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    4 Ways to Impress Your Kids With Gaming 101 Tips

    Want to impress your kids and be a cool dad? Well, the best way to do that is to make sure you use these gaming tips. They will help make you better and help you prepare for a fun night gaming with the children. Learn the Ropes First port of call is to make sure you learn the ropes, at least a little. That means having a go on some games, learning about the controllers for consoles, and what they do. Having a basic knowledge of gaming will really help keep you from being embarrassing when it comes time to play. You have to understand that your kids are going…

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    Go Retro This Christmas With Arcade Gaming

    Struggling for present ideas this Christmas? Feeling like there needs to be something different to do during the holiday season with the family? Or maybe friends are clamoring that they want to have an unusual get-together? With the rise of retro gaming and general retro merch over the last year or two, there’s plenty of arcade based games out there to keep everyone happy, like table football, arcade machines or even a game of pool with the guys while you viciously debate over why your football team is doing the best this season. Table Football No longer is table football the staple of bored school kids who would rather be…

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    4 Great Reasons To Get Outside With Your Kids

    It’s easy to give a child a piece of technology nowadays to try and satiate their needs. A lot of the time, it’s because we ourselves as parents don’t like to admit that we’re a bit addicted to gadgets as well – but whatever happened to getting out and about? A lot of the time, we can match our technology with the activities that we are doing in order to give us an accurate representation of fitness levels, miles ridden or even incorporate it into games. It’s A Den Maker’s Paradise Let’s face it – the original dens were all made outside. If you have a woody place near to…

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    School’s Out! How to Inspire Your Kids to Learn New Things at Home

    Every Dad is expected to have some kind of hidden power. Whether it’s an uncanny ability to solve problems or a handy set of tools that can fix any electronic device, you have some kind of talent that your kids will marvel at. When your children are growing up, they’ll look to you as inspiration for their own futures. If you’re a chef, then your kids will love to mimic you in the kitchen and might even grow up to be a fine cook themselves! If you’re a well-groomed businessman, then they’ll jump on toy laptops and pretend they’re in your shoes. Whatever your kids decide to do in the…

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    Weekend Activities With The Kids To Show Off Your Cool Dad Skills

    There are a few select years of childhood where you look up to Daddy and see him as a God-like figure. He is your hero, perhaps even a superhero. There is nothing he can’t do, and he can’t be beaten. Dad is the fastest, the tallest, the ‘bestest,’ and the coolest. Then your kids grow up, and you lose your hero hat to some high profile celebrity you’ve never heard of. But for now, while your kids are in this impressionable phase, it’s time to prove just how cool you are! Bowling You’ve got speed, strength, height, and form. And you have a couple of decades of experience over your…

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    Dad’s Guide To Stopping Kids From Being Couch Potatoes

    Technology is undoubtedly a wonderful thing. However, every father worries that his son or daughter will become addicted. Whether they’re spending too much time on Snapchat or Call of Duty doesn’t matter. Fighting back against those dangers is vital. There’s nothing wrong with them using those tech facilities, but moderation is key. Here are five top tricks to ensure their interactions remain healthy. Embrace Other Hobbies The best way to stop them from leading a life glued to their screens is to celebrate their other passions in life. If they love music, for example, paying for professional lessons could see them develop a far more productive hobby. Meanwhile, expert music…