• Understanding Flow Meters: Application and its Function
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    Understanding Flow Meters: Application and its Function

    In measuring the amount of liquid or gas or vapor that passes through a pipeline, the flow meter is the device that you needed.  There are kinds of flow meters that measure the amount of fluid or gas during a set time.  Like for example, the flow meter counts 100 liters per minute.  Also, there are flow meters that measure the totalized amount of fluid that passes through the flow meter.  Just for instance, within the total passes, it has 10000 liters. Mainly, the flow meter consists of a primary device, transducer, and transmitter.  The transducer could sense the fluid that passes through the primary device while the transmitter produces…

  • 5 Tips to Help People With Drug or Alcohol Problem
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    5 Tips to Help People With Drug or Alcohol Problems

      Drug addiction is not a new issue. For centuries, people from around the globe have dealt with the disheartening effects of drug abuse. Speaking from someone that’s known people who were drug abusers. During this time, they will need all the support possible.  Here are a few tips to help you overcome a substance abuse problem. Hang out with people who don’t use drugs In regards to decision making, peer pressure can have a very powerful impact on some people. In order to break an addiction, an individual must avoid hanging out with other drug users. In some instances, they may have to actually cut ties with a longtime…

  • Cards
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    On The Cards: A Boys Night In

    Card games have existed in human culture for thousands of years and have always been a way for people to have fun, bond, settle disputes, win money and more. Every country has it’s own card games, rules and rituals but they all unite people, whether friends and family or strangers. Today, cards games can be something you play in casino, online, in a bar or at home, and nothing can beat a good get together with friends for a night of cards. Sitting with your friends around a table, equipped with a deck of cards, some drinks, maybe some chips, can be the best night you can have. You get…

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    What to Look for When You Buy a Used Gun

    Used guns can be an affordable way for you to purchase the gun of your dreams. Whether you are a collector or a sport’s enthusiast, the right gun does not have to be brand new. As long as you find a reliable firearm, you can feel confident purchasing it. There are many websites out there that offer new and used guns for sale like http://grabagun.com/firearms/used.html. Make Sure You Buy a Common Caliber if You Think You Will Ever Resell It If you think that you may ever resell your gun in the future, be sure to buy a common caliber. This will also make your life easier when you are…

  • Baltimore
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    Baltimore Riots

      We live in world where wars take place far too commonly, and it’s not illegal. In America we have the “right to bear arms”…So we can legally have guns. But yet when people riot there seems to be the negative social connotation associated with this type of behavior. I’m not dealing with the cause of the riot specifically aside from it “appearing” to be that someone died due to injuries sustained while in the custody of law enforcement. But the “right wing” media outlets seem to be portraying a social narrative that the blacks rioting are merely “thugs” behaving in an anti-America fashion… However there were local reports of…

  • Care Knows How
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    CARE Knows How to Make the World Better ($30 Paypal Cash or Amazon Card Giveaway)

    Today’s post is sponsored by CARE, but my love for their humanitarian programs is all my own!!!     Did you know that in 1945, CARE invented the CARE Package as a way for Americans to send lifesaving food and supplies to a Europe flattened by World War II? Now the term CARE package has become a synonym for the thoughtful gifts people send to far-away friends and loved ones. Learn more about CARE and the great work that they do! CARE is on a mission to fight poverty and they’re committed to empower women and girls. There are so many great things CARE does to make this world a…