• 5 Tips to Successfully Run Your Small Business
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    5 Tips to Successfully Run Your Small Business

    All entrepreneurs can tell you a thing or two about failure. Although we live in a world in which nine out of ten start-ups are doomed to fail, we do have the advantage of learning from past mistakes. Thanks to research conducted by Shikhar Ghosh, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, we can now more easily identify why new venture-funded start-ups seem to fail or success. We have prepared five tips which will allow you to run your small business more successfully and efficiently.  1. Evaluate and Trial Your Idea It’s not uncommon to hear that one of the leading determinants of a business succeeding or failing is whether an…

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    All About Business: Why You Need to Be Prepared

    Every businessman will agree that the world of entrepreneurship is no easy undertaking. It may require significant lifestyle changes or a huge financial commitment, and you must be able to anticipate such consequences before nosediving into this field. In business, preparation is key… always. This goes to small business entrepreneurs who are just starting out in their venture as well as to those who have already established their brand. Yes; in order to thrive in the industry, there needs to be constant planning and preparation for any challenges that may come your way. Giving your business direction Prior to setting off into operation, every business needs a viable business plan.…

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    Don’t Stress – Impress! Get Clients and Investors on Your Side

    Building a business often means that you need to be able to get yourself in the good books of potential clients and investors. This means you need to give off an amazing impression when you’re in their space. If you don’t give a great impression, then there are going to be a lot of far-reaching and unpleasant consequences! Not only will you not get their business (and, thus, their money), but word can actually get around in these sorts of circles. If you make a bad impression that you could very well be negatively affecting your chances of working with other clients and investors who haven’t even met you yet!…

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    5 Helpful Accessories You Need to Be an Amazing Businessman

    When you’re trying to juggle businessmanship and being a father, you’re definitely very pressed for time. Being a dad is enough of a burden on your time without there being your professional business side to maintain as well! So how do we keep a good balance of our time here? And how can we keep our head in the game when we’re trying to be a little more professional? It’s simple: we get the right accessories. You need to act and look the part if you want to get the business focus you need you need to succeed. Practical and stylish, these items are necessities if you want to succeed…