• While You’re Playing Fortnite, Fraudsters Are Looking to Play You
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    While You’re Playing Fortnite, Fraudsters Are Looking to Play You

    Have you played Fortnite yet? If you haven’t, you probably know someone who has as the game’s popularity has exploded in recent months, attracting celebrities, professional athletes, and gamers of all ages. Unfortunately, Fortnite’s mass appeal is attracting hackers and scammers too. Players and parents need to pay attention in order reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud. Part of the game’s attraction is that it’s free and available to players across multiple video game consoles, PCs, and mobile phones. The Hunger Games-like world of Fortnite allows players to showcase their creativity while playing. However, scammers are also getting creative. Fortnite creator Epic Games recently warned about the most common Fortnite scam…

  • Why this iPhone Spying App Should Be Your Next Buy

    Why this iPhone Spying App Should Be Your Next Buy

    We have a complicated relationship with the smartphone. We consider it a necessary evil, as we need it to communicate with different people on various work projects or personal matters. It’s also a great way to interact with strangers online through social media platforms and a lot of other stuff that we really don’t need. We often end up doing many mistakes that we cannot reverse, unfortunately. We have all been there, right? For that reason and many others, monitoring your loved ones is important to protect them from the savage online world. For that purpose, we are discussing the Xnspy app amid the rise of best spying apps for…

  • Smoking Effects on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
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    Smoking Effects on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a downward plummeting lung disease. People who develop COPD experience worsening conditions over the years. After a great deal of scientific research, a link has been found between smokers, and those who develop COPD. Some of the symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease A feeling of tightness in the chest Increasing difficulty in breathing Persistent cough, often with the accompaniment of mucus A wheezing sound during coughing bouts Shortness of breath Lacking the same level of mental alertness Fingernails or lips turning blue or grey in color Extreme rapid heartbeat Unfortunately, COPD is a debilitating disease; the condition simply gets worse as the…

  • Love Audio and Technology? Head to Best Buy for March AudioFest
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    Love Audio and Technology? Head to Best Buy for March AudioFest

    The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free Who loves to have the latest technology when it comes to audio? Trust me, I’ll probably be the first to raise my hand and have it as high as possible. Then again, everyone in my household can lay claim to that also because we all love music. With me, I’m listening to music all the time whether it’s in the car, at work, in the gym and as I’m writing this article. My wife is no different as she’s someone who loves to have the…

  • Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online
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    Do You Know What Your Children Are Doing Online?

    It is becoming increasingly harder for parents everywhere to understand what their children are actually doing online, and this is a worry which many parents are feeling. Of course, it goes without saying that you want to be able to control what your children are seeing and doing to a certain degree but being able to do that is harder than you might think. However, it is perfectly possible to have more control over your internet in your home, and that will make sure that your children are safer in the home. That will mean that you can relax and feel less worried about what they are getting up to…

  • Upgrade Your Appliances at Best Buy With LG
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    Upgrade Your Appliances at Best Buy With LG

    The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free Are you thinking about upgrading your washer and dryer? Are you familiar with the latest technology with appliances? Have you ever shopped at Best Buy for the latest in appliances? If not, maybe you should consider purchasing the LG Washer and Dryer. LG got you covered no matter how big or small the load is. The LG Sidekick Pedestal is perfect if you want to wash a couple of items that you’ll need quickly. If you have a bigger load, the LG Front load washer…

  • Telematics Systems

    What do Fleet Owners Think about Telematics Systems

    The latest telematics systems have been a savior to the transport industry, based on the most recent studies. A high number of fleet owners, whose companies have telematics systems in place, have registered their gratification with the performance of these systems. A look at the EyeRide website, one of the makers of an all-in-one telematics system, gives a detailed overview of what this system has to offer. According to recent studies, fleet companies feel that they cannot dispense with these systems. But two central questions that linger with manufacturers of telematics systems is, why aren’t all fleet management organizations applying this system? Also, what can be done to improve or…

  • Online Safety
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    5 Things You’re Doing That’s Compromising Your Online Safety

    Just like we work to improve our physical health and well-being, it’s also vitally important to improve our cyber health and keep ourselves safe from online danger. Here are five easy fixes to keep yourself cyber safe this year: 1. What You’re Doing: Clicking in Emails What You Should Be Doing Instead: Never click on a link or email attachment, ever! Think of email as a text-only method of communication because nothing else about it is safe. It was never meant for transferring files, and links are probably not what they appear to be. Remember that email is the number one method that the adversary uses to get you to…

  • Dojo by Bullguard
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    Help Secure Your Home With Dojo by Bullguard

    The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.   With all this new-age technology and all these smart items, it just amazes me. There are new dangers that come with all this modern technology especially from hackers. Think about it, when you connect to the internet, you run the risk of getting your information stolen. Dojo by Bullguard is what our family uses to protect us and our smart devices. Dojo by Bullguard is the most comprehensive smart home cybersecurity solution in the world. Whether you have smart alarms, thermostats, baby monitors, smart…

