• 3 Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse
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    3 Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse

    As parents and soul mates, we have so much on our plates every day of the week. After being together for 20-plus years, we’ve been through all the ups-and-downs that life has to offer. With two kids out of school and in college and the youngest going to high school next year, we’ve decided to make some changes. While parenting will never take a back burner, we decided to focus on our marriage and each other more. One of the things we’re doing is trying to get out of each other’s comfort zone. For the first time since we’ve been together, she’s watching sports with me. On the other hand,…

  • Ways to Make Online Dating Websites in USA Work for You

    Ways to Make Online Dating Websites in USA Work for You

    When it comes to online dating sites for those seeking a companion, keep in mind that many of them only offer to deliver your soul mate to your front door. There are sites like eHarmony and Match.com who try to go the extra mile for you so you can find your complete match and can be found on the top 10 list at www.top10bestdatingsites.net. Despite how these dating sites operate, and get a respectable income by trying to provide a service like this, scientific research has clinically proven that none of these services can actually guarantee you the love of your life. Scientific Proof Psychologist, Eli Finkel at Northwestern University…

  • 5 Ways on How to Save Relationship from Breakup?

    5 Ways on How to Save Relationship from Breakup?

    Someone said that relationship is the kind of science. But even though relationship may not be science it is a demanding work and it always take two to do this: not one to love and one to allow to love but both to work on it. How to act when you feel it’s falling apart? Every relationship is like a ship. And if one day you feel that your ship is drowning it’s a right time to think out what exactly lead to your current condition and how to work this out. But first of all, you should think over your match – especially is it worth fighting for or…

  • 5 Fun and Creative Date Night Ideas
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    5 Fun and Creative Date Night Ideas

    When you become parents, the struggles and juggle of life are very real. It can feel like you’re going from one thing to the next, with very little rest. And any of your spare time may be taken up with chores or trying to take a nap. But at the end of the day, it is still important to be with your partner and remember why the children were there in the first place. Date nights as a couple are important. And while it can be hard to get out of the house, date nights away from home can be much needed. Otherwise, there are too many distractions that it…

  • Save Your Relationship
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    The Art of Listening…And How It Can Save Your Relationship

    Ok, hands up. Who’s had their better half storm out of the room on them, leaving them dazed and bewildered and wondering just what the Hell happened. Was the TV remote in your hand? Were you mid-text? Had your head bobbed up from that important spreadsheet on your laptop? Don’t worry. It’s not her… It’s you. But the problem is easily remedied. Remember, you’re setting an example Not only do your kids use your behavior as a benchmark for how to be an adult, they will develop all their expectations for their future relationships on how you and your partner interact. You want to raise an active listener and effective…