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    9 Essential Care Tips for Every Responsible Car Owner

    The endless possibilities and sense of freedom that come with driving a car are undeniably unmatched. I can imagine the number of times you have romanticized the whole experience. You know, turning up the volume on the radio, your rooftop down, the wind in your hair, and driving off just like in the movies. Well, I can get it! But truth be told, with all those great adventures you plan to undertake, car ownership comes with great financial responsibility that can be salvaged by taking care of it. Do you love your car? Wondering how to better care for your vehicle? We share some tips and tricks below. Be a…

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    Car Maintenance Checklist for Child Going to College

    This post is sponsored by Michelin, but all opinions are 100% mine. It seemed like yesterday when I became a parent, and now I find myself having a child who’s one year away from graduating high school. I remember telling him to have as much fun as possible when he entered high school because the next four years go by really fast. Recently, I was blessed to get him his first car, which will help me in the long run so now he can drive himself back and forth to work, plus drive to school in the process. This has given me the opportunity to teach him a few things…

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    Basic Car Care

    Preventative maintenance isn’t just good for personal health, it’s also necessary in car care to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. Items like routine wiper blade replacement, changing fluids and tune-ups will increase the life of your vehicle and allow your service technician to spot potential problems ahead of time. Whether you drive a Toyota, Honda, Nissan or whatever you should know your wiper blade size. Check out this Honda Civic wiper blade size manual to get the correct one for your model. Most of us know that you should have your oil changed on a regular basis, but there are some car care basics that many people overlook. Spot Checks…