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    Here Are the Best Everyday Apps For The Modern Dad

    Today’s dad has a lot on his plate between keeping on top of the daily workload, sticking to a fitness routine – and everybody knows that a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintain your physical and mental health in the current high pace society -, and still keeping an active social life. Forgotten the old days where all a dad needed to do was to walk down to the local bar to take care of his business deals, his social entertainment, and his fitness! Today is about multitasking in the smartest possible way. Thankfully, there’s just the thing for that and it’s called apps! Take Care of Your Social Entertainment…

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    Five Great Apps You Will Need For Summer

    I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for hunting down the latest range of awesome apps. And to save you the trouble, I’ve found some great new apps from the likes of Polyvore, Lucky Nugget and many more than you have to check out to make the most of your smartphone this summer! Freeletics We all know that summer is all about leaving the house and enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately this can prove a little embarrassing as we try and fit in those swimming shorts, which is why downloading the Freeletics app is a great way to help us all get toned for the beach. Not only…

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    The Best Apps For a Family Winter’s Night In

    How do you entertain the family on a long winter’s night at the weekend? Apps offer a great range of games, which are available on android or iTunes, so you can access them either through your phones or your tablets. Many app games require just a single player, isolating your loved ones from the rest of the family. But there are now app games available which are interactive for all the family to play. Here are some ideas to a fun cold night at home for the family.   Family Games For Younger Ones A great app for all the family, as it’s easy for little ones to play too,…