• Above Ground Pool
    Georgia,  Outdoors

    What You Need to Know Before Buying an Above Ground Pool

    Having a pool in your backyard is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. There are few greater pleasures in life than the gratification you get by gliding outside on a hot Georgia day and lounging in the refreshing waters of your own pool, all while in the comfort and privacy of your yard. A pool is a status symbol, and it proclaims to the world that you appreciate extravagances, embrace leisure, and recognize the importance of relaxation. It is a place for family and friends to gather. A home with a pool is the epicenter of neighborhood barbecues, after-school gatherings, and late night soirees. People will be vying for an…

  • Home Improvement

    The Pros and Cons of Having an Above Ground Swimming Pool

      If you feel that building an in-ground pool is too big an investment right now, or you are not prepared for the upheaval to the back yard, you might consider installing an above ground pool. Above ground pools are generally more economical than their in-ground cousins and can be just as much fun. If you think an above ground pool can’t look fabulous, think again. Today’s models and accompanying decking and other features can look just amazing; click here for some great examples. Price Once upon a time above ground pools were pretty ordinary. Today they can be modern, sleek and very beautifully designed. They will be cheaper as…