• How to Find the Perfect Violin
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    How to Find the Perfect Violin

    Did you know that playing the violin can help you burn 170 calories per hour? While most people consider playing the violin an intellectual pursuit, it is also a physical activity requiring coordination, balance, and stamina. Whether you are just starting to learn how to play the violin or you have been playing for years, finding the perfect violin is essential to your success as a musician. There are so many different violins on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for your ideal violin: Talk to Other Violinists Get recommendations from friends or other musicians…

  • The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Guitars
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    The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Guitars

    More than 72 million people in the U.S. play guitar. Some people play in bands, while others play at home for relaxation or fun. But everyone that plays guitar needs one to play. You might already have one or many, but you might be ready to add another one to your collection or purchase your first one. If you’re trying to decide which type to purchase, you’re in the right place. Here is a guide to help you discover the different types of guitars you can choose from as you search for the right one to buy next. Acoustic Guitars Acoustic guitars have been around for longer than any other…

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    Why Playing the Violin Might be the Best Thing Your Child Has Ever Done!

    Being able to play a musical instrument is a technical ability that is adored by many. Still, only a few can achieve the mindset and skill through sheer determination. Since it takes a lot of time to learn, understand and master an instrument, most people prefer that their children start it early. Violin is among the few of the classiest and complicated instruments that certainly don’t pop in one’s mind when discussing instruments. “Piano?” “Sure.” “Guitar?” “Why not?” But Violin??? Sounds unconventional, right? Even then, the violin’s romantic aura and mystic melodies make it worth the money and effort. We have discussed the best benefits of playing the violin that…

  • A Guide to Find the Best Guitar Amps
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    A Guide to Find the Best Guitar Amps

    You need high-quality guitar amps to ensure your music reaches the audience the way you want. An amp is an electronic device meant to strengthen any weak electrical signal detected in an electric guitar and amplify the sound through loudspeakers. When you have one of the best jazz guitar amps, the quality of music is enhanced considerably. Whatever amp you choose, ensure that it conforms to the model amplified noise code without hindering the public. Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding the best guitar amps: Should You Get A Head And Cabinet Or A Combo Amp? Combo amps are suitable for small halls and performing in clubs, as the sound…

  • How to Learn Guitar in 3 Easy Steps
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    How to Learn Guitar in 3 Easy Steps

    At one time or another, everyone has had dreams (or at the very least a daydream) of becoming a rockstar. Who doesn’t want a career touring around the world, visiting exciting places, and playing shows to thousands of screaming fans? Ok, maybe some of us would rather just jam out alone in our bedroom or to a few friends around the campfire. In either scenario, you have to start by picking up a guitar. If you have always wanted to learn guitar but were unsure where to start, these three easy steps will help you master the basics. 1. Learn Guitar Chords and Scales Learning easy chords is a wonderful…

  • Why Learning How to Play Guitar Could a Great Move
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    Why Learning How to Play Guitar Could a Great Move

    We’ve all seen a band or musician on TV and thought wow! And one of the things that can really strike us is the incredible skills that a guitar player has. Just watching how they are able to create such magic with a simple looking instrument, is captivating. No doubt many of us have thought about picking up a guitar and aiming for the skill level of artists such as Jimi Hendrix. But there are many benefits to learning how to play the guitar, and not only because it is cool to do so. Here are some reasons why picking up a guitar and trying to learn the best you…

  • A No Brainer: Why Learning to Play an Instrument Is Good for You
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    A No Brainer: Why Learning to Play an Instrument Is Good for You

    Have you ever thought about learning an instrument? This could be one of the best choices you make for not only your happiness but your brain as well. Studies show that music can enhance cognitive performance and help with the firing of nerve cells. In addition to this, music has many other health benefits for your brain. If you’ve been speculating whether or not to play an instrument, speculate no further. This article has all the information about the many benefits music can have for your brain. 1. Reduce Your Stress Do you find yourself often feeling stressed out or overwhelmed? Whether it’s with your work, social life, or other…

  • Express Your Creativity on the Piano
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    8 Different Ways on How to Express Your Creativity on the Piano

    Today, piano learners pay thousands of dollars to professional piano teachers to learn just the basics. However, that does not necessarily have to be the case for you. So long as you have the passion or mere curiosity to learn the piano, there are apps that can help you teach practically everything about the piano. It is more apparent than ever that learning piano online through digital apps is highly effective. In fact, it is gradually becoming a competitive market. However, showing your creative skills on the piano is more important than any other musical instrument. And that is because it requires you to have a certain level of flexibility…

