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    Baltimore Riots

      We live in world where wars take place far too commonly, and it’s not illegal. In America we have the “right to bear arms”…So we can legally have guns. But yet when people riot there seems to be the negative social connotation associated with this type of behavior. I’m not dealing with the cause of the riot specifically aside from it “appearing” to be that someone died due to injuries sustained while in the custody of law enforcement. But the “right wing” media outlets seem to be portraying a social narrative that the blacks rioting are merely “thugs” behaving in an anti-America fashion… However there were local reports of…

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    CARE Knows How to Make the World Better ($30 Paypal Cash or Amazon Card Giveaway)

    Today’s post is sponsored by CARE, but my love for their humanitarian programs is all my own!!!     Did you know that in 1945, CARE invented the CARE Package as a way for Americans to send lifesaving food and supplies to a Europe flattened by World War II? Now the term CARE package has become a synonym for the thoughtful gifts people send to far-away friends and loved ones. Learn more about CARE and the great work that they do! CARE is on a mission to fight poverty and they’re committed to empower women and girls. There are so many great things CARE does to make this world a…