  • 3 Reasons to Get Dove Men Care Products from Sams Club
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    3 Reasons to Get Dove Men Care Products from Sams Club

    This is a Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own. Are you ready for the Big Game? With the year flying by fast, we don’t have long and I’m so ready for it to get here. This has been an awesome football season and things are getting better as we get near the end of the season. Since I like to go to many various places to watch games, I’ll have to look and smell my best. That’s why Dove Men + Care has been go-to brand for years and will continue to be. Right now, there’s even more incentive to purchase Dove Men + Care, especially from…

  • Honcker
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    Check Out Honcker When Leasing Your Next Vehicle

    I was compensated from Honcker for the written article. All opinions are 100% mine.     Recently, we purchased a new car, well let’s say that my son was the one who was buying the car. Honestly, I thought helping him pick his suit for the prom or outfits for senior photos was bad. Let’s just say those pale in comparison to trying to get him the car he wants. Our search ranged pretty much all throughout Northeast Georgia and we got the run around from many places. If that wasn’t bad enough, we got to several different dealerships and those salesmen thought they were going to play me. You…

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    Ooma Home Security Protect My Home While at Work

    If you have followed me over the years, then you know I’m a 3rd shift worker. This has gone on for quite some time now, which is good to help with my family. Throughout all the years, my worries were minimal because we’ve had great neighbors who looked out for each other. If that wasn’t enough, it seems like crimes pretty much never occurred. Fast forward to 2017, we relocated to a better neighborhood in a bigger city and when you turn on the TV, all you see or hear about is crimes. Recently, one hit too close to home, which has got me texting throughout the night because I…

  • Lost Parental Controls
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    How to Recover Lost Parental Controls on Your Child’s Phone

    It can be a challenge in today’s technological world to buffer your children from inappropriate content and keep them safe from scammers and predators. Therefore, parental control features are essential to many families. Why would we want to give our children smartphones, or any device for that matter, without some reasonable limitations on what they can do and see? Even if a child doesn’t have a smartphone, parental controls are a good idea for parents who sometimes hand over their phone to their kids to use for entertainment. Just about every mobile phone provider has their own version of parental controls. As one of the top mobile phone service providers…

  • Home Bridge from Chamberlain
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    #AD MyQ® Home Bridge from Chamberlain is A Must-Have for the Family

    This post is sponsored by Chamberlain. I was paid for this post and received the featured Home Bridge as compensation. Nowadays when you look around, it seems like everything can be controlled through your smartphone. Honestly, I do pretty much everything possible on my phone, which is why I upgraded to accompany all the apps I have. I’m just as guilty as anyone else when it comes to social media, but my phone is used for so much more. My phone is used to pay bills, check my kid’s grades, ordering food from restaurants and even adjust lighting in my house. Recently, I’ve had the chance to check out the MyQ®…

  • Tile

    Do You Lose Things Often? 3 Things Tile Can Help Me Find

    One of the things that many of us have in common is that we forgot things. Some of us forget things more than usual, which I’m speaking for myself because I’m always having a lapse in memory. Whether it’s my car keys, remote control or my favorite hat I’m always misplacing things. Fortunately for me and people like myself, there’s something that can help us all out. This excellent product called Tile can help with all these problems. After making your purchase, download the Tile app from the App Store and it’s easy to set up. Once you select what you’re going to attach Tile to, you can have Tile…

  • Citation Machine
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    Are You Looking for a Free Citation Machine?

    Every student knows the pain of writing term papers and theses, and then the added nightmare of creating a bibliography and citing all your sources. Citations are a royal pain, and anyone who has ever written paper knows that. These days, students not only have to manage their academics, but they also must juggle a social life, sleep, and in some cases even a part-time job to support their education. It often leads to time shortage and the student is left to write their term papers at the last moment. While that may be possible thanks to caffeine and energy drinks, it is the bibliography that tends to suck the…

  • First Drone

    What to Look For When Buying Your First Drone

    So, you are thinking of buying your kid their first drone? It may not be as easy as simply browsing the web and finding the cheapest one. As you know, drones are not your average toy and come with a lot of responsibility for flying. There are several rules and regulations to abide by. There are also some common features that you should check out before deciding on your purchase. Drones have been around for a while now. To see how far they have come, check out the history of drones right here. Main Features   Battery life One of the biggest aspects of the Drone that you should pay…

  • Kid's Sports With Your Drone
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    Should You Be Filming Your Kid’s Sports with Your Drone?

    Kids’ sports these days are getting more and more competitive, and if you’ve spent any time in the stands, you know that the parents are—ahem—a bit that way as well. And while you don’t want to be the overly obnoxious parent while you watch a sporting event, capturing in just the right way is important to many of us. Is taking photos and videos enough? Perhaps you’re making efforts to become more adept at using technology. Should you be filming your kid’s sports with your drone? Drones have been used for a variety of thing over the years. You can see how far they have come along by checking out…