  • Why Learning to play a Guitar is a Good Idea
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    Why Learning To Play a Guitar is a Good Idea

    A guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. And due to its portability, you can carry it to wherever you are going. Besides that, it gives you the privilege of enjoying your favorite tunes even when you are in the middle of nowhere. Research shows that millions of people have an interest in learning how to play a guitar. Technology has also made it easier for everyone to learn this amazing art. Nowadays, you can get guitar lessons at the click of a button. All you have to do is watch some videos on YouTube or visit TrustyGuitar. As a matter of fact, the number…

  • Guide for Your Child
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    Your Kid Want a Guitar? Here’s 4 Tips to Choosing A Guitar For Your Child

    There are many things to consider before splurging on a guitar. Guitars come in several types and sizes and it is imperative for you, as a parent, to choose the correct guitar for your child. When choosing one, it is necessary for you to fully inspect the guitar and see to it that it can be adjusted easily; you must also pay attention to the intonation, tuning and tone production of the guitar. If you are searching for a guitar guide, you have come to the right place. Here are 4 tips to choosing a guitar for your child. Tip 1: Acoustic Guitar Since you won’t have to spend a…

  • Guitar Playing
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    5 Things That Will Improve Your Guitar Playing

    Making the most efficient use of your practice time is the best way to quickly improve your guitar-playing ability. As with most things in life that you are trying to improve, it is all about quality rather than quantity. Half an hour of focused practice could end up being a lot more useful to you than hours of aimless riffing. You will see a lot more development by using the tips that we are going to talk about here. Dedicate Your Time Though it may be comfortable to play scales and songs that you know already, you won’t get many benefits out of doing this. Pushing yourself is never easy,…

  • Guitarist
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    The Many Mistakes of the Self-Taught Guitarist

    More and more people are becoming interested in learning to play the guitar. Even though many are lamenting the death of guitar-centric music in popular culture, there’s not that much reason to worry about the future of the world’s favorite musical instrument. The steady increase in people purchasing guitars, combined with great online resources for learning such as YouTube and Ultimate Guitar, will also see a steady rise in the number of people teaching themselves how to play guitar. Of course, while many people have found success in this area, it’s worth looking at the many errors that people who attempt to go down the route of the autodidact often…

  • How to Choose A Good Acoustic Guitar
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    Guide on How To Choose A Good Acoustic Guitar

    The guitar is the most popular instrument of all time. For good reason, the guitar is portable, easy to learn at a basic level and can be played at any style. Choosing an acoustic guitar can be overwhelming because guitar makers have to use a specific and wide range of woods, hardware, and design elements. There are key traits to consider when choosing a good acoustic guitar and it is important to keep these in mind when you plan on purchasing one for yourself.   The very first step in choosing a good acoustic guitar is to decide on how you intend to use the instrument. Decide on if you…

  • Looking for Guitar?
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    What Should You Look For When You’re Looking For a Guitar?

    If you want to learn how to play guitar or rekindle your love for the instrument, you’ll have to start by buying one. The guitar buying process is important, and you should know exactly what you’re looking for before you get started. That way, you can be sure that you purchase a guitar that is right for you and that won’t let you down once you start to play. Read on to find out more about some of the things that you should look for when you’re looking for a guitar. A Suitable Price Range First of all, you should give some thought to the price range. It’s a mistake…

  • Best Instruments
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    Revealed: The Best Instruments To Teach Your Kids!

    If you can get your kids learning an instrument, then you’ll help them improve so many additional skills. Instruments are brilliant, but which ones are the best for your children to learn? Take a look at the list below, as it has my top four picks: Piano The piano has long been thought of as the daddy of all musical instruments. There’s something about it that just sets it apart from the rest. Many people believe that if you learn to play the piano, then you’ll find it easier to learn other instruments too. It’s a really good thing for your children to learn, as it helps develop so many…

  • Fender Guitars
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    A Quick Buying Guide: Fender Guitars

    There are few names in the world of stringed instruments that carry as much cache as Fender guitars. For hard-core guitarists, acoustic guitars and electric guitars that bear the Fender name are known as high-quality instruments, recognized for their versatility of tone and ease of playing. Perfect for both absolute beginners and seasoned veterans, Fender’s esteemed line of guitars have something to offer every level of player. The Telecaster was the first solid body electric guitar to be embraced by a large market, and to this day it remains one of Fender’s finest.Featuring just two single coil pickups, a tone knob, a volume knob, and a three-way selector switch, the…