• Outlawz Scarface
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    Outlawz Scarface Born Sinners for Music Monday

    One of my favorite rapper’s teams up with my favorite rappers group. Outlawz have released new music and it features none other than Mr. Scarface. For those that don’t know, the Outlawz is the group that 2Pac formed before his untimely demise. Scarface is one of my favorite rappers of all-time, who I’ve actually got behind Pac & Nas. The track is called Born Sinners and surprisingly, it features the late, great Hussein Fatal who appears in the video with as he drops a verse. What better way to bring back Music Monday for another week with this new track. For me, it’s a dope track with Scarface and all…

  • D.C. Da Beast Raw Lines
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    New Music from D.C. Da Beast Raw Lines

    Philly has always had their share of spitters throughout the years from Gillie Da Kid, Beanie Sigel and Freeway. Fast forward, new talent has emerged with the likes of Meek Mill, who’s signed with Rick Ross and his MMG brand. Trust me, there’s so many talented artists coming out of Philly that deserves some shine. About two and a half years ago I had the pleasure of featuring an artist by the name of D.C. Da Beast and his track, Mama Cry. Since then he’s been featured a few other times and dropped a mixtape in the process called Fix Yo Face. Guess what everyone; he’s back with a new…

  • I Am Sasha Renee
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    Music Monday: Sasha Renee I Am Sasha Renee

    Do you remember Sasha Renee? About 3 years ago, I talked about how I loved her style, concepts and lyrics. She reminded me of a mixture of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and a little of India Arie. Those sentiments remain true especially when she dropped an unreleased track called Modern Day Emmitt Tills, which was dope. With female MCs being talked about lately because the Remy Ma/Nikki Minaj beef that’s going on, there’s so many ladies out there that deserve the spotlight. Sasha Renee is one of them and that’s the reason she’s my Music Monday pick and my first one since the middle of October. Her new track is…

  • D.C. Da Beast Duffle Bag
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    New Music: D.C. Da Beast- Duffle Bag

    Once again I’m back with another dope track for Music Monday. This is another banger from D.C. Da Beast, who’s been featured numerous times on the site and now he’s blessed us with a new track called Duffle Bag. He’s one of the dopest spitters not only in Philly, but in the rap game, period. Below is a little more about D.C. Da Beast, his newest track and upcoming project dropping in 2017. If you want to be updated on his new releases; follow him on his various social media accounts below. Philadelphia Emcee D.C Da Beast is back burning the airwaves and melting holes through speakers as he returns…

  • J-Coop Welcome to Atlanta
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    New Music: J-Coop Welcome to Atlanta

    Atlanta has undoubtedly bloomed into the premiere southern city and arguably that of the whole east coast. Over the past few decades, the city coined as the “Hollywood of the South” has retained notoriety thanks to the Braves popularity in the mid-90s, the Dungeon Family’s far reaching and broad levels of success, the 96 Olympics, Michael Vick and the most ratchet gathering in American history – Freaknik. Because of the city’s constant emergence over the past 20 years, dreamers and go-getters have rapidly migrated to the area in hopes of striking gold just as many did during California’s gold rush. Above all the clutter and brevity of illumination arises the…

  • Lambo Lou
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    New Track from Lambo Lou Called Pull Up

    Available Now on Apple Music, Tidal & Google Play. Lamborghini Lou released his new debut single Pull Up produced by HyerThaHitman. The new single, Pull Up is a reflection of the East Atlanta artists’ blend of Hip Hop, Backpack rap, Dab Music and Trap into what he would describe as “Bouldercrest Finesse Muzik”. Lambo Lou’s lyrical schematics have likeness to artists such as T.I., Future, Big Sean, B.O.B., J.Cole with twist of southern playalistic charm and a smooth city-slick tone to compliment Lambo’s fast-tempo cadence. This is where ATL meets Garden State which embodies Lambo’s original sound. Pull Up is not only a showcase of Lamborghini Lou’s lyrical penmanship, but…

  • Last Day- Rod McCoy
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    Rod McCoy ft. Frank P- Last Day

    I haven’t done a Music Monday in a long time now, but this is a perfect time to bring it back. The homie Rod McCoy is gearing up to release another project, which is the follow-up to his crazy album Selah. Below check out his lead single featuring Frank P. called Last Day from his upcoming album.  

  • Suzy Q
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    New Music: Suzy Q- Should I Cry

    Suzy Q recently released her single “Should I Cry” on New York radio station WBLS. Her phenomenal vocals have caught the attention of many in the industry. Check out the track below and you’ll see why this amazing track has caught the attention of many in the industry: About Suzy Q What do Marsha Ambrosius, Wyclef Jean, Rockwilder and Bono have in common? They have all been treated to a dose of Vocal Drugs, courtesy of singer/songwriter Suzy Q. Combining the power of Aretha, range of Minnie, soul of Etta , attitude of Chaka and presence of Patti, Suzy Q has the prescription to heal the ailing genre of R&B…

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    Sleepy ft. Pastor Troy- Turn It Up

