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    Aaliyah Released One in a Million 25 Years Ago

    Aaliyah was once called the Princess of R&B music. At the age of 15, she released her debut album and it has sold 6 million records worldwide. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number was the album and with the R. Kelly stuff, it’s very controversial. Two years later, Aaliyah returned with a much more mature sound for her second album. One in a Million was the name of the project. Once again, she sold another 8 million records worldwide and it solidified her as a star. She was only 17-years-old with two multi-platinum albums to her name. Aaliyah released six singles off the album in a span of 14 months.…

  • Crucial Conflict Released The Final Tic 25 Years Ago Today

    Crucial Conflict Released The Final Tic 25 Years Ago Today

    In the mid-90s, great hip hop music was represented in every area of the United States. During that time, the Midwest emerged with a brand new sound that took off. We all know about Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, but there were many others that followed. Twista, Do or Die, Top Authority, Dayton Family and many others were putting out great music. Crucial Conflict was another group to emerge during this time period. Crucial Conflict released The Final Tic 25 years ago today. The group consisted of Kilo, Wildstyle, Coldhard and Never. Two months before the release of the album, they dropped the only single for the album. Hay was the name and…

  • Too Short Gettin’ It Released 25 Years Ago Today

    Too Short Gettin’ It Released 25 Years Ago Today

    Too Short is one of the most accomplished rappers to ever touch the mic. Too Short put out Don’t Stop Rappin’, this was his first album back in 1983. Almost 40 years later, he’s still putting out music which is crazy. A few months back, Too Short was a part of the popular Verzuz battle with E-40. Short Dog released a bundle project with E-40 to coincide with their Verzuz matchup. 25 years ago today, Too Short released Getting’ It (Album Number Ten) and it was his 10th solo project. Getting’ It was actually one of my favorite Too Short albums. The title track, Gettin’ It has been a featured…

  • E40 Too Short Rapper’s Ball for Throwback Thursday

    E40 Too Short Rapper’s Ball for Throwback Thursday

    Welcome to another Thursday and that means we’re closer to the weekend. My playlist this week included Tical, the Rhythm & Gangsta joint from Snoop and Slim Thug’s Already Platinum. Karma 3 from Dave East, Alicia Keys Girl on Fire and a Mariah Carey mixtape was also included. With the epic Verzuz taking place tonight, we’re going with two west coast legends. Too Short and E40 will be the final Verzuz battle of 2020. Unfortunately, Ashanti tested positive for Covid-19 and her battle with Keyshia Cole was cancelled. They will do their Verzuz on January 9th, but for us old heads, we’re ready for Short Dog and 40 Water. The…

  • Dogg Food Dropped 25 Years Ago by Tha Dogg Pound

    Dogg Food Dropped 25 Years Ago by Tha Dogg Pound

    The Dogg Pound was heavily featured on some of Death Row Records Greatest Hits. Of course, Daz and Kurupt appeared on the iconic Chronic album. They also appeared on Doggystyle, Murder Was the Case and Above the Rim soundtracks. After proving they were more than Snoop’s sidekicks, they dropped their debut album. Dogg Food was released 25 years ago today by the Dogg Pound. Beforehand, Kurupt was already looked at as a superior lyricist and Daz did his thing with the beats. During this period, the East vs. West beef was starting to kick in hear. Dogg Pound released New York, New York as their first single off of Dogg…

  • CBD Oil for Men- Why You Must Have It in Your Grooming Kit

    CBD Oil for Men- Why You Must Have It in Your Grooming Kit

      Men’s grooming often takes a backseat, but it deserves as much attention as women’s skincare does. After all, you would want a youthful and radiant complexion just like ladies do. When it comes to the latest in grooming products, you will be surprised to know that CBD oil is the new buzzword. Dermatologists are recommending it, and premium cosmetic brands are using it as an ingredient in their products. After making it big for its myriad medicinal benefits, the wonder product is now known for its skincare benefits as well. Let us give you some good reasons to stock it up for your grooming kit. Reduces Acne Woes Acne…

  • Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Week 5 NFL Predictions

    Daddy’s Hangout 2020 Week 5 NFL Predictions

    Welcome to the 2020 Week 5 NFL weekend as we head into the 2nd quarter of the season. The biggest issue the NFL is facing as is everyone else is the Covid-19 pandemic. The Titans organization had an outbreak which forced the game against the Steelers to be moved to October 25th. My record last week was 5-2, which raised my overall mark to 27-14. The winning percentage jumped up from 64.7 to 65.9%. The Indianapolis Colts used their stingy defense to defeat the Chicago Bears. Cleveland put up 49 points as they went to Dallas and defeated the Cowboys. On Monday night, we saw that the Green Bay Packers…

  • Kanye West Late Registration Turns 15 Years Old Today

    Kanye West Late Registration Turns 15 Years Old Today

    The Late Registration from Kanye West turns 15-years-old today. Late Registration is the follow-up to his debut album, College Dropout he released a year prior. With College Dropout being such a great album, expectations were high for this one. Late Registration went on to sell over 3 million copies off the strength of 5 singles. Diamonds from Sierra Leone was the first one and it was a dope track. Diamond from Sierra Leone went on to go platinum after its release. The track was so good that Jay-Z jumped on the remix and it also appeared on the album. Diamonds from Sierra Leone won the Grammy Award for Best Rap…

  • 4 Ways to Help Prevent You from Getting a Divorce
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    4 Ways to Help Prevent You from Getting a Divorce

    There are so many things that are changing ever since the Coronavirus pandemic. One of those things has been the divorce rate. Unfortunately, the divorce rate has risen and that has to do with many people working from home. Couples are spending more time together, which is triggering the spike in divorce rates. With people losing their jobs or being furloughed that has a lot to do with it also. Hopefully, this will pass and things get somewhat back to normal in the process. With that, we’re hoping that divorce isn’t the final answer and things can be done to prevent it. To help, check out these 4 things to…

  • Daddy’s Hangout 2019 Week 7 NFL Predictions

    Daddy’s Hangout 2019 Week 7 NFL Predictions

    Welcome to Week 7 of the NFL season. For the second consecutive week, I’m leaving with a losing record. My Week 5 record was 4-5, which dipped my overall mark to 25-25. My winning percentage went from 51.2 down to 50%. Maybe it’s time to get off the Buccaneers bandwagon as they fell to the Carolina Panthers. Jameis Winston tossed 5 INTs and he also lost one fumble. Speaking of bandwagons, the Cleveland Browns failed me again as they lost to the Seahawks at home. Baker Mayfield tossed three more interceptions and the Browns have a 2-4 mark now. Deshaun Watson put himself in the NFL MVP conversation as he…

  • Listen and Stream TM 104 from Jeezy for Music Monday

    Listen and Stream TM 104 from Jeezy for Music Monday

    If you count his album as the name Lil J, Jeezy been in the game damn near 20 years. Jeezy have come a long way since that release to where he’s definitely hit legendary status. On Friday, Jeezy released the final album of the Thug Motivation series, TM 104: The Legend of the Snowman. What’s not clear is this his final album or just him stating the end of his Def Jam contract? Either way, Jeezy snatched up CeeLo Green, Rick Ross, Meek Mill John Legend, Gunna and Ball Greezy for TM 104. When it comes to Jeezy, I’ve stated that the Thug Motivation 101 album is one of my…

  • Gun Safety

    Ten Tips for Firearm Safety at Home

    Firearm safety is an ongoing concern for gun owners. While guns are an excellent tool for self-defense against home invasions, it’s important that all family members are on the same page when it comes to safety. What follows are ten tips for maintaining firearm safety at home. Keep Firearms Locked Use a firearms locker, safe, vault or storage case when they’re not in use and make sure no one has access to them without your permission, including children and visitors to your home. This is the easiest way to ensure everyone’s safety. Store Ammunition Separate from Firearms Storing ammo separate from firearms is smart because then guns can’t go off…

  • Guide to Lock Picking

    A Quick Guide to Lock Picking

    Contrary to what a lot of people might think, lock picking isn’t only done by burglars and thieves with plans of making themselves rich by illegal means. No, it’s also a craft that has seen many interested lock pickers challenging themselves with even more complicated locks. An interesting skill to acquire, it doesn’t really take much at all to get started. Know how to begin your lock picking journey below: Why learn to lock pick So you don’t exactly have any plans of breaking into other people’s homes or business offices. That’s great, but neither do a lot of people who practice lock picking. Many do it for fun, as…