• How to Wear Shapewear Correctly

    How to Wear Shapewear Correctly

    Shapewear is extremely useful and can be highly effective in helping you achieve a curvy and slimmer body. You can always rely on FeelinGirl shapewear to help shape up your body and instantly give you a sexier and hourglass figure in no time. Incorrectly wearing shapewear can make them entirely unhelpful hence here some of the tips that you can try to unravel and shape up your body successfully: 1. You Must Know Your Target Areas   FEELINGIRL FULL BODY SHAPER HOOKS EYES SLIMMING BODYSUIT To effectively shape up your body, you must know what areas you want to target. If you’re aiming to have an hourglass body figure, then…

  • 3 Things My Wife Needs Before Walking or Going to Gym
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    3 Things My Wife Needs Before Walking or Going to Gym

    For the last couple of weeks, my wife and I have been going to the gym before getting sick. This wasn’t part of any New Year’s resolution, but more of a we’re getting old kind of thing. One day we are hoping to have at least one grandchild and we want to be as healthy as possible. One of the things we figured out is that you just don’t show up to the gym and workout. After the first day, we had to go and get some gear to make our visits to the gym great. It was fairly easy for me to find something, but my wife it took…

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    Athletic Administration: No Longer a Boy’s Club

      There is a misconception that girls are not interested in sports. The truth is, nearly half of the fans in the major leagues are women and the number of female athletes continues to grow. Their voices need to be heard as well. Men currently dominate administrative roles in sports but women are gaining momentum as leaders in the field. Intrepid pioneers are changing perceptions and setting the stage for even greater female representation at the top of athletic programs. The infographic below, created by Ohio University’s Online Masters in Athletic Administration program, takes a closer look.     OU Athletic Administration Online Save