• Get Car Repaired At Your Home With RepairSmith
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    Get Car Repaired At Your Home With RepairSmith

    Are you someone that hates the hassles that come with getting work done to your car? Have you had an experience with a mechanic that left a bad taste in your mouth? We all have an experience or two where you paid more for added services you didn’t request. Recently, my son’s car wouldn’t start, and we didn’t want to pay a towing fee, so we searched mobile mechanics. In this day and age, we were shocked that wasn’t many to choose from. We settled for one and this person was dressed in plain clothes, plus it didn’t feel like a business. After the service was done, we wondered why…

  • The Potential Benefits Of Crowdsourcing

    Thinking About Crowdsourcing? The Potential Benefits Of Crowdsourcing

    Keeping a close eye on the books and looking to the future are key in business. As technology advances, the way businesses draw up budgets and forecasts is evolving. One of the most recent developments is the use of crowdsourcing, a technique, which involves gathering information from a large group of people, usually online. The infographic below showcases the potential benefits of crowdsourcing for companies and accountancy firms, providing an overview of a research study conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Crowdsourcing is a relatively new form of forecasting, which utilizes a pool of people, rather than traditional methods. Popular examples include Wikipedia and Waze. For the study…

  • 6 Steps to Follow While Establishing a Home Cleaning Business
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    6 Steps to Follow While Establishing a Home Cleaning Business

    There is a huge profit earned with less start-up cost while starting a home cleaning business. Before doing anything else, you are required to have a proper permit, insurance cover, marketing strategy, a great plan and the required cleaning supplies. For those looking to join this lucrative business, below are a few steps that can get you started. 1. Come up with a budget Before you start, you will need some capital to invest. While writing a budget, you should pit in mind the cost incurred for insurance, labor, advertising, permits and licensing, and cleaning products and equipment. Having considered all these, you are good to go. It is advisable…

  • 3 Ways To Expand Your Home Business in 2020

    3 Ways To Expand Your Home Business in 2020

    A home business is one of the main forms of side hustle that exist in the modern day and age. If you have a home with a reliable WiFi signal and the space to make good use of, you’ve got a chance to set up a company that’ll bring in some good money, and allow you to make use of your creative freedom on your own terms. So, if you’ve got a home business to run, and you’re planning big things for it in the new year, it’s time to get your goals straight and write a few things down. After all, you’re going to need a clear road map…

  • 4 Things Needed to Start a Successful Manufacturing Company

    4 Things Needed to Start a Successful Manufacturing Company

    Being someone that’s worked in manufacturing for over 20+ years it’s something I’ve loved to do. The business side of me have always wanted to start my own manufacturing company. One of the ideas I’ve wanted to start up is dealing with chemicals. Working with many different oils in the past interest me and investing in an oil purifier would be something to look in to. Learn more about how something like the Transformer Oil Purifier and how it’ll be great for your company. Knowing the effects of how chemicals can do to your skin, I’d probably go another route. Most of my years have been spent learning the ins…

  • 4 Ways to Increase Your Blogging Business

    4 Ways to Increase Your Blogging Business

    One of the best decisions I’ve made as an adult is becoming a blogger. For those of you that don’t know, my wife got me into blogging. When my youngest daughter started Pre-K and I didn’t have to babysit her anymore I became bored. While the kids were in school and my wife at work, I didn’t have nothing to do. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m someone that gets bored easily and need to find something to do all the time. Almost 10 years later, blogging is something that I love to do, and I’ve gotten a few people into doing it also. In the end,…