• You Car Is Not Bulletproof, So Avoid These Maintenance Mishaps
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    Your Car Is Not Bulletproof, So Avoid These Maintenance Mishaps

    Your car is not bulletproof. It’s not going to last forever. It needs your love and attention. This means conducting car maintenance on a regular basis, and it means doing it correctly. Unfortunately, a lot of people think they are looking after their car when they are doing the exact opposite. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common car maintenance mistakes being made so that you can avoid them or stop making them and protect the longevity of your vehicle.   Not checking your car regularly enough – There is only one place to begin, and this is with failing to check your car on a…

  • 3 Great Reasons Why Car Maintenance is Important
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    3 Great Reasons Why Car Maintenance is Important

    When it comes to the yearly car check, you will end up paying much less if you keep up with your car maintenance. While many car repairs can be done by yourself, there are some that should be handled by a qualified garage or mechanic, or a qualified auto body repair shop. A car is almost necessary in today’s world. The school runs, getting to work, visiting family, and a little travel. When you have a set of wheels, everything becomes more feasible and simpler. However, it involves a lot of responsibility. There is a whole multitude of expenses associated with keeping your car running. Taxes, insurance, and routine maintenance…

  • 3 Ways to Save As Much Cash As Possible On Car Maintenance
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    3 Ways to Save As Much Cash Possible On Car Maintenance

    Car maintenance can be an expensive thing; it’s why so many people take to doing DIY car services, and why we wait so long to take a car to the mechanic when we know something is wrong. We don’t want to have to fork out huge sums of money just because a radiator is bust in one place! However, there are good ways to save money on car maintenance out there on the market. If you know how to spot a problem, and where to go for your solution, your car maintenance fees will be cheaper than ever. Never Ignore a Symptom Many car problems can be diagnosed ahead of…

  • 7 Tips from Dads to Keep Your Car Good Condition
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    7 Tips from Dads to Keep Your Car Good Condition

    If you had been driving before moving out, there is a high chance that your parents were the ones doing car maintenance. Also, they are surely the ones who tell you when is the right time to take the car out for car washing or changing oil. However, now things are different, as you finally have the first car that you can call your own.   Most of the first-time car owners make mistakes due to simply not being able to recognize the problem with their cars. The reason is, of course, lack of experience, which you surely are trying to cope with. Thus, we figure that we can help…

  • Car #BeThereMoments
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    Car Maintenance Checklist for Child Going to College

    This post is sponsored by Michelin, but all opinions are 100% mine. It seemed like yesterday when I became a parent, and now I find myself having a child who’s one year away from graduating high school. I remember telling him to have as much fun as possible when he entered high school because the next four years go by really fast. Recently, I was blessed to get him his first car, which will help me in the long run so now he can drive himself back and forth to work, plus drive to school in the process. This has given me the opportunity to teach him a few things…

  • Car Healthy
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    Tips to Keep Your Car Healthy for the Warm Weather

    I created this post as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars and Shell; all opinions are my own. #ShellCrowd   It’s that time of the year again; we have finally been getting near springtime, and words can’t express how happy I am for this great weather. Now with this nice weather, we have to deal with high humidity, higher power bills, allergies, yard work, clothes shopping for the kids and maintenance for the cars for this warm weather. Now that my son has a car, that means I have been teaching him a few things on how to have your car ready for this weather and save some money…