• New Track from Mashich The Plug for Music Monday
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    New Track from Mashich The Plug for Music Monday

    We rarely post any Music Monday tracks anymore unless it’s a special track. This is the first one of 2022 and we have a couple tracks for you all to check out. Mashich is someone that has been featured a couple times over the last couple years. The first one is called The Plug and it’s produced A.M.O. Productions. Recently, he was featured on a track with Honest Ave with additional vocals from Briya. What makes me a huge fan of Mashich is that his vibe reminds me of old-school R&B music. The Plug is no different and he has us all anticipating more music from him. Keep up with…

  • Mashich Haunted for Music Monday
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    Mashich Haunted for Music Monday

    First off, Happy New Year and decade to everyone out there. Hoping this new decade and year will be the start of a new, prosperous beginning. If things have been going great, hoping they’ll continue moving in that direction. We’re starting the year off with a Music Monday on the R&B tip. Mashich is his name and he’s someone that DCDaBeast introduced me to. The track is called Haunted and A.M.O. Productions is responsible for the beat while J. Mogul mixed it. The first time hearing it was on Mashich’s Instagram page and thought it was dope. After first listening to Haunted, it made me think about all the music…

  • Listen and Stream Rapsody Eve for Music Monday
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    Listen and Stream Rapsody Eve for Music Monday

    This week, we’re having not one, but two featured for Music Monday. The first one was the new Jeezy album, TM 104: The Legend of the Snowman. For this one, we have the new album from Rapsody entitled Eve. While many people have been up on Rapsody for a minute, unfortunately that’s not the case for me. My first time hearing her was on Complexion off of To Pimp a Butterfly from Kendrick Lamar. Afterwards, you can say I backtracked and started to follow her. A couple years ago, Rapsody released the Laila’s Wisdom album and it was one of my favorite from 2017. This time, Rapsody dropped her name…

  • Listen and Stream TM 104 from Jeezy for Music Monday

    Listen and Stream TM 104 from Jeezy for Music Monday

    If you count his album as the name Lil J, Jeezy been in the game damn near 20 years. Jeezy have come a long way since that release to where he’s definitely hit legendary status. On Friday, Jeezy released the final album of the Thug Motivation series, TM 104: The Legend of the Snowman. What’s not clear is this his final album or just him stating the end of his Def Jam contract? Either way, Jeezy snatched up CeeLo Green, Rick Ross, Meek Mill John Legend, Gunna and Ball Greezy for TM 104. When it comes to Jeezy, I’ve stated that the Thug Motivation 101 album is one of my…

  • Listen and Stream Avrex Growth for Music Monday
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    Listen and Stream Avrex Growth for Music Monday

    Like most circumstances or people in order for true ‘Growth’ you need some resistance. You do either one of two things when you meet that resistance quit or keep moving… Avrex is a VA born, MA based Hip-Hop artist whose met that challenge his whole life, making a swift transition from gangster rap in 2010 to more influential music in 2019. Cut from the Gangstarr Foundation cloth Avrex has been mentored by Guru, Big Shug and Krumbsnatcha the majority of his career and as a result he’s put together this full-length to underline the progression over the past 10 years. “Growth” features No Malice (of Clipse), Termanology, Krumbsnatcha, Nottz, Big…

  • Jeezy 1 Time for Music Monday
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    Jeezy 1 Time for Music Monday

    Are you ready for another long week after the long 4th of July holiday? Let’s kick the week off with another Music Monday. The featured artist is none other than Atlanta’s own, Jeezy. The Snowman returned last week with his new track, 1 Time. Jeezy is definitely an Atlanta legend and deserves his props for his longevity. Around this time next year, Jeezy will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of Thug Motivation 101. Thug Motivation 101 is one of those flawless albums that you can listen to from the beginning to the end. Jeezy is prepping for Thug Motivation 104 and 1 Time is a great way to build anticipation…

  • Da Brat Funkdafied for Music Monday
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    Da Brat Funkdafied for Music Monday

    Back on June 28th, Da Brat celebrated the 25th anniversary of her Funkdafied album. Da Brat became the first female MC to put out a platinum album. To me, Da Brat is one of the illest female rapper of all-time as she’s put out classics throughout her time. For the returning Music Monday, what better track to be featured than Funkdafied. Just like that album, the title track went platinum and it featured Jermaine Dupri. Funkdafied was one of the hottest tracks in the summer of 1994. If you recall 1994, that was an amazing year for hip hop. Funkdafied was featured on Disc 2 of my Golden Era of…

  • Bathsheba Let's Get Down for Music Monday
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    Bathsheba Let’s Get Down for Music Monday

    For all of you that follow me, you know that my love for music is out of this world. Whether it’s through Instagram, Facebook or emails I’m always receiving new music. For my Music Monday, the track Let’s Get Down by Bathsheba is on point. Below is the write-up about the track and her history. In the history of the music industry, we have had a lot of powerful stories that would motivate people to keep working hard on their goals and dreams. But we have yet to have a situation that is so powerful, it will bring tears to your eyes. The icing on the cake is the fact…

  • Horus Gump Returns with IDGAF for Music Monday
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    Horus Gump Returns with IDGAF for Music Monday

    You may be thinking, Horus Who? In the past, you remember him as Rod McCoy, but he’s switched things up on the spiritual tip. In the past, he’s blessed us with plenty of bangers and have been doing his thing in the Atlanta underground scene. With summer around the corner, he’s bringing some heat with IDGAF for Music Monday. Check out a little more about Horus Gump below. Illustrating the intricacies of life, Horus Gump is a rap artist who evokes emotion & provokes thought through lyrical rhythms. Native to the historical township of Blackbelt, Alabama, life within the landscape of this poverty-stricken community introduced Horus to spirituality and the…

