage facilities available in the market. However, depending on your specific needs, you may need to store your essentials either for short-term or long-term. Among storage facilities, you may find a plethora of options including self-storage and full-service stowing services. The former system is popularly used as an affordable option ... [read more]

How Improved Eye Sight is Equivalent to a Healthier Lifestyle

Not everyone is blessed to have perfect eyesight. But that's not a hindrance anymore. How? It's because, like any other industry, technology advancements are evolving in the healthcare industry as well. To those who are still scratching their heads about how that's related to improved eyesight, you might have heard about Lasik surgery. It is the best reliable problem-solver that will help improve vision and an improved lifestyle. In this blog, we will discuss details related to Lasik surgery and how it can help live an enriched lifestyle. ... [read more]

AJ Dewberry Hosts 4th Annual Feed the Homeless Event in Atlanta

AJ Dewberry, owner of Level 10 Repairs, plans to feed 1,000 people in metro Atlanta this holiday season during its 4th Annual Feed the Homeless event on Sunday, Dec.20th. For four years, Dewberry has organized his annual event to provide members of the community with food, clothing, toiletries and entertainment. “I feel that my purpose is to leave an impact on many people. What motivates me to do the things that I do for the community is the look on people’s faces and the fulfillment that I get from it. We have clothing sponsors from ... [read more]

How to Use Your Air Fryer to Prep Appetizers for a Holiday Party

We're all looking for practical, cost-effective recipes we can create in the kitchen to save us time and money, but did you know that with an air fryer you can quickly (and deliciously!) prepare sensational appetizers for your next holiday gathering? Air fryers are not only an inexpensive device to expand the arsenal of your kitchen, but they also cook your food dishes perfectly in just a few minutes. If you have never tried one, they are easy to use and clean! How can you use an air fryer to prepare appetizers for your parties and ... [read more]

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