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    Male Grooming: Are You Doing It Right?

    There are so many blog posts on women’s beauty and female fashion. But everyone seems to be ignoring the men! So I thought I’d write a piece on male grooming. In this day and age, it’s important to take good care of your appearance. After all, first impressions count! So here are the male products I think you need to keep on top of your game. A Good Shaving Kit If you’d prefer not to follow the current trend for beards, you will need a good-quality shaving kit. But even if you do have a beard, you should get some beard clippers to make sure it is always looking its…

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    My Great Experiences with the Menaji Products

    Over the last few years, there has been more attention being paid to usher in more grooming products to men than ever. Just look around, we have replaced the rugged, baggy gear to become more of a fashion-conscious group of men. The little things matter to us now, like chapped lips, healthy skin and caring more about out appearance, which is great because now my son sees this and now he’s more conscious about his look. With more guys being into suits and tuxedos, the toning down of the bachelor parties for times at the spa and spending around $500 a year on grooming products. Recently, I received some great…