    American Rapper “Sleepy” has been steadily dropping tracks since his move to Abu Dhabi. For a decade, Sleepy has traveled the globe picking up style influences and originating acts like “Tha Hustler’s Coalition (THC)” until finally landing in the UAE. Where once the Alabama native found his rap style (and his rap name) in his dreams, Sleepy now finds his muse in the upscale and exotic atmosphere of Abu Dhabi. Working with White Cube and Pure Sounds studios has enabled Sleepy to broaden his musical horizons and ambition, giving him a global-facing sound and direction. Today, he shakes up his flow with a touch of the ethereal while dipping into…

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    Introducing New Music from Na’Cole

    Na’Cole has been dubbed “The Voice” by those in the know and her fans agree. In the ever changing world of music, success comes only when talent and preparation meet at the precise time. Na’Cole has anchored all three elements and will make the most of her time in the spotlight. Raised in a musical family, she would spend most of her early years singing in various church choirs at Key-Stewart United Methodist Church. As a teen, Na’Cole mastered the art of performing under the direction of her vocal coach Vera Warrick. Warrick would later develop an all-female quartet “Shadz of U”, which featured childhood friends Chandra Boone, Selina Robb,…

  • The Money cover art
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    Kyle Bent ft. Lyrica Jada- The Money

      Here is a video that the homie, Kareem Williams put me on to and it’s one that you all need to pay attention to from Kyle Bent featuring Lyrica Jada. Here is a little description of the video:   Kyle Bent, grabs Lyrica Jada to puts together a record that has a deep meaning to it. The Boston rapper cracks us across the head with a really dope video for his new single “The Money.” I most say, the concept behind this video is nothing short of classic thinking. Trust me when I tell you, this is something you are going to love.  Check out the track below and…

  • Emmett Tills
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    New Music: Sasha Renee

      Remember Sasha Renee as she dropped a great track at the beginning of last year called The Walk? I loved her style as she reminded me of a blend of Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and India Arie which is a huge compliment. She’s back with an unreleased track from 2013 that’s called Modern Day Emmett Tills, which is perfect seeing what transpired in Baltimore with death of Freddie Gray, which was caused by the Baltimore Police. Too many young black men are losing their lives from people that’s suppose to protect & serve us. Great track from Sasha Renee!!! Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by SashaReneeMusic. Check…

  • Sean Love Successful Too cover
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    New Music: Sean Love- Successful Too

      Out of the fiery furnace of the Jersey City streets arises a Phoenix of a talent in Sean Love. From drug addicted parents, abandonment, and foster homes, “You’ll never make it out of Jersey City” was a phrase he commonly heard. As his struggle turn into anger and his need for self-survival more prominent than ever, Sean Love turned to the streets for relief and a sense of stability. For Sean, he finds himself blessed enough to say his life played out like a real life TV movie and in-between the street life, fights, fast money and regrettable run ins with the police he found music and found himself.…

  • Twista & Do or Die Withdrawal cover
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    New album from Twista & Do or Die

      On May 19th, Twista and Do or Die will release a collaboration EP called Withdrawal as announced by Twista. This is something I’ve been waiting for ever since they released Po Pimp back in 1996 and my personal favorite from the, Playa Like Me & U that was on the debut album from Do or Die, Picture This. They worked together on a couple other tracks on that album and have appeared on several other tracks over the years with each other. With this new EP from them I’m actually excited and looking forward to some classic, smooth music from them.     https://youtu.be/jJOvp7xxoTQ   Twista made the announcement…

  • Smoove Gotti
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    Smoove Gotti- No Money ft. 8Ball & MJG

      Here is the street single from Smoove Gotti, who’s representing Cleveland, Ohio called No Money and he recruited my favorite group of all-time 8Ball & MJG. The track is produced by Black Hollywood!!! Check it out below and leave a comment to let me know what you think about this track.    

  • Hard Rock Cafe Rod McCoy
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    New Music from Rod McCoy featuring Synik and E-Jay Called Hard Rock Cafe

      With production from the affiliate ManHe, Audible Hustle deploys three of their rhyme slayers to form the world’s best cooking crew. E-Jay, Rod McCoy and Synik break down the scene through the purest of bars. If you’re still a fiend for that authentic AHE flavor – peek in and give your ears a taste. While you’re at it, check out his new album that he and Synik dropped last year.

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    New Track: Anjali World Nobody Featuring Tyga

    Brief Description For Record:   Fresh off of “Perfect Storm” singer Anjali drops yet another serious banger called “Nobody” and this time she went and grab YMCMB rapper Tyga. To bless that track something crazy. This is yet another track off of her upcoming EP called “Save The Wild.” Check out the record by clicking the play button below.       Save

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    Stampede Heemz Feeling Good from His Trap-N-Soul EP

    Let me introduce to my audience rapper, Stampede Heemz and his new track called Feeling Good produced by Ace Bankz. This track is the official single off of his up-coming EP titled “Trap N Soul” and if this track is any indication of how the EP may sound then you can expect a dope release with top notched production, lyrics and just good music. To stay up-to-date with Stampede Heemz then subscribe to his Youtube page, follow him on Twitter and follow his Soundcloud page. Check out his track below and tell me what you think about his single, Feeling Good!!!   Save