• 4 Helpful Ways on How To Make Buying a Car Fun
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    4 Helpful Ways on How To Make Buying a Car Fun

    Shopping for a car is one of those activities that sounds like it would be a lot of fun but is rather stressful and unpleasant for many people. That doesn’t have to be the case. It’s important to figure out what you need and how much money you can spend. Long-term, this will save wasteful spending and potential stress, but there are other things you can do to make the experience a more fun one. When you next visit a vehicle dealership, keep the following guidelines in mind. What Will You Do with The Car? You might be worried about spending money on a car; it’s always going to be…

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    Best Coupons for Holiday Season 2022

    Finding the best coupon deals for the holiday season is a good experience when it comes to shopping. While you can buy any item at any time of year, especially in light of the pandemic’s supply chain problems, there are some specific days that are better for purchases like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Halloween, and New year. The Black Friday 2021 has arrived! Almost every major shop provides deep discounts and deals on holiday gifts, the year’s best toys, fashion, kitchen supplies, computing gadgets, and more on Black Friday. Experts advise that you should start your holiday shopping early rather than waiting until the last minute. As a result,…

  • 5 Tips For Stress Free Christmas Shopping

    5 Tips For Stress Free Christmas Shopping

    Shopping for Christmas can be stressful, can’t it? Getting in and out of the shops, traveling to the different towns for the right stores and even going out of your way to buy and wrap the gifts – it’s a lot! Shopping should be fun and it should be something you enjoy doing – especially at Christmas time! You don’t want this to feel rushed or as if it’s too much pressure. It’s Christmas; it’s the time of year that you want to spend with family and friends having fun, eating too much and enjoying exchanging gifts together. Whether you are shopping for Little League coach gifts or you are…

  • 7 Tips Dads Can Reduce Stress While Christmas Shopping
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    7 Tips Dads Can Reduce Stress While Christmas Shopping

    Every year, millions of parents start to dread the holiday season. It’s not just about getting kids ready for school and ensuring we’re all healthy enough to be around family. It’s also about finding time to shop for everyone on your list and dealing with the inevitable sales that happen during this time of year. With so much going on in one short period, it can seem impossible! But there are some things you can do as a dad to make your experience easier this Christmas. Budget It Giving yourself a budget is the first step. Write down everything you need to buy and what it will cost, then hold…

  • Several Places to Shop for Black Friday Deals
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    Several Places to Shop for Black Friday Deals

    First off, I’m hoping everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving whether you stayed or got together with family. We stayed home, cooked, and watched football along with a couple of movies. We all know that Black Friday is upon us all and we all want some great deals. With my two oldest kids being grown and the youngest is a sophomore in high school, it made us reminiscence. Black Friday used to be a time where we head out late at night or first thing in the morning looking for deals. Nowadays, you can do all the shopping you want from the comfort of home. Like always, there are some amazing…

  • Try Roadie When Sending Game Day Items to Friends or Family
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    Try Roadie When Sending Game Day Items to Friends or Family

    Back in March when everything shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we didn’t know what the future held. During that time, we had all sports cancelled. Truth be told, we never knew how much we missed sports until it was taken away. Eventually, they all came back with the NBA, NHL and MLS playing in a bubble. College football and NFL are in the midst of their season with some players here and there testing positive for Covid-19. Despite all of that, I’m just happy to have football back even though there are limited to no fans allowed. During these times, we miss hanging out with friends watching the…

  • Gifting Made Simple: 3 Tips For Busy Dads In The Run-Up To The Holidays
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    Gifting Made Simple: 3 Tips For Busy Dads In The Run-Up To The Holidays

    It’s that time of year again when weeks seem to fly by in a flash and anticipation starts to build. It may seem like there’s plenty of time to shop for gifts, but before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. For busy dads, there’s nothing worse than whizzing around malls and standing in giant lines trying to cross off seemingly endless shopping lists. If you’re keen to swerve the stress of Christmas shopping and get started early, here are some top tips. Buy must-have gifts early It won’t be long before this year’s must-have gifts appear in TV adverts and hot-lists in newspapers and magazines. If you’re…

  • 5 Deals from Under Armour That Everyone Can Appreciate
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    5 Deals from Under Armour That Everyone Can Appreciate

    Are you someone that prides yourself on staying active all the time? Would you say that you have a very active lifestyle? Being someone that used to love going to gym, this pandemic has stopped that. My usual gym routine was going at night after work around 12:45. The gym changed their hours to where I’m not able to go anymore. After cancelling my membership, I’ve come up with other ways to remain active. Recently, we added a treadmill, Bo Flex machine and a weight set downstairs. With the new equipment, we’re turning this into a family affair and trying to stay healthy. With the fall coming up and we’re…

  • 6 Slick Deals Available at Finish Line Right Now
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    6 Slick Deals Available at Finish Line Right Now

    We have finally got our sports back and the kids are starting school once again. Of course, everything changed back in March with the Covid-19 pandemic. The sports world was shut down and the kids reverted to digital learning. My daughter started school a couple weeks ago, but we’ve opted for her to do digital learning the first semester. We will monitor the coronavirus and decide later if she’ll go back during the second semester. Either way, she still wants some school clothes and I’ll need new sporting gear. Since we’re big fans of Finish Line and don’t want to hit up the mall, we will shop online. I’m someone…

