• Payback PPV
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    Daddy’s Hangout WWE Payback 2016 PPV Review

    It’s been four weeks since WrestleMania and things have since been going full speed ahead. We’ve seen Mr. McMahon give control of Monday Night Raw to Shane, several new talents from NXT debut and the debut of Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows with the tease of the Bullet Club reunion with A.J. Styles. The Payback PPV was surrounded with so much uncertainties and mystery that it made this PPV something that was highly anticipated. With that said, let’s see how things turned and afterwards you can head to the comments section to give me your feedback. This was the opening match on the main card and this was the match…

  • WWE Fastlane PPV
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    WWE Fastlane PPV 2016 Review from Cleveland

    Welcome to the Fastlane PPV, which is the final PPV before WrestleMania? Coming into the PPV, there really weren’t any major rumors of anyone showing up or something major happening so this should be a straight forward PPV. Let’s see how things turned out!!   This match came about when Banks said she wanted to leave Team B.A.D and concentrate on her career and eventually was attacked by her former teammates, but Becky Lynch made the save. They have been feuding with each other ever since with Team B.A.D attacking both a couple of times. As far as the match, this was really good and the ladies busted their asses…

  • Monday Night Raw Miami
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    Monday Night Raw Review for 1/25/2016 from Miami

    Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw from Miami, which is the night after a very good Royal Rumble PPV. With so much happening at the Royal Rumble from Triple H becoming the new WWE champion, A.J. Styles debuting with the WWE or Sasha Banks attacking Charlotte, there’s so much to be expected from Monday Night Raw. Let’s Get Started!! Good Opening Segment: Monday Night Raw started with Vince & Stephanie coming to the ring and the first thing Mr. McMahon done was tell the audience to shut up. After both of them cut promos about Roman Reigns, the introduced the new WWE champion, Triple H. Triple H cut…

  • Royal Rumble 2016
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    WWE Royal Rumble 2016 PPV Review from Orlando

    Welcome to the much anticipated, first PPV of 2016, the Royal Rumble. I’ll be honest; it’s been a very, very, very long time since I was anticipating a PPV like I was with the Royal Rumble with so many rumors being thrown around. We heard a little bit of everything from who’s going to be the surprise entrants, A.J Styles could be debuting, could the entire Bullet Club show up or could Finn Balor be a part of the Royal Rumble. If the actual Rumble match didn’t have me excited enough, the matches before the Rumble match figured to be pretty good also. Let’s see what I thought about this…