• Healthy Eating
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    Great Snacks Perfect for Healthy Eating

    It’s a New Year, which means we naturally want to focus on our health. One thing I’ve noticed and the experts have confirmed is that a healthy body is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. Since I’m so busy and need to be healthy, I’m very focused on what I’m eating. Check out my go to snacks for healthy eating. 1. Peanuts-This is my main go to for healthy eating snacks because of the protein and peanuts are easy to eat. I can put them in my bag and I’m good to go whenever I feel hungry. I’ve noticed that peanuts really do sustain me and keep me full…

  • Body Pain
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    5 Foods to Reduce Body Pain Naturally

    Do you get frequent headaches, or maybe you suffer from aches and pains within your bones and muscles? If you’re anything like me, I try not to take too much Advil, or ibuprofen, whatever pain killers you may use. Taking too much of a pain reliever can be damaging to your other body parts, I recommend trying to wait it out or trying other forms of pain relief that don’t include you using a pain reliever! Here are a few common foods that you can use to help relieve pain within your body! 1. Pickle Juice: Taking a shot of pickle juice is a really quick fix if you are…