  • Several Great Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals for You
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    Several Great Amazon Prime Day 2020 Deals for You

    It is now official that the Amazon prime day 2020 has been delayed. The retailer has already confirmed that this year’s prime day will take place later in the year. It is a significant change for the bargain hunters because the Amazon prime day is one of the biggest retail holidays for the year. As at now, there is no need for fretting. Retailers are now making up for the absence of the Prime Day deals with the back to school sales that are now booming. However, if you visited this page for Amazon Prime Day news and deals, you can continue reading to gain more insights about the same.…

  • 2 Shopping Apps That Helps Earn Money Back
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    2 Shopping Apps That Helps Earn Money Back

    Who loves to do a little shopping? Are you someone that loves to do shopping online? If so, did you know that you could be earning money back in the process? Who wouldn’t want to make a few extra dollars while shopping in the process? Trust me, this is something we’ve become accustomed to and the money adds up quickly. Check out these 2 shopping apps that helps earn money back below. Rakuten We first signed up with Rakuten when they were called Ebates. In the past, we have searched online for special coupon codes and most didn’t work. The sign up is quick and easy, plus you will see…

  • Purchase and Learn About the American Flag from US Flags
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    Purchase and Learn About the American Flag from US Flags

    With this ongoing Coronavirus pandemic going on in the world, it seems like we’ve showed a lot of unity. In the United States alone, we have so many different nationalities and it’s a beautiful thing. The place where I’m currently working is the perfect example with people from so many different countries. We have people from Sweden, Vietnam, Africa, Venezuela and Germany to name a few. I’ll be honest, it’s always great to learn more about the many cultures of fellow employees. With National Flag Day coming up in June, this would be an exciting time for everyone to represent their country. You can get flag poles, decals, pendants and…

  • Where to Score the Best Deals this Spring
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    Where to Score the Best Deals this Spring

    Spring is almost upon us, and that means not only warmer weather but also a slew of discounts from your favorite retailers. It’s the perfect opportunity to find incredible deals on outdoor furniture, appliances, tech items, mattresses, and more.   Nordstrom This free-to-join membership program rewards hard-core Nordstrom-istas for doing what they do best: shopping. Club members get exclusive access to perks such as curbside pickup and early access to Select Brands. You’ll also earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. Also, be sure to search for Nordstrom promotion codes before making your full-priced purchase.   Target For loyal Target shoppers, the REDcard is a must-have. It saves shoppers…

  • Smart Shopper Tactics: 3 Secrets You Should Know
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    Smart Shopper Tactics: 3 Secrets You Should Know

    It is always amazing to hear about those devoted coupon-shoppers who spend hours digging through newspapers and magazines, always searching for coupons to use in any given store that they walk into. In fact, you may have heard about devoted coupon-shoppers who sometimes get money back from a store. It seems crazy that something like that is even possible. However, it is important to remember that the only way that they got to where they are was with hard work and dedication to saving money. Anyone could do the same; the only thing that they may lack is the dedication and willingness to look. You may be interested in saving…

  • Shopping at Walmart Before the Big Game
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    Shopping at Walmart Before the Big Game

      After a crazy and amazing season, it’s hard to believe that we’re this close to the Big Game. My work week starts on Sunday nights, but I’ve never worked a night when the Big Game is played. Before having kids, my time was spent with friends at sports bar to watch the Big Game. Since I’m a father and husband, my time is being spent at home with family and friends sometimes for the Big Game. Preparation for the Big Game is typically an all-day event, which starts out with cleaning the house. If the weather was warmer, I’d love to be on the grill cooking, but then again…

  • 3 Reasons to Get Dove Men Care Products from Sams Club
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    3 Reasons to Get Dove Men Care Products from Sams Club

    This is a Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own. Are you ready for the Big Game? With the year flying by fast, we don’t have long and I’m so ready for it to get here. This has been an awesome football season and things are getting better as we get near the end of the season. Since I like to go to many various places to watch games, I’ll have to look and smell my best. That’s why Dove Men + Care has been go-to brand for years and will continue to be. Right now, there’s even more incentive to purchase Dove Men + Care, especially from…

  • Black Friday Shopping with the 2018 Mazda CX9
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    Black Friday Shopping with the 2018 Mazda CX9

    I received the vehicle from Mazda from Drive Shop. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s hard to believe how much time has flown by. It seemed like yesterday when we were going shopping for our son before he turned 1-year-old. Over the years, we have let our kids spend the night with their papa and great-grandmother while we shop. Last year, we took our oldest two kids while my youngest stayed with her cousins at her papa’s house. This year, my two oldest kids had to work all Black Friday weekend so that meant my little one tagged along. One of the main reasons she wanted to go was her…

  • Motorcycle Gear Online

    Where to Find The Best Selection Of Motorcycle Gear Online

    If you are just looking for a “motorcycle jacket” to make a fashion statement, a simple Google search will do.  Almost any clothing store will have biker-inspired gear available for purchase online.  In fact, consignment shops are probably the best place to buy motorcycle-flavored leather jackets that will make you look like you just stepped out of the New Hollywood era.  If you actually need motorcycle riding gear and accessories that will ensure your safety when riding, then not just any gear will do.  You need helmets and other gear that have really been designed for real motorcycle riders. More Expensive Is Not Always Better Before buying a motorcycle helmet,…