  • Keep On From Dannie for Music Monday
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    Keep On From Dannie for Music Monday

    My Music Monday is a new track from Dannie and it’s called Da One. While listening to this track, my daughter was with me, who loves music just like her dad. The first thing she said was, who’s that daddy? She listened and told me how much she loved it. I’ll admit, this track is one that addictive and I really enjoyed it. Hailing from King & Queen County Virginia, she’s driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to her blend of hip-hop, soul and R&B. Her music is not just about entertainment: Dannie is passionate about portraying her thoughts, hopes and dreams, going for a truly authentic and…

  • Wu Tang Clan Never Say
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    Wu Tang Clan Never Say Featuring Redman for Music Monday

    This past Friday, the legendary Wu Tang Clan released their new album, The Saga Continues. The first single from the album is called Never Say and it features another legendary artist in Redman, who frequently collaborates with Method Man. This is their 7th studio album together and it comes almost 24 years after they dropped their classic first album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).  This is a dope track and I had to make it my Music Monday as it features Method Man, Raekwon and Inspecktah Deck. I’m in the process of listening to the album and so far I’m liking what I’m hearing. Check out this featured track below…

  • Outlawz Scarface
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    Outlawz Scarface Born Sinners for Music Monday

    One of my favorite rapper’s teams up with my favorite rappers group. Outlawz have released new music and it features none other than Mr. Scarface. For those that don’t know, the Outlawz is the group that 2Pac formed before his untimely demise. Scarface is one of my favorite rappers of all-time, who I’ve actually got behind Pac & Nas. The track is called Born Sinners and surprisingly, it features the late, great Hussein Fatal who appears in the video with as he drops a verse. What better way to bring back Music Monday for another week with this new track. For me, it’s a dope track with Scarface and all…

  • Billy Vietlanta
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    Billy Vietlanta Releases Viva Soul for Music Monday

    It’s been a while since I got the chance to feature something for Music Monday. It’s been a little over two months to be exact, but with the help of the homie, Rod McCoy here’s something new. My homie is the CEO of Audible Hustle and has a ear for good music and talent. He introduces Billy Vietlanta and below is a little more about his Viva Soul project.   “Viva Soul” from Billy Vietlanta instantly captures listeners as spews rhymes over jazzy, mid-tempo production. Making declaration of his obvious commitment to the journey of hip-hop emergence, the purple tape is packed with subtle lyricism and wavy production similar to…

  • I Am Sasha Renee
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    Music Monday: Sasha Renee I Am Sasha Renee

    Do you remember Sasha Renee? About 3 years ago, I talked about how I loved her style, concepts and lyrics. She reminded me of a mixture of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and a little of India Arie. Those sentiments remain true especially when she dropped an unreleased track called Modern Day Emmitt Tills, which was dope. With female MCs being talked about lately because the Remy Ma/Nikki Minaj beef that’s going on, there’s so many ladies out there that deserve the spotlight. Sasha Renee is one of them and that’s the reason she’s my Music Monday pick and my first one since the middle of October. Her new track is…

  • Major Key
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    Nas Album Done Off Major Key Album for Music Monday

    I know I’m really, really late on this one, but I just started my Music Monday again. This week I went to the Major Key album by DJ Khaled and got the joint by Nasir Jones. Just to let you all know again, Nas is my favorite rapper alive. Since Nas released his last album, Life is Good, he’s been on his business stuff and haven’t released any brand-new music. Finally, Nas hooked up with DJ Khaled for this new track called Nas Album Done. I remember hearing the snippet before it was released and was ready for this to drop immediately. When I first heard the entire track, I…

  • Bryzone
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    Check Out the Bryzone_YBP Beat Tape for Music Monday

    Bryzone_YBP of Melbourne, Australia delivers an extensively good groove with his mix of records on “Caipiroska”, his latest beat-tape. Over the previous six months, between showcasing content at BeatLAB Melbourne events and winning the recent Today’s Future Sound Beat Battle, the versatile craftsman has managed to bless us with a variety pack of vibes on his newest package. We may hear a few of these beats accompanied by lyrics from both American and Australian artists in the near future. Purchase the 26-track beat tape for a nominal fee directly from his Bandcamp page or stream it until your heart is content. From Travis: Thanks Rod McCoy for the feature and…

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    Music Monday 8/17/2015

    While listening to a mixtape from the homie, DJ Skroog Mkduk I came across a new track by Boosie Bad Azz that was pretty tight. The track is called Letter to Pac, which is like him writing a letter to 2Pac. Often times, people compare the two and pretty much everyone knows that 2Pac is my favorite artist ever. I feel bad that I never really listened to Boosie before he was locked up, but I started listening to him alot when people were making a bug deal about him getting out of jail. Later on, he dropped a really good mixtape Life After Deathrow, which I liked alot. Listen…

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    Music Monday 8/3/2015

    This week we’re starting the week off right with a new joint from LyfeOfADon, who represents the Thurobredz Clique and they represent for Philadelphia. They have been featured a couple of times on here, so it was great when they dropped off the new track called Tranna Get It. This is a trap style track is produced by Ric&Thad and is the latest releases off of LyfeOfAdon upcoming “BU” project and I know you’ll enjoy it, as I did, so I wanted it for my Music Monday. Check it out below, then head to the comments section below and let me know what you think about the new track.